Corio sex fiend Kristopher Howard guilty on kill threat

  • Geelong Advertiser
  • August 21, 2014 11:47AM

A REGISTERED sex offender, charged with threatening to kill a DHS worker and breaching sex register requirements, sat nursing his baby daughter in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Kristopher Howard, 22, of Corio, pleaded guilty to those charges as well as failing to answer bail and breaching a Community Corrections Order.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Glenn Abbott said that, on November 13, 2013, Howard was convicted of sex offences against a child under 16 and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

He said Howard’s obligations under the Sex Offenders Register were explained to him and he was to report to police within seven days to provide his details.

“Howard failed to comply with this requirement,” Sgt Abbott said.

“Then on March 9, he obtained a new mobile phone under the false name of Kristopher Joy and failed to report the change of number or false name to police.” Sgt Abbott said that on September 24, 2013, during an interview with a DHS worker, Howard became enraged.

“He threatened the worker, telling her, ‘If anyone tries to take my kid, I will kill them and that’s not a threat, it’s a promise’,’’ Sgt Abbott said. “The victim was fearful for her safety as a result of Howard’s threat.”

Caitlyn Wells-Simon, for Howard, said her client had difficulty controlling his anger and had made the threat out of frustration. “Clearly his obligations under the Sex Offenders Register had not sunk in properly,” she said.

Throughout the hearing, Howard laughed and joked with friends, on one occasion walking to the back of the court and returning with his baby daughter, placing her on his knee.

Magistrate John Lesser said he had read reports regarding Howard and described them as “disturbing”.

Howard was convicted on all counts, sentenced to four months jail wholly suspended for 12 months and fined $900.


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  1. Why bother? This is so stupid even some half witted dumb arse could see that we are just doing NOTHING, This prick should spend at the very extreme minimum 12 Months in the slammer and no early release, WE HAVE NO, NONE, NOTHING, ZILTCH, STUFF ALL of a justice system, but hey having said that be very very careful if you were to cheat on your tax form for 2 or 3 dollars from the taxation department, they will hunt you down and send you to 10 Years and no parole. This is beyond the joke this system. I’m lost for words in these cases of continually giving SUSPENDED SENTENCES, GOOD BEHAVIOUR BONDS and EARLY RELEASE! Just stupidity!!!

  2. Charlie says:

    At the time he was on the run with his pregnant girlfriend. Who is rumoured to also be on the sex offenders register.
    The baby was apparently named after him =/

  3. Charlie says:

    Not to mention they were both offered a ‘priority transfer’ out of the area for their ‘safety’. When victims of such assaults never seem to receive that kind of treatment. What’s with that?

    Oh and 2/4 animals in their house died because of the 2 offenders (lovers?) stupid and immoral adventure, while pregnant, running from the authority – for 4 months jail and a priority transfer from the Department. Good one Australia (Y)

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