The Victorian State Government  announced a reversal of laws that have allowed paedophiles to remain anonymous behind court suppression orders.It has been a long time coming but WE the public are soon to get what we have always wanted and that is protection and disclosure from the courts so these rock spiders cannot hide any more under ancient suppression orders that these animals hid under like rats, to hide and sneak around and gnaw away at our children undetected and unknown. Without doubt the other states MUST FOLLOW SUIT and change their legislation too! VICTIMS AND THE PUBLIC MUST COME BEFORE THE CRIMINAL

Judges considering suppressing publication of the identity of a sex offender will now have to place the interests of any victims first, followed by the protection of children, families and the general public. The change was about protecting the public rather than “these weak individuals” who prey on our children in the shadows.

Remember this bloke I named the other week? That is what this is all about Sex abuser wins right to suppress his name  NOT HERE he doesn’t PETER VERSI

I have a list on known and convicted paedophiles as long as my arm, many with photos of these disgusting individuals, that I have been drafting with the help of a few dedicated concerned participants of this site and via a source or two as well. I will have a dedicated section on the PAEDOPHILES, on what they did, who they are, and if known, where they live, photo and all!

If you would like to pass on information or ask a question, email ozpaedserendipity@gmail.com

  1. Georgia downes says:

    Hi Robbo
    Love your site. Just can’t find anything on Max Sica and the Singh murders. Am I missing something?

    • please contact me…I have some info for you.

    • Rashan O'Donnell says:

      This is an excellent site – Edward Vaughan Green was the guy that stuffed with our family. How he hid it from us for 17 years, well, I’m still kicking myself over it since I had a bad feeling about him when I first met him.
      I only found out when he went to prison because it was on the news and my family thought it best to let me know before I read about it. That was probably a good idea since it gave me a little time to calm down.
      I’m glad that people know who he is because I wouldn’t want to wish that bastard on anyone else’s family.

      The only thing I would like to ask though is – Is there any way of typing someone’s name in for a search or is there a list that is in alphabetic order? I can’t seem to find one. It would save a lot of searching time.

  2. joanne says:

    Great site , name and shame the sick disgusting animals ! We all have a right to know if our kids are in danger.

  3. Ambulance Victoria regional manager pleads guilty in warrnambool court this week. Now out on bail while awaiting sentencing at a later date,

  4. J says:

    John Maria Beyer, Look him up..24 victims since 1970’s in Victoria while he posed as a concerned citizen that looked after kids from broken homes. He has had two trips to prison and will be released in a few years time. I would like to see him listed on your site.

  5. Mountain Misst says:

    Robbo – Is everything in other areas okay???

  6. Nicky says:

    My 8 year old nephew tried to hang himself today thanks to his uncle that has been raping him for the past few months, these filthy discusting animals need to be named and shamed but so much more needs to be done and this website is a great beginning, thanks for doing this, i just hope more people see this website and share it with everyone

  7. Nyssa says:

    Hello, I know of a paedophile living in my community, but I’m not sure that the rest of my local neighbours know about him? How do I make the community more aware? I know of him as Steven Mitchell? He is a homeless person of about 35-50 living in the Murrumba Downs/Kallangur area of Brisbane. He was just recently sent to prison for sexual charges. And now is back in our area after ONLY 3 months? The police will do nothing about this man being around our children?

  8. Esther leon says:

    My exhusband is a convicted paeofile. He has hurt my family so much. Has been charged in QLD and re offended in WA. Has left the country to escape charges and now living a happy/wealthy life in Holland with a new wife who has been convinced I am a liar and crazy.
    I had 9 childrn to this man named ***********.
    How do i find out if he is on the sex offenders list?

  9. joanne says:

    Hi , how do i have someone added to your list so other parents can be informed ?

  10. How about a category for ALP members? Or a political one?

  11. Amber says:

    Hi serendipity, I’m a psychologist practising in Sydney and many of my clients are adults with child sexual abuse histories. I wanted to say that I am very happy that you have created this website and will be passing it into my clients, friends, and my colleagues so they too can inform their clients. Good on you for being brave and determined 🙂

  12. Annie Warwick says:

    Have just found this site. Thank you . I was looking up Dennis Michael Stewart and found this .well done , hope this continues to grow . My daughters is a surviving victim by ANOTHER mongrel , he got off. Are we allowed to name him?

