Mackenzie William Sutton

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Justice Elkaim sentenced Sutton to two years’ imprisonment, to be suspended after 18 months upon entering a three-year good behaviour order.

He ordered Sutton to take part in the adult sex offender program. He will be released next June.

More than 4,000 child pornography files allegedly found on Canberra man’s hard drive

Updated 3 Dec 2016, 12:39pm

A Canberra man accused of storing thousands of child pornography files has been refused bail in the ACT Magistrates Court.

Mackenzie William Sutton, 36, was charged with two offences after a police search of his home in Nicholls on Friday.

The prosecutor told the court nearly 4,500 images and videos were found on a hard drive, mostly of girls between the ages of three and nine.

Two USB thumb drives were also located, which police said may have contained child pornography that had been deleted.

During questioning, Sutton told police he didn’t know where the images came from and suggested that “hackers” could have targeted him because he was a Donald Trump supporter.

Sutton’s defence attorney applied for bail, noting he had an inherited intellectual impairment and that he was not a likely flight risk.

But this was opposed by the prosecution, who said there was a risk of interference with evidence and of further offending.

TOR software used, raising dark web concerns

Senior constable Michael Harris, from ACT Policing, told the court all of the material appeared to have been downloaded in November 2016 alone and that this was “highly unusual”.

Senior Constable Harris said the fact that TOR software, which enables anonymous internet communication, was also found suggested Sutton was familiar with the dark web.

“The moment he gets on the internet he [would] be able to delete it … unrecoverable forever,” he said.

Senior Constable Harris also told the court internet restrictions would be almost impossible to police.

“I find it difficult to be certain that he would not access internet from any other device he picks up,” he said.

Sutton was denied bail and will return to court on December 20.

Man avoids jail time for child porn

Posted October 23, 2009 13:30:00

A Canberra judge has described sentencing an intellectually impaired man who downloaded thousands of child pornography images, as a difficult decision.

Mackenzie William Sutton, 29, pleaded guilty to accessing and possessing child pornography.

The ACT Supreme Court heard Interpol gave Australian police Sutton’s computer IP address after it was found to have accessed a Croation site under investigation.

Police seized Sutton’s computer in 2007 and found nearly 8,000 images and 116 videos featuring illicit images involving hundreds of children.

Justice Richard Refshauge sentenced him to two years jail but he will serve a three year good behaviour order with strict conditions instead of time in custody.

Justice Reshauge said although it was abhorrent, Sutton has a limited capacity to understand the nature of the offence.

He said he hopes the community understands the sentence was a very hard decision.


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