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1:22pm August 7, 2015

Former Families SA childcare worker to spend at least 28 years behind bars over ‘depraved and sickening’ child sex abuse

A former Families SA childcare worker who admitted to multiple child sex and child pornography offences has been sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Family and supporters of Shannon Grant McCoole’s victims applauded in the South Australian District Court today as he was sentenced.

McCoole, 33, pleaded guilty in February to multiple child sex offences committed over a three-year period from mid-2011 against seven young boys and girls under his care.

He will serve at least 28 years behind bars.

In sentencing McCoole, the Judge Paul Rice said the accused appeared to lack a “moral compass”.

“Some people may describe your crimes as sick, but I prefer evil,” Mr Rice said.

“What is plain is that the impact on these children is not in the past.

“It is immediate and ongoing and continually unfolding as they grow up.”

McCoole was entitled to a 40 percent discount on his sentence due to his guilty plea, but this was reduced to 30 percent in sentencing.

“The extent of you offending is depraved and sickening in the extreme,” Mr Rice told McCoole.

“Only limited weight should be given to your prior good character.

“You had plenty of opportunity to stop.

“To reduce your sentence by the whole 40 percent would be so disproportionate to your offending, it would shock the public conscience.”

The court heard today around 52,000 images and a website made up much of the case against McCoole.

On the site, frequented by at least 1000 pedophiles around the world, McCoole issued “pep talks” on abusing children to his followers.

He listed his occupation as “sex instructor” and his interests as “sex, sex, sex, a bit more sex”.


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  1. John Miller says:

    A vile, disgusting and despicable piece of shit – lock him up and throw away the bloody key!

    BTW, I have an addition for your sex offender list, but I can’t find a contact email for you. Please let me know, and I’ll send you details. Cheers!

  2. Good to hear from you John on some information from you being a victim survivor of incest/child sexual, physical and mental abuse. Shame the mongrel’s, every last one of these pieces of shit. Take care mate!…

    • John Miller says:

      Thank you so much, your good words are really appreciated! I absolutely agree – sex offenders are the foulest pieces of shit on the planet!

      BTW, I worked as a P/O at the Metropolitan Remand Centre at Malabar (Long Bay) back in the early ’80’s.

      Cheers, mate! 🙂

  3. This scumbag toerag Shannon Grant McCoole, entitled to a 40%discount, reduced to a mere 30%discount for pleading guilty to his sex crimes evil. – 35 years with a 28 years non parole minimum!
    How gutless and pathetic our courts and legal system rights to crims are, with the plea bargaining rights to sentencing discounts to the worst heinous crime offenders.
    You would think the defence lawyers were shopping in Harvey Norman for a discount on buying a new television and a fridge.
    For fuck sake, – when is our Australia wide justice system, going to put “deterrence over rehabilitation” for these maggots, into its law books, crime and sentencing acts, instead of the very care for the crims , “offensive to victims of crime”, – word – mercy and rehabilitation and reintegration back into society and parole!. If the law won’t hang the mongrel anymore, then at least send them away for “NEVER TO BE REALESED” – “FOR THE TERM OF THEIR NATURAL LIFE”. And as for a discount sentence for pleading guilty to save the courts time. There are certain crimes that should not warrant the minimum sentence – parole and a discount, due to the serious nature of the crime committed. Forget rehabilitation for these cretins and lock them up in maximum security main stream jail to see how long the survive for, and or lock them on 24 hour protection lock up for ever being life, and flush the key to their locked cell door down their metal cell toilet bowl. Not many of them would last for many years then as the inmates would cull each rock spider into extinction. And the prison population would go into decline, and save tax payers money.

