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Antony Brown

Posted: October 24, 2016 by Serendipity in Tasmania
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Man who downloaded 37,000 child porn images says he did not view them, asks not to be jailed

Posted 30 Aug 2016, 6:31am

The lawyer for a Hobart man who downloaded 37,000 child pornography images has called for him to be spared a prison term.

Antony Brown, formerly of Brighton, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Hobart to accessing and possessing the images between December 2012 and March 2015.

His lawyer Chris Gunson SC told the court the 68-year-old kept the hard drive in a cupboard for two and a half years and did not view the images.

Mr Gunson said his client was not part of a child exploitation group, and had been searching for adult pornography when he found the material online.

“Mr Brown was not just searching for child pornography … it came about by accident and then it was curiosity,” he said.

“He was not – for want of a better phrase – part of a paedophile ring … [and] it’s not suggested he took any steps to groom children of any age or was part of any chat rooms.”

Mr Gunson said it would be an imposition for the court to impose a prison term on his client, who was a UK citizen and would likely be forced to return there after he was sentenced.

“The consequences for someone who moved to Australia at 13, who’s lived almost his whole life as an Australian … to return to the United Kingdom will be an extraordinarily disruptive punishment to himself and his family,” he said.

“It will require Mr Brown to effectively start his life again.”

But Justice Michael Brett said although there were few images, some of them were of the worst category, involving the abuse of at least one infant, and it was in part irrelevant that Brown had not gone on to view the abuse.

“I would regard possession of those matters as a significantly aggravating factor,” Justice Brett said.

“It makes possession and access of that one item a serious matter.”

Mr Gunson told the court it was “a real sign of remorse” that Brown had taken voluntary steps to relocate back to the UK and avoid the cost of official deportation to taxpayers.

But Prosecutor Jackie Hartnett said moving to the other side of the world would allow Brown to “save face” and should not be viewed as a mitigating factor.

“When you start afresh in the UK, you’re not the person found with child exploitation material, you’re the new man on the block,” she said.

Ms Hartnett said if Brown’s home had been broken into and the hard drive stolen, there was no protection against the images entering the broader market and leading to further exploitation.

He will be sentenced at a date to be set.




Cooper - Simon Mitchell - Photo.

Ex Vic magistrate must pay for crime

March 5, 2015, 11:29 am

A former Melbourne magistrate who indecently assaulted two teenage boys in the 1980s has been ordered to pay one of his victims more than $70,000 compensation.

Simon Mitchell Cooper, 57, in 2013 pleaded guilty to seven counts of indecent assault and was handed a suspended three-year jail term for his crimes committed in the 1980s.

One of his victims, who cannot be named, filed an application for compensation, saying he needed ongoing treatment for the psychological damage he suffered as a result of the attacks.

The victim, who was aged between 17 and 18 at the time of the assaults, said he had suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and a major depressive disorder.

Victorian County Court Judge Christopher O’Neill ordered Cooper to pay the victim $65,000 for pain and suffering, plus $2772 for past treatment and $6220 for future treatment.

Speaking outside the court on Thursday, the victim said the good thing about the result was the exposure gave other victims the belief to step forward.

“This will send another sign to the community that everybody should have confidence in the system, the judges, the courts, the police, to step forward and just tell their truth,” the victim said.

“There’s nothing to be scared about.

“For me, unfortunately, I’ve kept this inside for 35 years and I’m paying that price.”

Cooper, a former criminal prosecutor, became a magistrate in February 2012 but resigned following his arrest in 2013.


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Paedophile sexually abused mate’s disabled son

  • Geelong Advertiser
  • May 21, 201412:09AM

A 70-YEAR-OLD paedophile who betrayed the trust of a friend and sexually abused the man’s disabled son, has been jailed.

Stewart Emerson Brown, formerly of Featherby Way in Altona Meadows, has also been placed on the sex offenders register for 15 years.

Brown pleaded guilty yesterday to committing an indecent act with a child under 16.

The Geelong Magistrates Court heard Brown was also awaiting sentence in the County Court after pleading guilty to multiple counts of indecently assaulting a young brother and sister between 1973 and 1975.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Siobhan Daly said the latest offending began after Brown befriended the victim’s father.

“The father wanted to keep working each alternate weekend while at the same time maintaining access to his son,” Sen-Constable Daly said.

“Brown stepped in and would travel to Geelong, stay overnight and look after the victim while the boy’s father was working.”

The prosecutor said that on March 7, 2013, the victim and accused were sitting on the couch when Brown started touching the boy.

“This became a regular occurrence whenever Brown looked after the victim,” Sen-Constable Daly said.

