UPDATE: April 2015

Lawrence will make a bid for freedom in a special leave application to the High Court on April 17. If the High Court bid fails he will have another chance to apply for freedom in the Supreme Court within months.



Queensland Attorney-General wins appeal to keep killer and rapist Mark Lawrence in jail

By Louisa Rebgetz

Tue 2 Sep 2014, 3:26pm

Queensland’s Attorney-General has won a legal bid to keep convicted killer and rapist Mark Richard Lawrence in jail.

Lawrence has been in jail for more than 30 years after being convicted of the manslaughter of a female psychiatric patient at the Wolston Park Hospital, south-west of Brisbane.

His sentence was extended when he was convicted of raping a fellow prisoner in 1999.

The sentence expired in 2008 but lawyers for the Government successfully sought an order for Lawrence’s ongoing detention.

In May this year, Supreme Court Justice Philip McMurdo ordered Lawrence be released under a supervision order.

The Attorney-General appealed against the decision.

The Court of Appeal has set aside the release order, finding the only way to protect the community is to keep Lawrence in jail.


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