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Dangerous sex offender Dennis John Lyddieth to be released from Perth jail

Updated yesterday at 9:58pm

A serial sex offender who has spent all but six months out of the past 24 years in jail has had his release from custody approved by a Supreme Court judge in Perth.

Between 1987 and 1991 Dennis John Lyddieth raped and indecently assaulted a string of women at knifepoint after breaking into their homes, mainly in Perth’s inner western suburbs.

He was sentenced to 19 years in jail but was released on parole in 2002.

He was taken back into custody five months later and his parole cancelled, after committing a number of indecent acts in public, including masturbating in public in front of women.

Lyddieth was declared a Dangerous Sex Offender just before he was due to be released in 2012, and since then has been held in custody indefinitely.

Under the Western Australian Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act, people can be held in detention past their custodial sentence if they are deemed a threat to the community.

Lyddieth has been the subject of yearly reviews, and today after the third, Justice Ralph Simmonds ruled that Lyddieth’s could be released on a strict six-year supervision order.

He will be subject to 44 conditions including that he be subject to electronic monitoring, complete a daily diary, not take drugs, report regularly to his supervisors and that he not contact his victims.

A court hearing in 2012 was told Lyddieth had described himself to a psychiatrist as “the nice rapist” and he wanted his victims to like him.

Lyddieth, who is now 64, also has various “chronic medical conditions”.

Lyddieth appeared in court via video link from Karnet prison farm and will not be released from custody until Monday.

He will be living in the Perth suburb of Tuart Hill.

The details of his address, but not the suburb where he would be living, were suppressed by the court.

Repeat rapist fails to get out of jail


October 27, 2014, 10:48 am

A repeat rapist who claimed he was too old and too ill to attack again has failed in his bid to be released from jail.

Dennis Lyddieth has served nearly 20 years in jail, following terrifying attacks on 13 women in their own homes around Perth between 1987 and 1991, and further sex offences when he was released on parole in 2002.

The judge who originally sent Lyddieth to prison described him as a “a truly dreadful menace to the young women of our community”.

In the Supreme Court today, Justice Ralph Simmonds rejected Lyddieth’s request to be released after a hearing last month was told his heart disease and diabetes, as well his age of 63, all reduced his risk of offending.

Justice Simmonds said he still considered Lyddieth too big a risk of reoffending if released, and ordered that he stay in prison. He is held at Karnet Prison Farm.

At the September hearing, psychiatrist Peter Wynn-Owen said he considered Lyddieth to be a serious risk of attacking again, saying the stresses of looking after himself outside prison could trigger an attack.

And Justice Simmonds – who sparked controversy when he released sex offender Patrick Comeagain earlier this year – was also told that while Lyddieth had made progress in prison, it was still “slight … on a scale of very, very, very small change”.

In 1992, Lyddieth was jailed for 19 years and 1 month for 48 offences including 16 counts of aggravated sexual assault, six counts of sexual assault and nine counts of indecent assault against 13 different women.

Then in 2002, after being paroled, Lyddieth was convicted for a number of indecent acts near beachgoers at Cottesloe and Hillarys.


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Jarrett – Brenton Robert - Photo.



Howlong sex offender lives in online fantasy world from parent’s home

8 Sep 2016, 2:30 p.m.

A CON artist and registered sex offender with at least eight aliases has been caught using online dating services to have sex with women in breach of his reporting conditions.

Brenton Robert Jarrett, 44, has previously claimed to be Johnny Depp’s brother, actor Skeet Ulrich and the grandson of Hollywood film director Alfred Hitchcock.

The reality is Jarrett lives in Howlong with his parents on a disability pension and uses the internet to build a fantasy world for himself.

He also has conditions as a sex offender that he keep police briefed on any changes to his personal circumstances, including online usernames and accounts.

Jarrett has a week to report any changes, but failed to tell police about subscriptions to Tinder, Kik, Sugar Daddy Meet, Sugar Elite Australia and Seeking Arrangement.

He has used the apps and sites to have sex with three women.

Officers checked in on Jarrett at his parents’ home on March 30.

He gave permission for them to look at his mobile phone and they discovered the unreported dating apps and sites and arrested him.

Police facts tendered to Albury Local Court note that without the internet, Jarrett would most likely be unable to commit his offences.

“The accused stated to police that he enjoys the fanciful, anonymous and opportunistic environment that the internet offers,” the facts state.

“The accused admitted to police to meeting with three of these women and engaging in consensual sexual intercourse following conversations had on these applications and online dating subscriptions.”

He was sentenced in Albury Local Court on Tuesday to a minimum five months in jail, backdated to his arrest in March, and a maximum term of 10 months.

Conman’s jail reduced by a month

Oct. 24, 2014, midnight

SERIAL conman Brenton Robert Jarrett yesterday had two jail terms varied for offences of failing to comply with conditions imposed on him as a registered sex offender.

