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Posted: August 27, 2014 by Serendipity in NSW
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Teacher filmed up skirts of young girls


Aug. 20, 2014, 9:49 p.m.

A primary school teacher has been jailed for filming up the skirts of young girls at two schools south of Wollongong.

Joel Peter Robinson had disgraced the profession by his actions, a Port Kembla Local Court magistrate said on Wednesday.

The 41-year-old was sentenced to a minimum 15 months in jail after he was found guilty of 11 charges of filming a person’s private parts without their consent.

Robinson, of Horsfield Bay, pleaded not guilty at a hearing earlier this year, arguing he did not have possession of the mobile phone that was used to film the children.

However, magistrate Michael Stoddart found that Robinson had been responsible for the offences, committed while working as a substitute teacher in two schools south of Wollongong.

In sentencing Robinson, Mr Stoddart said he took into consideration the man’s position of trust and authority as a teacher.

“Quite rightly in my view the community have relied on teachers to not only educate their children but look after their children, keep them safe,” he said.

“It’s an honourable profession and in my view Mr Robinson has disgraced that profession by his actions.

“The behaviour can only be described as absolutely disgusting on behalf of a professional person where the innocent victims are children.”

As Mr Stoddart described a letter written by the 41-year-old’s wife, seeking compassion, Robinson openly wept in court.

Mr Stoddart said the lengthy letter conveyed a deep sadness that the family’s lives had been forever changed by Robinson’s actions.

The court heard there was no evidence the videos had been distributed to anyone else, nor that any physical abuse had occurred.

Robinson’s defence lawyer told the court his client suffered from depression and the effects of abuse he had suffered as a child.

Mr Stoddart said a custodial sentence was appropriate.

Robinson was handed an aggregate sentence of 20 months with a non-parole period of 15 months.


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