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Location:   Waverley  –  TAS

Offence:    Found guilty on two counts of maintaining a sexual relationship with a person under 17,  guilty of committing an indecent act with a person under 17 years and guilty of indecent assault & guilty of an indecent act, which related to grabbing a boy’s hand and placing it on his penis.

Sentence:  Sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years 6 months from 15 February 2007 and it is ordered that he is not to be eligible for parole until he has served 1 year 9 months of that imprisonment.

Other:   Edwards would bribe the children with treats such as McDonald’s food, showbags, teddies and cigarettes in return for oral sex and fondling.

Edwards pleaded guilty to two counts of loitering near children in 2013.. He was arrested after loitering near children on two occasions at Low Head the previous November.



Antony Brown

Posted: October 24, 2016 by Serendipity in Tasmania
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Man who downloaded 37,000 child porn images says he did not view them, asks not to be jailed

Posted 30 Aug 2016, 6:31am

The lawyer for a Hobart man who downloaded 37,000 child pornography images has called for him to be spared a prison term.

Antony Brown, formerly of Brighton, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Hobart to accessing and possessing the images between December 2012 and March 2015.

His lawyer Chris Gunson SC told the court the 68-year-old kept the hard drive in a cupboard for two and a half years and did not view the images.

Mr Gunson said his client was not part of a child exploitation group, and had been searching for adult pornography when he found the material online.

“Mr Brown was not just searching for child pornography … it came about by accident and then it was curiosity,” he said.

“He was not – for want of a better phrase – part of a paedophile ring … [and] it’s not suggested he took any steps to groom children of any age or was part of any chat rooms.”

Mr Gunson said it would be an imposition for the court to impose a prison term on his client, who was a UK citizen and would likely be forced to return there after he was sentenced.

“The consequences for someone who moved to Australia at 13, who’s lived almost his whole life as an Australian … to return to the United Kingdom will be an extraordinarily disruptive punishment to himself and his family,” he said.

“It will require Mr Brown to effectively start his life again.”

But Justice Michael Brett said although there were few images, some of them were of the worst category, involving the abuse of at least one infant, and it was in part irrelevant that Brown had not gone on to view the abuse.

“I would regard possession of those matters as a significantly aggravating factor,” Justice Brett said.

“It makes possession and access of that one item a serious matter.”

Mr Gunson told the court it was “a real sign of remorse” that Brown had taken voluntary steps to relocate back to the UK and avoid the cost of official deportation to taxpayers.

But Prosecutor Jackie Hartnett said moving to the other side of the world would allow Brown to “save face” and should not be viewed as a mitigating factor.

“When you start afresh in the UK, you’re not the person found with child exploitation material, you’re the new man on the block,” she said.

Ms Hartnett said if Brown’s home had been broken into and the hard drive stolen, there was no protection against the images entering the broader market and leading to further exploitation.

He will be sentenced at a date to be set.


Man jailed for 13,000 child-porn images

A MAN police caught with more than 13,000 child pornography images has been jailed.

In the Supreme Court, in Burnie, on Thursday, Aaron Luke Dooley was sentenced to 10 months’ jail, with six months of that suspended on condition he commit no offence punishable by jail for three years.

Chief Justice Alan Blow also ordered Dooley be placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years and imposed an 18-month probation order.

Dooley had told a probation officer he had no current sexual interest in children, and had been unable to explain why he had the images, the judge said.

Dooley had pleaded guilty to possessing, accessing and distributing child-exploitation material.

Justice Blow said Dooley had admitted he had been downloading and looking at the material for two years.

Of the images, more than 13,000 were of children in sexually suggestive poses and some other images were in more serious categories.

Accessing and possessing such material was treated very seriously, the judge said, because of the terrible harm which was done to sexually abused children.

Dooley distributed some of the material via internet chat rooms to people he did not know.


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Adam Charles Jose - Photo5

Dance teacher Adam Jose sentenced to five years’ jail for sexually abusing students

Posted 7 Dec 2015, 4:13pm

A former Hobart dance teacher has been sentenced to five years’ jail for maintaining sexual relationships with two female students who were under 17.

Adam Charles Jose will not be eligible for parole until after he has served two-and-a-half years of the sentence and his name is added to the register of sex offenders.

In October, Jose pleaded guilty to child sex offences relating to two of his students.

He had sexual intercourse with one between 2000 and 2003 and performed sex acts with the other between 2012 and 2013.

Justice Robert Pearce said both the girls were impressionable and vulnerable and Jose was in a position to exercise extreme control and dominance over them.

The court heard the 40-year-old had lost his business and his career was over, but Justice Pearce said Jose had brought it upon himself.


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Chat line hook-up ends in rape of girl, man jailed

A HOBART man who raped a teenage girl he met through a phone chat service has been jailed for more than three years.

