Age:   33

Location:   Canberra ACT,  Sunshine Coast, QLD

Offence:   Pleaded guilty to four charges connected with the use of the victim – then aged 15 and 16 – for the production of child pornography, and was found guilty of another seven charges which related to sexual intercourse and acts of indecency with the victim when she was 15.

Sentence:  Sentenced to three-year good behaviour order by the ACT Supreme Court.

Other:   Now living on the Sunshine Coast. On Tinder using the name Leigh.

Read more here.


  1. Moonlight says:

    Disgusting piece of lowlife

  2. Moonlight says:

    Hahaha what a creep. Posing in the shower.
    Something seriously wrong with the creep.
    Oh! That’s right. He’s another pedo.

  3. Mary says:

    I know someone who might be dating this guy. Does anyone here know him? Is this definitely him, and is he definitely is a registered sex offender?

    • Moonlight says:

      Mary, he would not be on this page if he was not a sex offender.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the sentencing. He’s been convicted. It’s him. Many sources have confirmed

    • Blackaby says:

      If you need the confirmation, look at his drivers license or his passport. Can 100% confirm this lowlife is using ‘Leigh’ as a fake name, can 100% confirm it’s him.

      • Starlight says:

        Turns my stomach!
        Leave him behind bars.
        Pedo’s should be catrated, kept away from all kids including their own, and never released.

    • Saving Bee says:

      I would say your friend is safe I wish I could reach out but I have lost touch with my ex over the years this is a case of what was unfair.

      • Anon says:

        Are you saying that the girl who could be dating this sex offender is safe?!

        I highly doubt she’s safe from the mental trauma he’s about to inflict on her by lying his ass off the entire time he’s with her. And also the manipulation! The controlling! The poor girl probably doesn’t even know his real name is Royston.

        If you think she’s safe, you’re completely blindsided.

        And who is this ex that you wish to reach out to? None of what you have said makes sense.

  4. Cautious with Accusing. says:

    I just read the details of his case (in the link provided under his profile here), and apparently it was a consensual relationship with his underage girlfriend (13-15yo) when he was 20… Personally I do find it to be a big age difference, but I think back, and am pretty sure there were many classmates interested in older boys and even in relationships (of which you don’t really think of the law aspect of it all at that age), and 20 still is quite young.
    I think it’s very sad and unfortunate he’s on the same list as pedophiles who are an actual danger to us and our children.
    It’s not all black and white.

    • Moonlight says:

      It is NOT ‘very sad’ at all.
      He knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was sexing an underage girl.
      He knew this was illegal.
      He knew it was a crime (to say the least).
      He had no respect for the girl or the law.
      He thought he would get away with it.
      Some people take advantage of young crushes. He is an oppoertunist and seemingly consensual or not, one fact remains. He was and is a paedofile.
      No. It is not sad. Thr only sad thing about it is he got caught.
      Paedophiles donot need sympathisers.

    • Moonlight says:

      20 is a man.
      13-15 is a child.
      Ask a 13-15 yo who has been a victim of a 19-20 yo how they feel, how they got thru life.

    • Moonlight crush says:


      You’re him! Tactical response to try and play the victim card.. post something from someone else, try and make him out to be “the good guy”.

      And if you’re not him, he’s probably asked you to write this to help his case of becoming someone else, trying to change his name to make sure he doesn’t have to tell anyone what he did. Yes he was in a “consensual relationship” however he groomed that young girl for her TO SAY YES, to obey him, to be controlled by him.

      I can also let you know that every single person he comes in contact with, he uses them like a pawn. He uses women to keep him out of jail. And he abused young girls for his own sexual desire.

      So sure, keep believing that it’s just like a teenage crush.. you’re probably his next victim.

      • Moonlight says:

        Consentual or not it is still an offence. He is still a paedo.
        Donot twist the truth.
        Donot excuse a paedo.
        Anyone knows childrrn and teenagers ate impressionable and open to many deceptions.

        • I love Moonlight says:

          Wasn’t at ALL defending him!!! I was trying to say that she was groomed to the point where she would say yes to whatever (I’m sure of it). But it’s still wrong!!! He’s still a pedo! I cannot believe he isn’t behind bars really.

      • Moonlight says:

        I know what he needs. So many abusers and users like him. They always come undone!

  5. Saving Bee says:

    I was this guys house mate at the time they lived in different states and you can’t tell me that when you were 15 you didnt sext someone he is also the first guy I ever dated so I do know this man very well and i can say that he was wrongly charged don’t think for a minute I wouldn’t stand up for him I met him when were both 11 so I will definitely voice my opinion on this he shouldn’t have been charged for having a GF and also how many girls lie about their age to get an older man I surely have so have fun ripping shreads into him when you don’t know the events

    • Victim701 says:

      I dated this guy for a while.
      He lied.
      He tore me to shreds.
      He pushed sex onto me.
      He cheated.
      He lied to the courts.

      Safe to say, he’s a c*nt.

      And yes, he is 100% a pedophile.

      So whatever anyone says, I’d steer clear of him unless you want to get the clap.

      • Penny says:

        I lost my virginity to him when I was 15. I just discovered this post after years of suspecting he is a paedophile. Did you ever report him?

        • Victim 780 says:

          I’m so sorry you went through this too. What a piece of shit he is. This is just more proof that he should be locked behind bars.

          But yes, you can report him. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, you can report him. I hope you find the strength and send you a whole lot of love ❤


      Yes, and even when you were housemates with him, he was still convincing young girls to have sex with him. He manipulates absolutely everyone in his circle, where they believe his “I’m the victim” card. He is so good at it that he can hide it from housemates, “girlfriends” and even his own mother and father. They continue to want to fight for him without realising that he’s guilty as sin.

      One day, they’re going to find out. And their “precious little Leigh” isn’t going to be welcomed in their family home. I wouldn’t be allowing him near my children, if I were his sister I wouldn’t let them the children.

  6. Noiburger says:

    Incorrect re’ always and inevitably gets caught’ – very very few matters get to prosecution stage (those tat are reported – most offences are not reported), particularly with pedos, as their victims are not always credible witnesses. And it’s almost always his/her word against the victim/s.
    I worked at the DPP and observed so many acquittals and hung juries – heartbreaking.

  7. truth seeker says:

    another good article about him. His ability to lie and manipulate is extreme. Stay safe on tinder people.

    • Angel says:

      He also worked in Witchery in Melbourne AFTER this incident in Canberra.
      Can’t imagine how many little girls he tried to pick up there. Charismatic and deeply evil.
      I worry so much for people who come in contact with him. Especially women or young girls who fall in love with his lie and start a family with him!!! The chances of him repeating his offences on his own children frighten me

  8. Penny says:

    This creep took my virginity when I was just 15. He was 19. A few years later I saw he was involved with a primary school friends very young sister. He initially lied to me about his name and this now makes a lot of sense. This predator obviously peruses young girls exclusively. Can I still report this?

  9. Birtinya QLD says:

    He got turned on when I told him about my past sexual trauma..

    If this doesn’t turn your stomach, not much else will.

  10. AnotherVictim says:

    I am one of his victims and I am collating women’s experiences with this sex offender. I have discovered, at this point in time, that he has at at least 9 victims. Please email about your experience with Barker. Anonymous submissions can be made via

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