Randir Singh and Adjitpal Singh

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Ajitpal Singh has had his sentence cut on appeal.  The ACT Court of Appeal resentenced Singh to 8 & 1/2 years’ jail, with a non-parole period of 5 years. He will be eligible for release in October 2018.



Adjitpal Singh is appealing his sentence as he feels it is too harsh & was much more severely punished than his co-accused.

The court has reserved its decision.



Dating app rape trial: Two men sentenced to jail, deportation over Canberra rape

By Elise Pianegonda and Jonathon Gul

Tue 23 Sep 2014, 1:09pm

Two Indian nationals have been jailed for raping a Canberra woman they met on the dating app Tango.

Randir Singh, 21, and Adjitpal Singh, 33, were sentenced to eight and 12 years jail respectively.

The men were each found guilty of five charges, including rape and unlawful confinement.

The court heard Randir Singh made contact with the woman on an app called Tango.

The victim agreed to have sex with him, but when she arrived at the agreed place Adjitpal Singh was also present.

When the woman tried to back out Adjitpal Singh threatened to show the woman’s husband the text messages she had sent to Randir Singh.

Ajitpal Singh also told the victim that he knew where her son went to school.

The men then took the woman to an apartment in Belconnen, where they repeatedly raped her.

Randir Singh will be eligible for parole in 2019, and Adjitpal Singh in 2021.

The court heard the men were expected to be deported once they had served their sentences.

Victim afraid to go out in public

In a victim impact statement read to the court, the woman said she was now fearful to go out in public and for her children’s safety.

The court also heard that news of the men’s convictions had made it back to India, and they would feel embarrassed and ashamed to return to their small-town communities.

In sentencing, Justice Steven Rares said the case should set a strong precedent for other abuses of online dating applications.

“In an internet age where men and women go on these dating sites… it’s important to protect the community,” he said.

While Justice Rares took into account that Adjitpal Singh was Randir Singh’s boss and was more than 10 years older, he said Randir Singh had been vital to the whole plan.

“He played a highly active role and should not be seen as any less culpable than Adjitpal Singh,” he said.


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  1. Lou says:

    Many of my friends (middle aged women) use these sites, and I always warn them Do NOT meet these people unless it is in a public place, a friend who was keen to meet a man I told her pick a cafe in a different suburb, to where she lived or in town and I would sit at a nearby table if she felt she was being pushed and uncomfortable I would come over and insert myself into the conversation, with the excuse I didn’t see her sitting there. we would have a pre-arranged signal like her dropping a serviette or a teaspoon I will do this for any of my friends as long as I know they are safe. I met my second husband online and he is a wonderful gentle soul but we only went out for the first couple of dates during the day, in very public environments, I am happy to say I did find a wonderful partner who my adult children have come to love and respect, there are good blokes out there but you really have to have your wits about you.

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