  13. Kay says:

    Great to see the work you are doing. I know of someone who you might like to add to the register – he featured on an ‘Australian story” and abused his nephew.

  14. charles says:

    hi, name and shame is terrific, the public has a right to know where these scum bags are. the government needs to do more to protect the children. back ground checks are a joke, pedophiles change their names regularly. there is no truth in sentencing. in nsw when convicted to jail time the pedophile is given work release, there is no deterrent there. in vic they dont even go to jail, there is a motel type of accommodation, no guard or locks they can come and go as they please. the sentences are to short, no deterrent to not repeat offend.

  15. Steve says:

    Hi all,

    Love the work being done here bringing those in the community into full view that would be otherwise be possibly hidden. The public does have a right to know and we have to protect our children.

    Having said that your site does not have a ‘Contact Us’ that I have found as I am interested on what the definition of a “paedophile” really is and what criteria do you have to fulfil to be shamed on your site.

    Any response appreciated as I am currently writing a thesis for my psychology major.



  16. Dale Broderick says:

    I just stumbled onto your amazing site! Thank you for helping to protect our children from this animals.

  17. Sharky says:

    Any news on Peter Pryse, have heard he is back in jail, doing time at Ararat ?

  18. Bear says:

    How can i name and shame a child molesterer when the police can’t charge him coz his victim is autistic. Don’t want any legal come backs on his family???

  19. Simone says:

    How do I add paedophiles??? Name and shame them all… Good on you doing this, these scum have no rights to oxygen, they are oxygen thieves.

  20. Simone says:

    How can I help???

  21. Jon Doe says:

    Without a doubt at least 1 in 50 males is sexually attracted to minors. Do the math on that and you soon see the scale of the problem. Only a small fraction of them actually offend, the rest hide behind sham marriages or live alone. In either case it is a life without love or purpose, so lonely…

    It should be clear that this sexuality is not a choice, abusing a child however is. Sadly our society cannot comprehend the difference which keeps this problem under wraps and results in silent victims. Perhaps in time we will come to accept that this is not a choice thing and allow the subject to be discussed freely without fear.

    While all paedophiles are subjected to a barrage of hate the problem will continue unabated. Sure, it is right to name those that abuse, but do not tar them all with the same brush.

  22. Michaela says:

    Hi is there any news on Peter Pryce from Bendigo?

  23. robbie says:

    i had 4 abusers when i was young. one is dead, thank christ. and now the remaining 3 are going through the court system. RODERICK ALEXANDER FINCH who has admitted to abusing me and another boy gets sentenced in the perth district court on january 30 2014

  24. April Hall says:

    Hi there, My abuser is on your site here Raymond Edward Barnard, he was released over a week ago in South Australia. I have been trying to obtain a photo to post on facebook, but have come up with nothing. I have contacted the correction office who cannot give me one. I have written to Derryn Hinch and have contacted the police yet to hear back. Is there anything else I can do to get a photo of this sewage dwelling scum to expose who he is to the community to protect our children? He is a repeat offender and went to jail in 1993 and has been offending since 1957. Why should these monsters have the right to privacy? Makes me sick that they are protected like they have done nothing wrong. My other abusers got away with what they took from me, and I want to expose these evil, perverted and sick bastards for what they are. Thank you so much for your site…

    • Serendipity says:

      You could try contacting a SA reporter to do a story (as he is a long time / repeat offender) & hope they get a recent photo or try posting a comment on his page & ask if anyone reading it has one.

  25. Sylvia says:

    Do you haven a face book page ? Thank you for what your doing I have emailed you about a convicted offender that I would love for you to post please let me know what more you need I was so over whelmed that we can finally name him and shame him so our laws make us the victims feel like its a dirty secret just like the scum do that I cried while trying to write the email . Once again on behalf of all the parents thank you , my daughter is now 18 and she wants to scream his name out and tell the world who he is thank you for giving her her greats wish she always says to me “mum Never the victim always the fighter ” that’s her saying .

