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NZ-born firefighter pleads guilty over child pornography charges in Australia

10:18 AM Tuesday Jan 13, 2015

A decorated New Zealand-born fireman has been caught sharing thousands of child pornography images and videos in Australia.

Tony Brian Gillespie, 31, was arrested last November after police seized two laptops and mobile phones from his home at Banora Point in northern New South Wales, The Daily Telegraph reports. Gillespie, who received a special award for his firefighting work during the 2012 Queensland floods, had boasted online that he enjoyed “pre-teen” child porn, police said.

Police say he joined file-sharing website GigaTribe last April and under the user name “Tommyfun1”.

In a five-day period alone, he’s alleged to have downloaded 6000 files containing images and videos of child abuse, the Telegraph reported.

During an online conversation, Gillespie allegedly told the discussion forum he liked “pre-teen” children.

“I have been downloading it. I download it on my computer,” he allegedly told police after his arrest.

The Telegraph said Gillespie had pleaded guilty to six charges which included the downloading and promotion of child porn and possession of child abuse material. The charges carry a 15-year maximum penalty.

He was bailed with strict conditions to his parents’ house and banned from having contact with children aged under 16.

Auckland-born Gillespie, who also runs a lawn mowing business, resigned from his on-call job at Banora Point fire station in December.

He will be sentenced later this year.


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  1. Allan says:

    This guy is incredible super nova to his actions yet he will pay for every thought ever picture every little razoo of his life. The bastard needs casteration and sent to a prison with no natural day light. No visit form friends or family no mail no easy access to to or news papers just give a bible. Only to read learn recite. For his term of i prisonsonment he should get not less than 44 years and then some. And. To more than 104 years combined as we need to see this dirtbag. Die where he is not hurting families .for my take this man was a decorated man a man of truest and honor a man that possibly had a working with children check and he needs to have his rights. Taken house or possessions sold to support his inprisonment

  2. I agree this nutcase is sick to say the least. What’s much more disturbing is the fact that this sickening material is available so easily. The crime more so, in my eyes are the scum that make this material available and when we catch them, then I agree to jail them and throw the key away. This guy in my eyes appears to be sick for wanting this sort of material and seems to be real naive as he openly discussed downloading it as if it is acceptable. Is seems he hasn’t actually gone further and touched any minors at this stage so good he is captured now. Unfortunately he may have adapted a taste for this by now and should be watched for ever. Hopefully the law enforcement can track his internet movements thoroughly and catch those criminals. As for this guy having acquired a taste for this but not having touched anyone yet, he should be forced to get medical help and be taught of the pain and not enjoyment that is inflicted on these victims. I don’t think jail is the answer for this guy, make him compulsory help the fire brigade full time and watch him closely every one. As for the scum that make this kind of material available, you don’t want me to catch you as jail in my view is to easy.

  3. Tony Gillespie says:

    I dont realy know why ive been put on this web site i have not been convicted of anything and im not a rapest or a pedophile . All i did was look at some photos wich i regret and take responsibility for my actions i know it was very wrong and i am now seeing help for my problem and feel NO need to do that again . As for me being punished i have all ready lost my wife daughter my house car
    I have lost my career as a firefighter have lost all my freainds .so i probily will root a lonely man in hell now i wish i could go back and change things but i cant i feel like killing myself on a daylie bases . So feel happy im suffering maby we can have a which hunt and you can burn me aliveor what ever yous do my life is fucked becouse of one thing i did wrong
    Many thanks tony gillespie

  4. MJAY says:

    What wasn’t Mentioned in ANY news article is that a 7yr old young female child was in that house as he Somehow was accepted by Docs to be a foster parent along with his Partner.Apparently He’s still allowed visitation I am curious as to how His SICK! actions make him a positive role Model for a young girl,Obviously being a pre teen porn fiend I’m mortified by the lack of care by DOCS not to screen such individuals ALOT more carefully. In my opinion he’s a worthless sick strange piece of shit. And what did he get for it ! NOTHING bloody out on bail and sentenced to 18 months Then Back home to father a young girl of 7yrs. I’m f king disgusted.!!! Allan in the Comments section is Spot On CASTERATION!

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