UPDATED:  September 2014


Dangerous WA sex offender Paul Douglas Allen ordered stay in jail until breaches dealt with

By Joanna Menagh

Wed 24 Sep 2014, 2:33pm

A dangerous sex offender who was found in possession of more than a million images of child pornography has been ordered to stay behind bars until he faces court on the charge of breaching the conditions of his release order.

Paul Douglas Allen was declared a dangerous sex offender in 2006 after he was released from serving a jail term for child sex offences.

He has repeatedly breached the strict conditions of his release and was taken back into custody in September last year after officers from the Sex Offender Management Squad found more than a million images of child exploitation material on his home computers.

Allen claimed he had only kept the material because he was fascinated with collecting.

In August he was sentenced to more than two years in jail for possessing images the judge said were of a “high degree of degradation” and “disturbing in nature”.

With time already served, Allen could apply for parole in November.

However prosecutors have successfully applied for him to be kept in jail until a hearing in January when the breach of the release order will be dealt with.

Two psychiatrists will assess Allen for the hearing and Supreme Court Justice John McKechnie has said he wanted to know “whether the possession of child pornography, increases his risk or not”.

Allen spoke directly to Justice McKechnie telling him that “since 2009 he’d been out for three years without any problems, except the collecting side of it”.

However Justice McKechnie told him “the fact you’ve done three years is like driving from Perth to Fremantle and making it to Cottesloe”.

“It’s not the fact you performed well,” Justice McKechnie said.

“It’s the fact you breached (the release order). That’s the important matter.”



Man jailed for possessing one million child porn images

By Joanna Menagh

Fri 8 Aug 2014, 8:15pm

A paedophile has been sentenced to 21 months in jail for possessing more than a million images of child pornography, in what was another breach of the conditions of his release in Western Australia.

Paul Douglas Allen was declared a dangerous sex offender after he was released from prison in 2006.

He had completed his jail term for offences against young children, but was subsequently placed under a strict supervision order.

The District Court was told that in September last year, officers from the Sex Offender Management Squad searched his home and found two computers which contained child exploitation material.

One of them alone, a laptop, contained more than one million images of children, from the age of toddlers to 12, being sexually abused.

The court heard Allen maintained he kept the images because he was fascinated with collecting.

Judge John Wisbey said “much of the material was of a high degree of degradation or depravity and was clearly exploitable, demeaning and corrupting of the children”.

Judge Wisbey told Allen it was “an aggravating fact that your offending behaviour occurred at a time when you were subject to a supervision order …

“Specific terms of that order demand that you not access or possess any pornographic material, not search for images of children, whether indecent or not, and not collect and retain indecent images of children.”

Judge Wisbey also noted that Allen had breached his supervision order a number of times before, which he said “demonstrates that the criminal behaviour … is not some temporary aberration”.

Alllen’s jail term was backdated to when he was taken back into custody after police raided his home in September 2013.


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  1. Bert Kokshoorn says:

    Can anyone else see what I can see? We have a filth bag here that hoards child pornography on his laptop, no question about that, he admits to it so he is absolutely feeding the market for this lowest of low activity to continue, he is a PAEDOPHILE that is watching little children in disgusting situations, can you see where I’m coming from here? This is a scum bag that is contributing for these little children to be violated to the worse degree, and yet he get 21 yes 21 Months in prison? What in the name of Jesus is going on here, this piece of shit should be going inside for a minimum of 15 Years with not a day less to serve than 12 Years. If I had my way he would go inside for life because these dirty bastards WILL keep repeating their vile acts on our children, and that has been proven! We need harsher penalties for this scum and we need it now, including a national PUBLIC sex offenders register so we yes we the public can protect our children from this filth!!!
    Please sign this petition to assist us in protecting our kids?


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