OUR RAPISTS NEED TO LEAVE – Please sign the petition to remove the Ashfield gang rapists from Australia.

Posted: June 8, 2018 by Serendipity in NSW




My name is Tegan Wagner.

In 2002, I was subjected to the most horrifying experience a woman can endure, gang-raped over and over again by four Pakistani brothers, scared they would stab me to death if I did not submit.

They were jailed for many years and today, one of my rapists walks free.

He arrived in Australia from Pakistan in 2000 and was raping teenage girls within two years but because he was given citizenship before he was caught, our laws mean he gets to stay here.

I do not want this man and his brothers to live in our beautiful country. They do not deserve it. The law needs to change.

How can these men commit such terrible acts and be allowed to stay if they had only lived in Australia for two years? Their only contributions here are as rapists and living off the taxpayer in jail for their awful crimes against me and others who suffer to this day.

Please sign this petition.

Please send a strong message to our government and immigration Minister Peter Dutton that people who commit acts of violence and terrorise our community so soon after gaining citizenship forfeit the right to remain Australian citizens. Surely, this is what every Australian wants?

Thank you.


My name is Y. I cannot reveal my real name.

My daughter still lives with the emotional devastation of what four Pakistani brothers did to her so many years ago.

She has tried to hurt herself on numerous occasions and even tried to kill herself. These men destroyed her life and because of it, have destroyed mine. They stole my girl from me.

I beg you to sign this petition for our federal government to change the law which protects foreigners who come here and commit awful crimes as new “Australians” but does not protect me, my daughter Tegan or those real Australians who respect our values.

It might be too late to have the animals who attacked my daughter sent away, but maybe we can stand up for future victims.

Please sign.

Thank you.


  1. Colin Sandbach says:

    Good on you Tegan.Our women need to be safe from this scum.

  2. Starlight says:

    Check out the Kimmins Report. The Inquiry into Allegations of Misconduct in the Investigation of Pedophilia in Queensland.

    Convicted Pedophile Bill D’arcy should NOT be given the green light to clear his name of crime he is guilty of. The ONLY reason he gets a green light is because he was in GOVERNMENT (and covering up for his deviant pedo mates). Plenty of innocent people are BLOCKED by Government. Corruption in Qld looks after itself in the highest of places.
    BILL D’ARCY PEDO YOU DID THE CRIME SUCK IT UP. You only want to cash in on your sleezy crime.

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