Jarrett, 42, of Howlong, appeared in the District Court at Albury for severity appeals lodged after he was jailed in July.

Magistrate Tony Murray imposed 12-month jail terms with a minimum of six months for eight fraud offences.

But Jarrett was given 14 months, with a minimum of eight months, for two matters of failing to comply with conditions as a sex offender.

Solicitor Elizabeth Bushby said there were no appeals against the fraud penalties, only the other two matters.

Ms Bushby said Jarrett suffered from bipolar disorder and suffered from grandiose ideas or beliefs.

Judge Robert Cogswell varied the first breach of the registered sex offender conditions from a jail term to a three-year bond.

The second offence was altered to a 13-month jail sentence with a minimum of seven months.

He will now be eligible for release from custody on February 21 next year.

Jarrett, who has previously claimed to be Johnny Depp’s brother, US actor Skeet Ulrich and the grandson of legendary Hollywood film director Alfred Hitchcock, attended the Albury police station on May 10 to advise he had a new mobile phone number and email address at DM Productions.

Jarrett said it was his new venture, but indicated it was not a registered company.

Four days later a representative from the modelling industry contacted Albury detectives with concerns about a man named Robbie Caine, from DM Productions.

Detectives were told “Caine” had contacted a number of models’ Facebook pages and claimed he was a part-owner of the Nine Network.

He tried to organise meetings with the models on the premise of offering weather presenter positions.

The industry representative believed “Caine” was really Brenton Jarrett and told him so in a conversation.

Jarrett was put on the NSW Child Protection Register after being charged in Victoria with offences relating to a teenage girl.

He met a girl, 14, on a Sydney-bound train on January 20, 2012, said he owned a modelling agency and told her she had the looks for a model.

Jarrett and the girl exchanged text messages from January 25 to February.


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Simon Charles De Bavay

Posted: October 25, 2014 by Serendipity in NSW
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Babysitter released on bail


Oct. 24, 2014, 6 a.m.

A MAN who indecently assaulted a young girl he was babysitting because he loved her will appeal the severity of his sentence.

Simon De Bavay was sentenced to spend at least eight months behind bars Wednesday morning in Armidale Local Court.

That afternoon De Bavay applied to have the jail time overturned in the district court next month.

He was then released on appeal bail until his case is heard in the district court.

De Bavay pleaded guilty to three instances of aggravated indecent assault of the girl, who was aged either nine or 10 at the time, while she was under his care.

The court heard an underlying feature of De Bavay’s offending was because he believed he was in love with the girl.

When he was babysitting her and her brother, De Bavay had used a glove to wash the girl while she was in the shower, touching her body and genitals.

Afterwards he massaged oil into the girl’s back, feet and genitals.

On another occasion during a prayer weekend De Bavay admitted to taking the girl’s hand and putting it on his genitals.

Magistrate Karen Stafford said the offence was a “gross breach of trust” of the family, with the girl having very little choice in the matters, and while De Bavay wasn’t violent towards the girl, his actions were not acceptable.

“It is a serious offence,” she said.

“I have to … deter these kinds of emotional feelings towards young children.”

When the matter returned to court that afternoon for De Bavay’s bail hearing, Magistrate Stafford said she found the situation perplexing as in her view he should be in jail.

She decided, however, to grant him bail, saying it was unlikely he was a flight risk or would interfere with the girl or her family.


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SA man avoids jail for superimposing child’s face on adult pornography images

By court reporter Loukas Founten

Wed 22 Oct 2014, 8:48am

A South Australian man has avoided being sent to jail for altering pornography by superimposing the face of a child onto images of an adult body.

Brenton Edward Steer, 68, of Mount Gambier, pleaded guilty to aggravated charges of producing and possessing child pornography relating to images police found on his computer last October.

The District Court heard Steer had superimposed the face of a friend’s 12-year-old grandchild onto the bodies of adults in 90 pornographic images.

Steer offered no explanation for his actions.

Judge Julie McIntyre said it was an unusual case made more concerning because Steer had also superimposed his own face onto the bodies in some of the images.

“What is unusual about your images is that the sexual activity does not involve children, rather it involves adults,” Judge McIntyre said.

“The feature of concern is that you superimposed the face of a young child, the granddaughter of a former friend, on the female images and in some cases you have photoshopped your face on the male photograph.

“This demonstrates to my mind a disturbing sexual interest in children in general and in a particular child that you know.

“On the other hand, no child was actually abused in the making of the pornography. You did not share or disseminate the pornography and you did not encourage the spread of child pornography.”

Judge McIntyre sentenced Steer to 14 months in prison, with a seven-month non-parole period, however she suspended the sentence as she said Steer had entered an early plea and was remorseful for his behaviour.

