Fergus Patrick Turner

Posted: August 15, 2014 by Serendipity in Western Australia
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Businessman jailed for child sex crimes

August 14, 2014, 6:32 pm

Consumer Protection has suspended its investigation into a Perth businessman after he was sentenced to six years in jail for child sex offences.

Fergus Patrick Turner, 31, was sentenced in the Perth District Court on Thursday after a jury found him guilty of three sex offences against a child aged under 13.

Judge Andrew Stavrianou said Turner had no remorse and denied responsibility for his crimes.

A spokesman for Consumer Protection said the department had suspended its investigation into complaints made against a retail website operated by Turner, Pronto Online.

The department issued a warning about the website in May after receiving complaints related to orders taking an unreasonable length of time to arrive or not being delivered at all, despite full payment.

In total, Consumer Protection received 117 formal complaints and 113 enquires since September 2012 from disgruntled customers.

Pronto Online is no longer operating.

Turner will be eligible for parole once he has served four years behind bars.


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  1. Hope the dirty bastard necks himself!

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