Peter Gary Riddell

Posted: April 27, 2018 by Serendipity in Photo, Registered Sex Offender, Victoria
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Age:   62

Location:   Wodonga surround areas VIC

Offence:   Indecent act with child under 16

Sentence:  Sentenced in Wodonga Magistrates’ court to Community Correction Order for a period of 18 months.

Other:  Treatment and Rehabilitation

Undergo the following treatment and rehabilitation:

– Assessment & treatment (including testing) for alcohol abuse or dependency as directed

– Offending behaviour program/s as directed

– Any other treatment and rehabilitation as directed

He is to report to Victoria Police for a period for Eight Years.



  1. Allan says:

    For the act alone he deserves prison not just to be thwarted the judge needs to be sentenced to hell for his or her actions of being blind to allow such a light sentence so what he goes to councell My or some bullshit work directions order this is not punishment I got locked up for 2 years for driving without licence and he gets that pissy sentence omg how the tides change to protect the innocent how is this protecting society all did was not be aware of a fine I didn’t get I had to spend 5 months in prison waiting my appeal over. $135 dollar fine and my licence canceled this guy needs hell not prison I am
    So sad for the teen girl and so sad for her parents may the asshole be found out in public and given the lesson he deserves

  2. John Barisic says:

    One bullet scumbag dirty creep

  3. Carol says:

    When will the judiciary start handing appropriate sentences 18 months is not enough

  4. Craig says:

    I think people need To know to meaning of indecent act look it up before u hang someone

  5. Annon says:

    Are you people mad, he was found guilty of indecent act, not rape, not sexual assault, not anything else, this poor man could have done something as little as urinated out the front of a school while intoxicated and now he’s got this for 18 months, y’all sitting here judging how about how it’s going to affect this poor mans life if he hasn’t physically touched a person under the age of 16, you all are judgmental freaks and this man has known me my entire life and not once has he done anything inappropriate towards me or any other child in my family, don’t judge a man by a post when you’ve never known his life, beautiful people get over exaggerated on so called horrible things and pay the price, horrible people commit multiple offences and no one moves an eye, focus on the real issue this man is no issue.

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