Mohamad Al Maialy and Fahed Shgahy

Posted: January 9, 2019 by Serendipity in Western Australia
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Age:   Al Maialy  25,  Shgahy 24  ( 2018 )

Location:  Kings Park,  Perth,  WA

Offence:  Both found guilty of aggravated sexual penetration without consent

Sentence:  Sentenced to 5 years jail. Shgahy’s sentence was backdated to September 2015 & is already eligible for parole. Al Maialy will become eligible for parole in August 2020.

Other:  In 2015,  Al Maialy & Shgahy approached the victim outside a pub in Northbridge. They then drove to Kings Park and each raped her in the backseat of the car.  They were sentenced to five years in jail after a trial in 2016 but the WA Court of Appeal quashed their convictions & ordered a retrial.



  1. Starlight says:

    5 lousy years!
    They’ll be out to do it again (and they WILL). They’re laughing.
    Filthy rotten mongrels.
    I thought Mr Politicianbwas going to remove the likes of them and their families from Australia?
    Only this morning a bews report said oaws for pedos were changing.

  2. Starlight says:

    News, not bews.

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