Mark Anthony Fox, 26, of Berriedale, climbed out of his bedroom window while his fiancee was sleeping to meet up with the 15-year-old girl on November 9 last year.

The Supreme Court in Hobart heard the girl regularly used the mobile phone chat service, which allows users to send text messages to strangers.

She and Fox chatted via text for a few days and the girl invited him to meet her at her friend’s house at Moonah.

He arrived at the house about 1.30am and the court heard it would have been immediately obvious that the diminutive girl was only 15.

They had a conversation in the loungeroom and the girl then asked Fox to leave, saying she was tired.

He either did not hear or ignored her and stayed where he was.

When the girl got into bed on a mattress on the floor Fox joined her and raped her.

The court heard the girl froze because of past sexual abuse she had endured, but when it was over she ran to her friend’s room.

Fox left before police were called and later denied everything.

His fiancee initially gave Fox an alibi, but she later admitted to police that she had woken up about 2.30am to find Fox missing.

The woman is expecting Fox’s child soon and remains on good terms with him.

Fox pleaded guilty to rape earlier this week.

Justice David Porter said Fox chose to do what he wanted without any regard or care for the wishes of his “vulnerable” young victim.

She suffered bruising to her neck where Fox bit her.

“At the time she was suffering from depression because of the previous sexual abuse and was prone to self-harm,” Justice Porter said.

“This incident has made things worse for her.”

Fox was sentenced to three years and three months in jail but will be able to apply for parole after 20 months.


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Rapson – David Edwin - Photo5

Paedophile priest David Rapson jailed for sexual abuse of schoolboys at Catholic boarding school

Updated 25 minutes ago

Paedophile priest David Rapson has been sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison for the rape and indecent assault of six boys in Victoria during the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

The Melbourne County Court heard the boys were as young as 11 or 12 when Rapson abused them at the Catholic boarding school he taught at.

The judge described Rapson as a “sexual predator seeking sexual fulfilment at the expense of young boys”.

He said Rapson displayed “cruelty and violence bordering on being sadistic”.

Rapson will be eligible for parole in 2023.

One of Rapson’s victims, who wanted to only be known as his first name Ben, said the verdict represented closure for him.

“I’m glad it’s finally over. It’s taken a big toll on us all and hopefully it’s the last of it and we can move on as best we can,” he said.

“It’s impacted my life in a big way – crime, drug abuse, things like that – and because he held the position he held in the church I couldn’t tell my parents or anyone like that what happened until probably four years ago.

“He’s just a sadist, a disgusting person and human being.”

Retrial follows miscarriage of justice

The former priest was jailed last year for 13 years for the abuse of eight boys, but the Victorian Court of Appeal quashed those convictions on the grounds that the charges should have been prosecuted separately.

There were eight complainants heard in a single trial, but the DPP acknowledged that significant parts of the evidence were not “cross-admissible”, or able to be heard by the same jury fairly.

The DPP said this prevented Rapson from receiving a fair trial.

Rapson faced fresh trials in the Victorian County Court, after prosecutor Peter Kidd SC told the appeal court he should face three separate trials on the charges.

But Rapson’s barrister Paul Holdenson QC argued there should be separate trials for each of the eight victims.

The retrial covered the abuse of six victims.


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Phillip Kevin Baldock: Man who raped elderly woman has jail sentence reduced on appeal

Updated about 6 hours ago

A 43-year-old Tasmanian man who raped an elderly woman two years ago has won an appeal to have his jail term reduced by three years.

Phillip Kevin Baldock of Burnie was sentenced to nine years in jail after pleading guilty to raping a woman aged in her 80s.

The Court of Criminal Appeal agreed the crime had a significant impact on the woman and her family and she is now living in an aged care home as she was unable to return to her house.

The court heard Baldock was drunk when he made the decision to enter the woman’s property with the purpose of raping her.

But the three Supreme Court judges found the sentence was manifestly excessive because it was far beyond the range for similar crimes.

They also noted Baldock had been placed into foster care at the age of five.

Baldock was ordered to serve six years with a non-parole period of four years.

Judge jails Tasmanian man Kevin Baldock for nine years for ‘horrific’ rape of elderly woman

Updated 11 Dec 2013, 11:54am

A Tasmanian man who raped an elderly woman in her home has been sentenced to nine years in jail.

Phillip Kevin Baldock, 43, pleaded guilty to raping the 81-year-old on her back porch in July.

Justice Blow said it was a horrific crime which required a very substantial prison sentence.

He said Baldock was drunk at the time. He had low intelligence and little insight into the consequences of his attack on the woman, who feared for her life.

She had not been able to return to her home of more than 40 years.

Baldock also pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary.

Justice Blow sentenced Baldock to nine years jail, with a five and a half year non-parole period.

He also activated a 12 month suspended sentence Baldock received for previous offences.


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