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Reynolds was sentenced in the Victorian County Court after pleading guilty to 42 indecent assault charges.

He was jailed for 12 years and must serve at least nine before being eligible for release on parole.

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Age:  77  ( 2018 )

Location:   North East primary schools, Primary schools in the Ballarat region,  Victoria

Offence:    101 charges were against Reynolds. He plead guilty to 41 charges in the Wodonga Magistrates Court, with the remaining charges being dropped.

Sentence:  TBA

Other:   Has previous convictions.  See below.




Child porn teacher in mental prison: magistrate

29/07/2009 12:00:00 AM

A FORMER Beechworth teacher involved with child pornography has avoided a stint in jail with a magistrate yesterday saying the sex offender was in a mental prison after being shunned by his community.

Ronald Hayes was convicted and given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, on a charge of transmitting child pornography, while also receiving an 18-month community-based order for production and possession of child pornography.

The former Beechworth Secondary College teacher, who had worked in Myrtleford, Rutherglen and Wangaratta as well, will have to undergo a sex offenders’ program and has been put on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Magistrate Reg Marron disagreed with the prosecution’s argument that jailing Hayes would assist in providing a general deterrent to the community.

“The four walls of his prison is what has been created by himself,” Mr Marron said.

“He will be shunned by the community in which he existed.”

Hayes was sentenced over the charges in the Shepparton Magistrates Court yesterday.

That was after a plea hearing in the same court last Thursday heard he had exchanged 6520 pornographic images and sent 2859 explicit pictures.

The pictures were mostly of males aged about 15, between 2006 and 2008.

He was caught by police after a complaint from the operator of a German internet site, with Interpol then alerting Australian authorities.

Police arrested him in May last year and he was then stood down by Beechworth Secondary College.

Mr Marron said Hayes was living a “parallel existence” with his family and teaching colleagues knowing nothing about his pornography habits.

He said these habits involved Hayes taking part in chatrooms and making generally “bland responses” about the images.

The magistrate added that Hayes appeared to operate in a “tiny, tight cell” with his internet activity but once it had been revealed he had lost his career and suffered personally, financially and emotionally.

Mr Marron said Hayes’ crime was not victimless, because those in the images were likely to be “ticking time bombs” with the sexual abuse they had suffered leading to difficulty maintaining relationships, fractured lives and a “great distrust” of adults because of the exploitation involved.

He said those in the pictures were probably from the Third World and unaware of how their image was being used.

Hayes, who has been living in northern NSW and receiving welfare benefits, plans to move to Melbourne to meet the demands of the sex offenders’ course.

He will not be allowed to work with children again.

North East teacher’s child porn shame

24/07/2009 9:06:00 AM

A FORMER Beechworth secondary school teacher caught through international links to child pornography was involved in what a police officer yesterday described as “prolonged activity in an abhorrent crime”.

Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Wayne Taylor called for a jail term to be imposed on Ronald Hayes, who has lost his teaching career and faces the remainder of his life on the sex offender’s register.

Hayes, 52, a long-time teacher in the North East, appeared for sentence in Shepparton Magistrate’s Court on charges of possessing, transmitting and making child pornography.

Magistrate Reg Marron was told in tendered police facts that Hayes was caught through a complaint from a German internet site to police which led to involvement by Interpol and notification to the Australian Federal Police and Victoria’s sexual crimes squad.

Hayes was identified as accessing the internet sites and downloading child pornography images.

It was discovered that a total of 6520 images had been exchanged by him, with 2859 sent by Hayes to different receivers.

Sites had been accessed by Hayes between 2006 and last year.

“There is no suggestion he has paid for any of the images,” Sen-Constable Taylor said.

Hayes was stood down from Beechworth Secondary College last year after police executed a search warrant and found pornography before arresting him in May last year.

Melbourne barrister Marcus Dempsey, for Hayes, said it was clear none of the images had been archived with much of the material found by police computer experts in a trash folder.

Mr Dempsey said Hayes had to make copies of files to transmit them and the transmission was over a short period of time.

The focus of the images was males aged about 15 years, but others were younger.

“He is psychologically overwhelmed by his present situation,” Mr Dempsey said.

Mr Dempsey said he conceded it was serious offending with the number of images, the content of them and their transmission.

Sen-Constable Taylor said the Victorian Government in 2000 increased the penalty for possessing child pornography from two years’ jail to five years, with Attorney-General Rob Hulls saying there was a commitment to protect children.

“This is not a case of mere idle curiosity,” Sen-Constable Taylor said.

“The sense of violation in the community cannot be underestimated.”


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