The prosecutor said police were contacted after the boy told his mother and she informed his father.

Sen-Constable Daly said that, when interviewed, Brown vehemently denied the allegations and only changed his plea 10 days before the matter was listed for contested hearing.

She said that in October 1995, Brown fronted Dandenong court charged with indecently assaulting three children aged between five and 11 at Brighton in 1977.

“He also appeared in Prahran court in December 1987, charged with indecently assaulting another three children,” she said.

Stewart Anger, for Brown, said his client was adamant he would never put himself in the company of children again.

Magistrate Gerard Lethbridge said Brown had disturbing priors. He convicted Brown and sentenced him to 18 months jail with a non-parole period of 12 months.


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16 Dec 2014 – 7:44pm

Vic pedophile priest to walk free in weeks

An 88-year-old Catholic priest who sexually abused an alter boy in Melbourne in the 1970s will walk free from jail within weeks, after successfully appealing the length of his sentence.

The now-retired priest, James Henry Scannell, had served 138 days of his two year sentence when the Victorian Court of Appeal reduced his jail time to 15 months, with 10 months of this suspended.

Scannell was found guilty of a single charge of buggery by a Victorian County Court jury in July, and he continues to deny committing the assault.

The joint ruling by Justices Mark Weinberg, Phillip Priest, Lex Lasry on Tuesday rejected Scannell’s bid to have his conviction overturned but did allow a reduction in his prison term.

Scannell’s was originally required him to serve at least 12 months before being eligible for parole.

Under the reduced sentence, he will be released within weeks.

Scannell committed the abuse during a sexual education lesson more than 40 years ago.

He was asked by a long-time friend and member of his East Kew parish to discuss puberty with the boy.

Instead, Scannell, wearing only a dressing gown, led the boy into his bedroom, stripped him naked and sexually abused him.

The victim came forward in 2010 when he learnt Scannell was to conduct his aunt’s funeral.

Victorian Catholic priest, 88, jailed for two years for raping boy

By court reporter Peta Carlyon

Thu 7 Aug 2014, 3:55pm

An 88-year-old Victorian Catholic priest has been sentenced to two years in jail for raping a boy more than 40 years ago.

James Scannell was convicted in the Victorian County Court of one charge of raping the 12-year-old while he was working in Kew in the early 1970s.

The court heard that Scannell had always denied the offence and had shown no remorse.

The priest suffered from a series of serious health problems, including a heart condition and cancer, the court heard.

Scannell joined the church as a Marist Brother in 1945 and served as a priest for almost 50 years, working in parishes around Melbourne, including Warburton, Brighton, Flemington and Geelong.

His lawyer told the court his client dedicated his life to serving the community and had set up an important education program for autistic children.

But Judge David Parsons said Scannell was guilty of a serious breach of trust and that he had no choice but to sentence the elderly priest to an immediate term of imprisonment.

Although Scannell was suspended last year, the church had yet to revoke his religious orders.

His credentials for working with children were only revoked last year.

Bernard Barrett, a representative from victims’ advocacy group Broken Rites, said Scannell’s victim had waited a long time for justice.

“The guilty parties covered this up all these years,” he said.

Dr Barrett said the conviction raised serious questions about whether the Melbourne Archdiocese knew about Scannell’s offending and what they would do in response to his jailing.

“[Scannell] has been a priest in the Melbourne Archdiocese for 50 years, including working with disabled children,” Dr Barrett said.

“Questions need to be asked of the Melbourne Archdiocese about how and why this sort of thing could have happened and how it’s taken all these years for it to come out.

“Why is it that victims always feel as though they must remain silent, when the offender is a priest or some sort of church person?

“He’s still listed in the current edition of the Annual Australian Catholic Directory, as Reverend Father Scannell, past or emeritus, a distinguished priest.”

Scannell will be eligible for parole in 12 months.


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Picture: Martin Jacka Source: The Advertiser

Picture: Martin Jacka    Source: The Advertiser

District Court of South Australia set to return seized treasures to paedophile Peter Liddy

  • by: Chief Court Reporter Sean Fewster
  • From: adelaidenow
  • March 06, 2013 11:38AM

INFAMOUS paedophile and former magistrate Peter Liddy is set to regain the remains of his $1.3 million fortune – despite his victims receiving just $10,000 compensation.

SA Police today asked the District Court to draft orders allowing it to release rare coins, firearms and maritime artefacts from its evidence lockers.

Those items, once collected by Liddy, were seized by police during the investigation and prosecution of his horrid crimes against children.

Because they were in police care, the items were exempt from compensation claims made by Liddy’s victims.

