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Surf lifesaver Alex Greenland jailed for rape of 15yo girl

Updated yesterday at 2:33pm

A former respected WA surf lifesaving instructor who had a predilection for sadomasochism has been sentenced to five-and-a half years jail for sexually abusing an underage girl.

Alex Lee Greenland, 27, pleaded guilty to four charges relating to his abuse of the girl in 2010 when she was 15 and he was 21.

He maintained the sexual activity was consensual but District Court Judge Linda Petrusa rejected his claim and found that Greenland forced himself upon the girl.

They met when he worked at the Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club and at one point he had been her instructor.

Reports provided to the District Court said Greenland first showed in interest in bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM) when he was in his final year at school.

A hearing last year was told in the months after the offences, the pair had sex at Greenland’s home in which the teenager said he made her wear a collar, poured hot wax on her and whipped her “like an animal”.

Humiliated victim had no choice, judge finds

Judge Petrusa said it was of “concern” that Greenland had maintained BDSM was “not a big part” of his sex life, while the teenager had testified it had “dominated” their sexual activity.

Judge Petrusa said the victim felt humiliated and believed she had no other choice but to engage in the activity.

She described Greenland’s crimes as “very serious”, saying he had focused on his own needs and ignored the girl’s verbal and physical resistance.

“You showed no regard for her wishes … you used force and aggression to achieve your sexual gratification,” she told him.

Judge Petrusa also said the offences had a “profound effect” on the victim.

Outside the court, the victim, who is now 21, welcomed the sentence and said she was relieved the case was over.

Greenland will have to serve three-and-a-half years in prison before he can be released on parole.


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  1. Allan says:

    Sometimes people like this will get second chances some times they don’t even get notification of his her release of prison yet a driver of small consequence gets noted and filed to publc humility thus this guy I know of him and I’ve met him when I lived in the western State in Scarborough beach I found him kan iving and loose he was a man I could wish to hope he gets serviced in a prisoners point of view but he is protected and will remain this way I say caste rate him make him suffer the way he did the young girl whom is really a innocent teen trying to live now and is I. Her element trashed by a wanker that just cannot control his own sex drive rather than to lose all he has just pay some place to keep his satisfaction up in a controlled room not a child .he deserved allot more than just prison believe me

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