Steer was placed on a good behaviour bond for 14 months and his computer was seized.


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Forbes – Mark Robert - Photo

Former Albion Park teacher Mark Robert Forbes jailed 11 years for child sex abuse


Oct. 21, 2014, 3 p.m.

The mother of two young girls molested by Albion Park Public School assistant principal Mark Forbes says she hopes his lengthy jail term gives him time to reflect on his crimes.

Forbes, 53, was accused of inappropriately touching the girls’ genitals at his Keiraville home in March this year, but repeatedly denied the allegations and elected to take the case to trial.

However a 12-person jury ultimately failed to believe his claims of innocence, finding him guilty of five charges of aggravated indecent assault of a child and one charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child following a five-day hearing in June.

On Tuesday, Forbes was sentenced to a maximum 11 years’ jail, with a non-parole period of five-and-a-half years.

Outside the courtroom, the children’s relieved mother said she hoped the sentence was long enough for him to be rehabilitated, but also expressed frustration that he had not admitted to the assaults, let alone shown any hint of remorse.

“I’m upset he hasn’t shown any remorse,” she said, noting Forbes displayed no emotion throughout earlier court proceedings, or when the sentence was read out.

“He’s been like a block of wood.

“I just hope the sentence is long enough for him to admit he committed the crimes.”

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had previously told the court of the devastating impact of Forbes’ conduct on her daughters, as well as the family as a whole.

“The incident has shaken our sense of trust in people,” she said at the time.

“If you can’t trust an assistant primary school principal who can you trust with your children?”

On Tuesday she said she hoped her daughters’ case demonstrated the importance of victims speaking up early.

“It’s so important for victims to report abuse as soon as possible,” she said.

“This gives police the best chance to recover evidence, [and] denies the perpetrator power.”

In Forbes’ case, the siblings went to his now ex-wife with their complaints almost immediately, and she reported the matter to police.

In handing down the sentence, presiding Judge Mark Marien described Forbes’ conduct as “extremely serious”, saying his actions constitued a considerable breach of trust.

“It’s the primary purpose of criminal law to protect the community, most particularly the most vulnerable in our community,” he said.

“Children, especially of such tender years, are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation by adults.

“I’m satisfied the offending had a serius, ongoing affect on both victims, [especially] the youngest child.”

Judge Marien said he was unable to assess Forbes’ prospects of rehabilitation due to a lack of evidence before the court.

With time already served, Forbes will be eligible for release to parole in April 2019.



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Wakeman has faced Newcastle Local Court charged with aggravated break and enter and assault with intent to commit sexual assault of a 85-year-old victim at Edgeworth. There was no application for bail and a mental health assessment was ordered. He was arrested at Cameron Park.

Stefan Neil Thomas Wakeman jailed for violent assault at Cardiff store

By Gabriel Wingate-Pearse

Oct. 22, 2014, 10 p.m.

A YOUNG woman behind the counter of a Cardiff convenience store thought she was being kidnapped when she was dragged out of the shop by her hair by a 51-year-old man.

Stefan Neil Thomas Wakeman entered the store and bought a litre of milk before asking where the coffee was kept at about 4pm on a Saturday in April.

When the woman took him to the appropriate shelf he took out a wrench and bashed her over the head with it.

He put his hand over her mouth and told her to shut up before dragging her towards the front of the store, Newcastle Local Court heard on Wednesday.

Wakeman, who has spent more than 18 years of his adult life behind bars, pleaded guilty to the crime just before it went to a hearing.

He has been in custody since his arrest the day after the attack on April 19.

Magistrate Robert Stone described the assault as very violent.

‘‘You could only imagine the significant amount of fear that she (the victim) would have felt as a result of this incident,’’ Magistrate Stone said.

It was agreed that there was a certain amount of planning involved given that Wakeman entered the store armed with a wrench or spanner, the court heard.

He initially denied the charges saying the woman spat at him but CCTV footage was found to be ‘‘entirely inconsistent’’ with his version of events.

Wakeman has spent more time in jail than out of jail during the 28 years since June, 1986.

He was jailed in 2003 for nine years for raping a 14-year-old girl at Broadmeadow.

With a non-parole period of one year and eight months he will be eligible for release on parole on December 19, 2015.


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Leo Unghango

Posted: October 23, 2014 by Serendipity in Western Australia
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Court jails man over Broome sex attack

Thu 23 Oct 2014, 2:39pm

A man has been sentenced to four years in jail for sexually assaulting a woman on a suburban street in Broome.

Yesterday, Leo Unghango, 19, pleaded guilty in the Perth Magistrates Court to two counts of aggravated sexual penetration without consent.

In November last year, he attacked a 30-year-old woman as she walked on a street in Old Broome.

Unghango will be eligible for parole in two years.