Bradley Seath Stranack

Posted: November 9, 2018 by Serendipity in Western Australia
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Age:  37  ( 2018 )

Location:  Perth   WA

Offence:   Found guilty after trial of the rape of a sleeping man in 2014, and two counts of sexually penetrating a child.

Sentence:  Sentenced to eight and a half years’ imprisonment, eligible for parole after six and a half years. His term was backdated to July 6 when he was taken into custody.

Other:   Used the profile name “CherryPicker” on the Grindr dating app.




  1. Starlight says:

    Scumbag. A lousy 6.5 years and it’ll be out to do it again. We all know pedo’s CANNOT be ‘cured’. Once a pedo always a pedo.
    They’re trawling every corner of life.

  2. Liam says:

    This creep has destroyed lives. Including those who he tried to silence and discredit with his lies because they threatened to expose his sick crimes

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