Wife catches husband with sick child abuse material

Richard Noone, Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate

March 21, 2017 9:35am

A FORMER IBM worker of 40 years was given an eight-month suspended jail sentence last week after his wife caught him reading a website containing stories about bestiality, incest and sex with children.

Noel Ross Cawthorne, of Tumbi Umbi, was in his back shed in 2015 looking at computers when his wife went to check on him.

The 66-year-old quickly minimised the screen but his suspicious wife took note of the web address which she later punched into Google on her phone.

She was shocked to discover the vile contents of the website and the following day she sprung him again in the back shed, this time with a text document open.

Facts tendered to Wyong Local Court revealed she read the document and “saw it was a story about having sex with a five-year-old child”.

When she confronted him about the filth he said, “I have just been looking at porn to help get interested” before leaving the house.

His wife rang police who attended the house about 10.30am on March 4 where she gave them permission to seize computer equipment including an IBM ThinkPad laptop, an IBM ThinkCentre PC and memory drives.

After extensive forensic analysis by the Police State Electronic Evidence Branch, officers uncovered 31 literature files of child abuse material on the laptop including one story rated a “category five” in the Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS) scale.

Material classified as category five includes stories, picture or video depicting sadism, bestiality, and sexual imagery involving pain, humiliation or animals.

The PC contained 26 literature files including 22 classified as “category four” on the CETS scale (sexual assault of children).

Police also found 39 literature files on a USB stick and 37 on an external hard drive.

Cawthorne, who was listed in police facts as having “thorough knowledge of computers, working for IBM for over 40 years”, pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing child abuse material.

The prosecution conceded a lot of the literature files were duplicated across the devices.

Cawthorne was given an eight-month suspended jail sentence when he appeared in court last Wednesday and was ordered to be of good behaviour.


  1. Moonlight says:

    8 lousy months!?
    One wonders who, and in what position of authority, is at the helm of Australian paedophiles!

  2. allan says:

    How much time i think he deserves is not 8 months i gurantee .in a regular situation a magistrae can hand down a vast array of penalties fines andor bond or both some times it is the interests of public this man should have receieved a minimum of 5 years custodial sentance and a parople period of not less than 5 years they deal with these matters like its ok to do such and it reflects a difficult faith to those whom offend an know the outcome of such to not deter this man but others too .
    there is many men women and even younger teens grow up as victime it is unheard and little value if this man is set free then he will offend again no stone unturned if he ends up residing on his own as i will hope the wife will kick him out ,and he will use this as a land mark to be more careful and not to mention he has much experiences in pc software owander of the next offence he will soon commit.
    today was a clear case on news of a man offending known on the computer known to offend in real life of course his twisted mind will opey him to act upon pretadtory actions in time lock the bastard up for life if i had power i will not even sway on points of good charactor id sway to the future of our kids to be safe not in fear of jonny dont good

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