Jones is the former deputy principal at Woodridge State High School, in Logan, south of Brisbane.

He had worked at Education Queensland since 2004.

Teacher sentenced for series of sexual offences

A 57-year-old man has today, Tuesday 22 August 2017, been sentenced in connection with a number of child sex offences.

Glyn Barrington Jones, formerly of Major Mitchell Drive, Brisbane, Australia, was charged in January 2016 by officers from Norfolk Constabulary’s Children Abuse Investigation Unit, with 13 offences including 11 counts of indecent assault and two of attempted indecent assault.

Jones pleaded guilty yesterday (Monday 21 August 2017) to seven of the indecent assaults. The other offences will remain on file.

The assaults started while he was a trainee and also took place while he was in post as a Physical Education teacher in Norfolk and Devon.  The offences he was convicted of relate to six female victims  and were committed between 1979 and 1996.  All the victims were aged 16 or under at the time.

When sentencing Jones to five years in prison, Judge Anthony Bate described his offences as having “an enduring impact” on the victims with Jones continuing to lead an “outwardly respectable life as a man of apparent good character” while in fact being a “clandestine sex offender since age of 19.”

Following today’s Norwich Crown Court appearance, Detective Constable Kim Taylor who headed the investigation, said: “Jones took complete advantage of his position of trust to encourage his victims to allow him to carry out sex offences having persuaded them that he was in an emotional relationship with them.

“I want to thank all the victims involved in this investigation for their bravery and patience while this case came to court.  Although by pleading guilty, he has prevented the victims from having to relive their ordeal through a trial, they should not have been in this position in the first place.

“This enquiry highlights how important we consider all allegations of abuse , non recent or current and should assure other victims of abuse that every report is fully investigated by Norfolk Constabulary, with specialist officers guiding victims through the process.”

Jones was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life.





  1. allan says:

    I am a victim of childabuse i was a child in an orphanage i was molested by teachers ,priests and even that was not enough i was destroyed by police not to believe me when i made a complaint they took me back and called ma a liar 45 years ot took to believe me and still i got no peace of mind i have a masterful hate for any man or woman that has the depraved mind to hold in steed a position of trust to oblige themselves with such degradation to the children of innocence and those that are bought off need to be surley punished too.

    I have made my statements to police and finally it is believed to the point of life is not mush left for me to have a life however i wish this piece of garbage dies in a prison alone but 5 years for this sis not even close to what he deserves

    Killing a child is bad raping the child is like giving a shot of heroin or speed which in my case i was drugged to some form the predators are not being sentanced to any form to reform there is no reform of child sex offences .

    I must add i have seen people on the streets and have proudly brought to justice in a foriegn country the knowledge of pretatory sex offenders being registered is not a good result leave these people stay inthe prison til he or she died there is not need to release them .
    punishing them by selling their homes what they own how they will suffer to the rest of their lives in poverty like i live now and most of my confused life because of what happened to me.

    I dont think for opne minute the justice system is fair to us in minor matters thus the predator is crying poor me and i am sick they were born a predator they get education they hide behind the cloths of church they hide behind the desks in schools the banners of their own community supporting them .

    I hope i can be of good service to the future of somone to teach them what to look for as i definatly can pick a predator in a heart beat.

  2. Bradley thomas says:

    In connection to. I think he’s been thrown under a bus without less than speed reading information. He’d be scared n hiding. Unworthy of retaliation students co n now.

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