  26. April Hall says:

    Hi Serendipity.. I will certainly do that if have no luck elsewhere as I know P.I’s can be expensive. Thank you so much for your help…

  27. melissa horner says:

    can you please contact me, this would be relating to an incident 14 years ago and this man should be named and shamed as he is now trying to make a positive name for himself disregarding his indisrections. its disgusting.

  28. rohnda says:

    so your just putting up names with out pictures ?? i`ve been in the legal game for 9 years, that is a good way to get your self in trouble. pitty if there two people with the same names in the same town and only one of them is a pedo …in fact you are in the process of being take to court for defamation

  29. Cathy Caddis says:

    Would love for you to contact me i’m involved in rallies petitioning the SA gov and Aus gov for a register of sex offenders and changes to our child protection laws
    thank you
    Cathy Caddis

  30. Amy Gentle says:

    Wondering if anyone can help. Back in the late 90’s I was seeing a man, my daughter liked him at first, then started saying things that sounded a little off. I ended the relationship, I found out about 5 years later that he had married another single mother, taken photos of her child and was arrested in that big internet child porn ring. He served 2 or 3 years in Jail. I am about to get married and was researching wedding photographers, and there he was. He is a professional photographer now! , he is in Victoria. He also seems to be dating a nice woman. Should he be outed? How can this be done? I don’t know if I can just walk away while there is even a chance he may do this again.

  31. Bert Kokshoorn says:

    Hi there, this is my first time here, was wondering if you could help me with a question I can’t find an answer to on google and came across this site. Can you please tell me Is a convicted Paedophile that is on the sex offenders register for life allowed to have and use a Facebook account? I know this lowlife who has poster something that just doesn’t sit well with me. I contacted the Federal Police about a week or so ago and haven’t heard nothing!

  32. Aylin says:

    Hi, I am currently doing an honours law thesis in relation to suppression order laws and in support of the identities of these sick people being released to the community. I would love to get in contact with you to discuss some of the questions I have if you are willing to assist. I think the more we all come together and fight for this the closer we will get to a national reform across all jurisdictions in Australia. I hope to hear from you soon.

  33. Hi there,
    I am a victim of Child sexual abuse. Last Saturday evening I was invited to be the guest speaker at the bi-annual Bravehearts Police Charity Ball. I gave a speech which essentially told my story…yet left a message of hope and encouragement to the sea of silent victims out there. I have now posted the video of this on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. My aim is to get this message of encouragement and hope out to as many victims of Child Sexual Abuse as possible to help bring about more awareness of CSA and create as much change for good as possible from what was a very bad time. Please help by sharing amongst your family, friends and colleagues.

    • Serendipity says:

      Thank you Kevin. I have copied your comment unto the post about him & have also shared it on our Facebook page. I would also like to thank you for speaking up & helping to brake the silence.

  34. joe says:

    hi I have been searching for any information on Gerald Mahoney, once a teacher at de la salle Revesby, he was arrested and charged with several sex related offences against children. now some how he is listed on the “rate your teacher” site as retired and has a high score ( https://au.ratemyteachers.com/gerald-mahoney/33214-t
    I cannot find any other information relating to this guy , was he found guilty, did he serve time, as far as I know he still lives in Peakhurst and his house is about 80 metres from a school,

  35. Richard Ferguson says:

    Is there a place or website I can go and print out that a person was convicted of a sexual crime in 2010-2011 in NSW ?
    I’ve spoken with the police detective who did the case, but they said that they were not able to printout the list with their name on it.
    They got a 2 years suspended sentence and they are now on the sexual offended list for 15 years at Parramatta court, and I would like to know how to ‘prove’ that they were convicted ?

  36. Julie Richards says:

    Can you publish David Chalmers


    David Chalmers was released early.

  37. andy says:

    hi cant say to much looking for info on a Dennis lynch he was in mako but cant find him anymore it is important so anything will help

  38. Karmen Louise Kurtzman says:

    Looking for information on child rapest Peter Emmet cass ……i need to understand how this man works so I can understand what he put my fiancee thru as a child…….

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