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Posted: August 14, 2014 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Child sex predators to stay in jail

Updated: 12:20 pm, Thursday, 14 August 2014

Two serial paedophiles will stay in jail indefinitely after the High Court upheld a Queensland law allowing a judge to make directions for indefinite detention of a person found guilty of child sex offences.

Sex predators Edward Pollentine and Errol George Radan, both locked up at ‘Her Majesty’s pleasure’ since 1984, launched the challenge to the Queensland law in the High Court.

In July 1984, Pollentine, now 55, pleaded guilty in the District Court of Queensland to 14 sexual offences against four different children between January and April 1984.

The judge imposed no specific sentence, directing that he be detained indefinitely.

In May 1984, Radan, now 75, pleaded guilty to eight sex offences committed against two children between February 1982 and October 1983. He actively sought indefinite detention so he might Preview Changesreceive treatment.

He was sentenced to 12 years jail, subsequently reduced to three years – although the indefinite sentence remained.

Queensland law allows a judge to sentence offenders to indefinite jail terms, based on reports from at least two doctors that the person is incapable of exercising proper control over their sexual instincts.

Someone sentenced to indefinite detention can only be released when the state governor is satisfied he can return to the community. Again, that’s based on a report of two doctors.

Over the years, Pollentine sought a review of his sentence which was consistently rejected.

Both men turned to the High Court, challenging validity of the legislation on grounds that it’s incompatible with the Queensland court system’s independent and impartial role.

High Court judges unanimously ruled it was valid.

They said the court had full discretion on whether to impose such a sentence and there were safeguards.

Any decision to release an offender depended on medical opinion about the risk of reoffending and that was subject to judicial review.


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  1. Sounds to me like Queensland is leading the way in keeping these filthy dirty child molesters behind bars, and in the end if they are suffering form a illness that prevents them talking walking hearing or seeing, no problem let them out, but while they can still do the above let the Bastards rot I say. Good on you Queensland now lead the way also by bringing in the public sex offenders register and you might yes might embarrass the other states to do the same, I hope so, we MUST be entitled to keep our children safe! So please everyone sign this petition and share it many times and do it for the children and our women please?


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