Adrian Daniel Wallace

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Wallace – Adrian Daniel - Photo2

Man jailed for sex abuse of young girls

Updated 6 Aug 2009, 8:24pm

A man who trained with the hope of becoming a professional basketballer has been jailed for at least four years in Adelaide for sexually abusing two young girls he met at a basketball stadium.

The District Court heard Adrian Daniel Wallace, 31, became depressed after his dreams to play in the NBL were shattered by a knee injury.

About the same time in 2002 he met a 11-year-old girl at a Wayville basketball stadium.

Later, he also started sexually abusing the girl’s friend.

The court heard the abuse most often happened in secluded places, behind park toilet blocks and on filthy mattresses under bridges.

Judge Wayne Chivell said it was especially disgraceful that Wallace once invited one of his mates to join in.

Wallace did not look at the public gallery during his sentencing.

He will serve at least four years of his eight-year jail sentence.

A child support group known as ‘bikers united against child abuse’ packed the courtroom to hear the sentencing.

The group was contacted by one of the victim’s families and had travelled from interstate to lend support.




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  1. John Miller says:

    4 years?! The despicable piece of shit should of got at least 40 years!

  2. UNKNOWN says:

    Yes he should have got life. He took her innocence and her life has been hell. 4 years is a joke.

  3. Stacey Fava says:

    This man had the nerve to contact my daughter via Facebook after he got out of jail saying she’s ruined his life. Fukn animal.

  4. sushi says:

    DEMONIC DAN he calls himself, child abuser turned vegan cyclist, lives on centrelink and rides his bike all day around Adelaide and has the cycling and vegan community all blindsided.
    The narcissistic and predatory attitude of this animal is sickening, living under the guise of this poor cycling vegan hero that appeared from nowhere (jail), he completes everests on the hills and stokes his ego on comments from his 600 followers with the likes of “Dan, you are amazing”.
    We really cant understand how the parole board allows such an animal to hide back in the community and con people, also how can these animals be allowed to have profiles on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Strava ect… absolutely disgusting.

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