Nigel Brian Cox

Posted: September 28, 2014 by Serendipity in Western Australia
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Mandurah child predator on bail ahead of sentencing

Sept. 26, 2014, 11:28 a.m.

A man who admits he groomed a child to engage in sexual activity is free on bail ahead of his December sentencing.

A MAN who admits he groomed a child to engage in sexual activity is free on bail ahead of his December sentencing.

Nigel Brian Cox pleaded guilty in Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday to three counts of using electronic material with intent to procure a person, under the age of 16, to engage in sexual activity.

Mr Cox also pleaded guilty to one further count of using electronic communication to expose a child under the age of 16 to indecent matter.

The court heard Mr Cox committed the offences on February 11 this year from a Lakelands home.

Supported in court by his partner, the accused will remain free on bail until his December 5 sentencing.

Due to the seriousness of the charges, that hearing will be at Perth District Court.


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  1. Well if you can’t see the hint in this you are living in the shade, this filthy creep is going to walk free take it from me, if he is allowed to stay out of jail now, they do NOT intend to lock this dirt bag up, and to top it off they will suppress his photo and name! Hope I’m wrong, I would love to be wrong here! He will get a bit of community work a slap on the wrist and a fully SUSPENDED sentence which means he got NOTHING !!!!! But they will jail a person for not paying a fine. This is so wrong!

  2. Neighbour says:

    This filthy scumbag is my next door neighbour, I have a teenage daughter and it certainly make me sick knowing he is there, This slime needs to be locked up!

  3. anonymous says:

    What was the outcome of this case? Is he still out free in open?

  4. anonymouse says:

    Heard anything yet?

  5. another neighbour says:

    So he got a conditional Suspended prison Sentance of 1 year and 4 months which has a suspended term of 18 months!!! NOT HAPPY šŸ˜”

  6. Neighbour says:

    The scumbags have “upsticks” and moved out, good for us to have this filth move away, not good for who ever he moves near to. I know the pregnant wife had been at the house a few times to move stuff out …she would not say a word to us, I hope she is proud of her husband! Filthy Scum..

  7. Neighbour says:

    We have new neighbours, looks like the real estate agent didn’t let the new buyer know that previous own was Mr P Dophile. New neighbour was a little puzzled about police paying a visit and searching house. Looks like the Dirtbag has not told the cops which rock he has crawled under.

  8. New Owners says:

    We are the new neighbours who bought the house completely oblivious to any of this! Wouldn’t have bought if we had any idea.. But here we are, we are hoping that a new start can be made with regards to the veiw of the house, please if you live in this street feel free to get to know us!

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