Vladimir Bondarenko

Posted: September 16, 2014 by Serendipity in NSW
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The Court of Criminal Appeal has reduced Vladimir Bondarenko’s term to 15 years, and ordered he be eligible for release in 2024. Justices Tom Gray, John Sulan and Trish Kelly agreed Bondarenko’s punishment was “manifestly excessive” given he had rehabilitated since committing his crimes in 1999.



Man jailed for heinous SA sex attack

September 16, 2014 1:35PM

AN intruder who gagged and tied up a woman 15 years ago before subjecting her to hours of sexual abuse of the “most heinous kind” has been jailed for at least 13 years.

THE Adelaide woman, who came home to find a pornographic movie playing on her TV, was then confronted by Vladimir Bondarenko running at her with a large knife while naked from the waist down and wearing a hat.

“You had sexual intercourse with her on so many occasions she lost count,” said Judge Geraldine Davison in the SA District Court on Tuesday. The woman estimated it was 100 times, a figure the judge said was probably correct even allowing for the woman’s extreme distress. Bondarenko, a father of two children, pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial to break and enter, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, false imprisonment and five counts of rape. The 50-year-old steelfixer, who was arrested in 2012, also admitted a charge of unlawful trespass of the woman’s home in the week before the 1999 attack. In jailing him for 18 years, Judge Davison said Bondarenko broke into the house on at least one earlier occasion when she was out. When he ran at her with the knife, he threatened to kill her, forced her on the ground, tied her up, and placed material over her face as well as binding electrical tape around her face. Over the next four hours, he repeatedly sexually assaulted the woman, who thought she was going to die. The judge previously described the offending as involving sexual abuse of the most heinous kind. As a result of the attack, the woman suffered significant injuries and her victim impact statement revealed the lasting emotional and psychological harm. “Perhaps because this experience was so terribly terrifying, she feels grateful to have survived,” the judge said. She had attempted to move on with her life, but after Bondarenko’s 2012 arrest she again had to relive the attack in “excruciating detail” until he eventually pleaded guilty. The judge said Bondarenko could not explain his actions and refused to allow his lawyer to get any medical, psychological or psychiatric reports.



Vladimir Bondarenko broke into woman’s home and subjected her to ’hours of heinous sexual abuse’, court hears

  • September 04, 2014 12:32PM

A FATHER of two broke into a woman’s house, imprisoned her and subjected her to “hours of the most heinous type of sexual abuse”, a court has heard.

Vladimir Bondarenko, 50, of Cheltenham, had pleaded guilty to five counts of rape, and one count each of being on premises for an unlawful purpose, breaking and entering, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and false imprisonment in 1999.

The District Court today heard Bondarenko, a business owner, was arrested in 2012 after a hair and fingerprint DNA match put him at the crime scene.

Prosecutor Jemma Litson said Bondarenko had broken in three nights before raping the woman, a student, and moved some clothes from her bedroom to the lounge room.

She said he brought duct tape and a candle when he broke into the woman’s house and raped her when she returned home.

Defence counsel for Bondarenko, said his client was deeply remorseful for the “abhorrent” crimes and he could not “imagine the fear and pain suffered by the victim”.

He tendered three character references for his client but Judge Davison questioned whether they all knew the details of the “heinous” offending.

“(Do they know the woman) had been subjected to hours of sexual abuse of the most heinous kind,” she asked.

“The type of offences committed could not be spur of the moment — I can only assume that they are activities … he had been considering for some time.”

Judge Davison remanded Bondarenko in custody to be sentenced later this month.


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