Miguel Suparo

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Suparo – Miguel - Photo.



Sex offender jailed

Dec. 19, 2008, 11:39 a.m.

A JUDGE has slammed claims a man sexually abused a former girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter because the child had approached him.Appearing at Bendigo County Court, Miguel Suparo, 47, was sentenced to three years’ jail for single counts of sexual penetration and performing an indecent act before a child under 16.Speaking outside of court, the victim’s mother said she hoped the sentence would bring closure.“I want to walk away from it now, it’s been a very long year.”Suparo told police he had fondled the girl and masturbated in front of her because she had been “sexually precocious”.“You said that she was very sexual, and that she approached you all the time,” Judge Julian Leckie said.“I make it clear that I reject this.“I am somewhat disturbed by your efforts to shift responsibility to the child and her mother,” he said.At a hearing last week, prosecutor Patrick Southey said Suparo had entered into a relationship with the girl’s mother. The court was told that on one occasion, the girl climbed into bed with her mother after suffering a nightmare and the following morning, as her mother made breakfast, the girl was assaulted in bed by Suparo.“Your conduct was most disturbing . . . the child was entitled to feel safe when she got into bed with her mother,” Judge Leckie said.“You abused this child in her home and the victims of your crime have suffered considerably.”In a victim impact statement tendered to court, the girl’s mother said her daughter used to be warm and friendly, but now feared men and suffered continual nightmares.Judge Leckie said the girl’s mother had suffered overwhelming feelings of failure at being unable to protect her child.However, he told her Suparo had acted covertly, and there was little way she could have known before her daughter eventually confided in her in April.Last week, the court was told Suparo grew up a homeless child on the streets of Argentina before moving to Australia in 1998.Judge Leckie said that while Suparo showed reasonable prospects of rehabilitation, general deterrence and the need to manifest the community’s disgust at his behaviour was significant.Suparo will be eligible for release in June 2010.Police yesterday said efforts would be made to deport him when he is out of custody.


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  1. Richard Clinton says:

    Did this fukwit really say in court wot I just read I’ve got 2 b fukin kidding

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