    ………Penal Servitude -Hard labour and Solitary Confinement and Deterrence – even flogging cuts with the cat o nine tails and burch on the triangle and no more second and third chances with rehabilitation and parole ….Three strikes their out …Life means Life imprisonment!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  4. Cheers John, good to hear from a another Prison Officer on Aussie Criminals. The old jails in the 80’s, were much harder on the rock spiders. The had the dogs or bone yards, but they were more likely to get shived and bashed even killed in the old NSW jails and the same with Melbourne’s Pentridge. But today the rock spiders are more a protected species with the Villages of the damned and special purpose protection units, were the pedo rock spiders all congregate together in a safe space. When I was in Pentridge , I used to see the polaroid security photo’s of the aftermath of rock spiders getting very severe bashings and stabbing’s in their cells, even getting there penis severed and their throats cut or found dead by suicide or otherwise, mysteriously hanged in their cell by make shift sheet nooses. I still have a few of these photos, but have missed placed them. But there were hundreds of these evidence photo’s taken of incident in Pentridge from 1980 to 1990, I wonder what ever become of them after Pentridge closed in 1997. I would like to get hold of a copy of these polaroids if they have survived in prison storage archives. Because I would post them on this site, for all to see, how jail once was, before the do-gooders took over the prisons in Victoria.. They are very gory, but at least some of these rock spider inmates, go their right whack, back in these times.
    But todays country club, villages of the damned, built for specially isolating all these maggot scum bags on high protection. means the rarely come to any harm now. I would like these rock spiders today, to get a taste of real no protection jail, like in the 1970’s and 1980’s. I used to have to give these pedo filth a security escort, from A to B, so the main wing inmates, wouldn’t touch them.
    Also strip search the stinking mongrels, and they had very bad smelly hygiene. With is not at all surprising after what deviate thing they used to get up to with each other in the cells.
    One old pedo used to have semen in his mouth and puss coming out his arse hole, They would blowjob each other and practice anal sex in the special purpose division wing. These reptiles see them selves as normal practicing homo sexual prison sex. The used to use food preparation rubber glove fingers for condoms and used bleach sachets by the box full. The wing used to smell of bleach and bodily excretions in the cell blocks and cells. The older pedo’s used to have prison sex with the younger pedo’s Then they would get out of jail and reoffended. Not surprise there!.
    Some of these inmates from back then have now murdered innocent victims. Hint then young Bayley and Dupas and Denyer. Now they are protected by the prison system. They should never have been freed more than twenty years ago, as a risk to the community. And they should also have been now locked away for life outside a protection unit, them they get their right whack in jail.
    But protection, protection and more protection is the order of the day in prison today! Then give hem parole again because the do-gooders believe their rehabilitated. There never rehabilitated and should never be set free from prison. I could never be a Prison Officer today in jail, and have to be buddy and help these maggots. I would sent them all to Supermax H.Division style slot and let them rot in hell, and even better force them to break rocks,on hard labour, they all need to suffer pain as they have made their victims suffer, not rehabilitate and help the arse wipes in jail and prepare them for parole, just throw away the key and never ever release them!

  5. He needs that cocky smirk knocked off his face. A Prison Officers baton shoved up his arse, would take the grin from him and a large sledge hammer forced upon him to break tons if rocks!… This was inflicted on new inmates entering H Division in the 1960’s, to break there bad attitude down.
    The film Everynight Everynight, shows just a accurate glimpse of how bad Prison officers brutalised and broke many of the old time inmates, under the regime of punishment and insubordinate misbehaviour. Everything from loss of dignity, Mind games, Exposure to very cold cells, bulling and torture, starvation , contaminating inmates food, or only starved on dry stale bread and water only diet, with very strict military discipline and marching , and On the cross , standing to attention on a cross on the cell floor, with endless mind games, spot checks on cell tidiness and making of beds neatness to the extreme or face more disciplinary charges in prison kangaroo court charges and more harsh brutal treatment. Daily “On the cross” hard labour breaking bluestone rocks from biggies into littlies , to endless kicking’s, beatings and bashings at any time, day or night the daily or nightly routine of the strict basher screws, boredom of out of sight and out of mind, as it was called in the slots. No inmates ever left H Division with a smile or attitude on their faces. It was designed to break the inmates, one way or the other. It was harsh, even inhumane failure of treatment of prisoners, but it put the fear in the most toughest of men sent down there.
    H Division over the decades, had to clean up its act, after inquires and outside public activist protest made it stop being the bash house after 1975. But it still went on all the same, the screws just became more tight knit and crafty at handing out the bash. Former Prisoners say the bash and mind games still were practised in H Division right up until the closure of Pentridge for good in 1997. I would fully believe the violent treatment of H Division inmates was still practiced in its last days. I personally never saw a bashing of an inmate take place when I served in H Division. But there was a certain crew of only trusted Prison Officers that carried out this Punishment brutality, when know witnesses were around. I do know who many of them were. But I won’t say anymore on that matter But I did see inmates that went down to the slot or H Division and when they went in they had no visible bruising on them, but when they came out after a month in the slot, they had bruising’s and some serious injuries or broken bones and were taken to the Pentridge Hospital , and blamed and charged for assaulting Prison Officer during a scuffle to allegedly restrain them?…An that would not have happened by tripping on the soap and falling in the shower block. Yes it continued to go on down there, but that is why the slot – H Division had a feared reputation as a punishment yard and bash house, right up until it was eventually closed for business.

    Watch the film Everynight Evernight …. 1994. Perhaps cocky Crims today like this reject “McCool” above would be more afraid of going to jail. If they still operated unchecked like H Division and Grafton Gaol or Bathurst once did…

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