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Aussie Criminals and Crooks

A CAREER paedophile who committed the most “perverted and disgusting” crimes in the nation’s history has been jailed for up to 32 years, a judge describing his heinous acts as “much worse” than child sex offender Robert “Dolly” Dunn.

The sentence handed down to David Shane Whitby in the NSW District Court this morning means the 56-year-old will likely die in jail – but Judge Peter Berman said the severity of his criminal behaviour must be reflected in the punishment.

Whitby was convicted of 120 offences against eight victims, spanning 10 years.

His youngest victim was still in nappies when Whitby committed acts of such depravity they can not be published.

Many of the crimes were convicted as Whitby, a former DJ in suburban Sydney, babysat them, in many cases forcing them to consume drugs and alcohol in order to make them more compliant against his obscene requests.

Judge Berman…

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