Paul John Stanley

Posted: April 12, 2016 by Serendipity in Queensland
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Paul John Stanley jailed for 11 years on three counts of rape, two while armed with a knife

A 16-YEAR-OLD boy had his dream of joining the Royal Australian Navy shattered after revealing he had been brutally raped by an HIV-infected sex predator, a court has been told.

Paul John Stanley, then aged 38, handed the young teen a potential death sentence when he repeatedly raped and abused the boy – at times while holding a knife to his throat – during a sleep over at a mate’s Brisbane home on October 2, 2010.

The Brisbane District Court was told Stanley – who had been aware he was HIV positive for several years – made no attempt to protect the boy ” from the very real prospect” of catching the disease during the prolonged and brutal attack.

Prosecutor Ken Spinaze said in the wake of the attack the teenager applied to join the Navy, but was rejected after revealing he may have contracted HIV as a result of Stanley’s abuse.

Stanley, now aged 40, was jailed for 11 1/2-years on Friday on three counts of rape, one count each of assault with intent to commit rape and deprivation of liberty and four of sexual assault – two of those whilst armed with a knife.

The court was told Stanley was convicted after a jury trial in May and was yet to answer a charge of exposing another victim to a communicable disease.

Mr Spinaze said Stanley “mercilessly took advantage” of the 16-year-old – who had earlier consumed alcohol – and subjected the boy to a “number of prolonged, degrading sexual acts in a brazen and humiliating way”.

“(And Stanley) did nothing to protect the (boy) from transmission of that (HIV) disease.”

Mr Spinaze said the boy had to endure not only the horrific abuse, but also the shame and anguish of being denied his dream of joining the Navy.

He said Stanley also had a previous sex conviction for stalking a man from a public toilet block to his place of work and then exposing himself.

Lawyers for Stanley said the convicted sex fiend was in poor health and heavily medicated as a result of his potentially fatal illness.

Judge Deborah Richards, in sentencing, noted that during the persistent attack Stanley used a knife, threats and drugs in a bid to subdue the boy and “have his way with him”.

At the same time Stanley was being sentenced, Queensland’s highest court was handing down a decision rejecting his appeal against the convictions recorded in May.

The Court of Appeal in Brisbane dismissed Stanley’s appeal, saying he had “failed to demonstrate that the jury’s verdicts were unsafe and unsatisfactory.”


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