Raymond Herbert Tomlinson

Posted: September 11, 2014 by Serendipity in Western Australia
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Octogenarian child sex offender likely to offend again, Perth court told as judge jails him

  • PerthNow
  • September 11, 2014 2:45PM

AN ELDERLY man who sexually abused a 10-year-old girl when he was 80-years-old has a three-in-10 chance of reoffending, a Perth Court has been told.

Raymond Herbert Tomlinson, now 84, coerced the 10-year-old girl to lie naked from the waist down with him when she visited his house to deliver Christmas Cards in 2010.

He had asked her for a “cuddle”, and told her to close the blinds.

He then rubbed his genitals against hers, and told her to lie still when she asked him to stop.

Tomlinson pleaded guilty to two counts of indecently dealing with a child under 13-years of age and was sentenced at the District Court in Perth this morning.

He has two prior convictions for child sex abuse, dating back to 1974, when he was 44-years-old, and 1991, when he was 61-years-old.

In his sentencing remarks, Justice John Bowden said a psychological report prepared for the court said that Tomlinson denied he was sexually attracted to children or had done anything wrong.

“(The report said) that you use your Christian values as justification, you perceive your actions as acceptable, you perceive that you’re an invaluable member of society that helps others, and that you think that you’re being misunderstood and persecuted,” Justice Bowden said.

“And it’s said that you have a three-in-10 chance of sexual offending within a five-year period.”

Tomlinson met the girl at a Girrawheen church group that assists vulnerable people.

He befriended her and she visited his house several times, before the abuse occurred.

Justice Bowden said that despite Tomlinson’s age, ill health and suspected impotence, his record and likelihood of reoffending meant he could not escape jail time.

“I accept that the medical evidence establishes that you’re impotent,” he said.

“But that doesn’t stop you from having sexual desires, although it may affect the physical manifestation of those desires.”

Tomlinson was sentenced to 12 months jail. He will be eligible for parole in March.


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  1. So this maggot gets 6 Months in jail, that is disgusting, I don’t care about his age, he should never see daylight again! he is just another repeat offender! Lowlife scumbag!!!

  2. Allan says:

    I met this piece of shit and if I was the judge. 12 months is insufficient to course a girl 10 years old and ask her to do anything in any form of. A sexual act he should be sentenced to not less than 22 to life and in grave ness of his Christian values I would like the public to know his impotence sis a lie totally he knew his actions he knows of many sex cases and more he is a avid pretentious asshole

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