Now they are considered to be “lost and unclaimed” goods that, by law, should be returned to their original owner.

Liddy, 63, abused junior lifesavers between 1983 and 1986 while serving as a magistrate and is serving a 25-year term in Mount Gambier Prison.

A freezing order was placed on his $1.3 million estate – he was, however, allowed to access his money to pay legal costs.

In 2002, The Advertiser reported the fortune had been reduced to $317,000.

By 2007 it had dwindled to $30,000 and by 2010 it was valued at just $15,000.

Meanwhile, a six-way war broke out in the District Court over ownership of Liddy’s 2000-piece collection of mementos.

Convicted fraudster Terry Stephens – who bought Liddy’s mansion, Shenandoah, in 2002 – and the company liquidating Stephens’ former business, staked claims.

So did three men who claimed they bought Liddy’s antique weapons, and the State and Federal Governments.

At the time, Liddy sent a letter to the court saying he had no interest in joining the dispute.

In 2009, Judge Julie McIntyre gave the guns to the men.

Items including silver coins and a knife handle from Dutch shipwrecks in Australian waters were given to the Heritage Department.

Judge McIntyre ordered other property remain in police custody until the victims’ compensation claims against Liddy were resolved.

In 2011, Liddy won a permanent stay of a second trial, on charges of sexually assaulting boys at Adelaide beaches between 1969 and 1983.

The Advertiser subsequently revealed Liddy’s victims were ineligible for the maximum $50,000 Criminal Injuries Compensation pay-out.

Because they were abused in the 1980s, the men were entitled only to the $10,000 maximum applicable at that time.

Commissioner for Victim’s Rights Michael O’Connell intervened in the matter to help the victims gain as much compensation as possible.

Today, Judge McIntyre was told all of the victims’ claims had been settled.

She heard three parties continued to dispute possession of the remainder of the fortune.

SA Police wanted to release all items, the Federal Government wanted the maritime artefacts and Channel 7 wanted 25 of the items.

Peter Campbell, for the network, said those items were uncovered not by police investigators, but by Channel 7 reporters.

“We are seeking these items not for Channel 7, but for the victims themselves,” he said.

“Our intention is to bring them back together in order to make them available to the victims as (further) compensation.”

Judge McIntyre said the court had received a letter from Liddy, saying he wanted the items back.

Mr Campbell said that was unacceptable.

“The timing is certainly convenient,” he said.

“Having staved off prosecution and starved the victims out of compensation, he now says he wouldn’t mind having the items back.”

Judge McIntyre said there was a “clear need” for a further hearing, and adjourned the case until next month.

Convicted paedophile Peter Liddy’s victims win compensation

  • Court Reporter Andrew Dowdell
  • AdelaideNow
  • July 25, 2012 9:30PM

ONE of the state’s longest-running legal sagas has ended, with lawyers for paedophile magistrate Peter Liddy agreeing to compensation payouts for his victims.

Liddy’s victims lodged compensation claims in 2001 and have watched as his fortune dwindled from $1.3 million to just $15,000 by June 2010, because of legal fees associated with his criminal trial and appeal.

Two victims and five other men who claimed to have been abused by Liddy will be awarded undisclosed damages after the settlement in the District Court earlier this month.

Liddy, 63, is serving a 25-year sentence, one of the biggest sentences imposed for paedophilia in the state’s history.

The victims were entitled to just $10,000 in criminal injuries compensation because the offences occurred in the 1980s, before laws changed allowing a maximum of $50,000 for similar compensation.

Commissioner for Victims Rights Michael O’Connell acted as an intermediary between the parties to help achieve a resolution to the long-running case.

Mr O’Connell said the victims were frustrated or angry that the civil case took more than a decade to resolve.

“Some felt that the delay added further to their sense of injustice,” Mr O’Connell said.

Mr O’Connell’s intervention helped lead to the Attorney-General exercising discretion and approving ex gratia payments to each victim.

“Furthermore, as Commissioner, given how exceptional these cases are and the need to finalise them, I paid the lawyers’ fees that the victims owed for the civil prosecutions and some of the costs associated with the victim-compensation claims,” Mr O’Connell said.

Tim Bourne, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, said all were pleased it was over.

In June 2010, Liddy won a permanent stay of a second trial on charges of sexually assaulting boys at Adelaide beaches between 1969 and 1983 when he was in charge of boys involved in surf lifesaving clubs.

Paedophile Peter Liddy fears prison attack

  • by: Andrew Dowdell
  • From: Sunday Mail (SA)
  • December 10, 2011 10:00PM

FOR 10 years he has been alone with his thoughts in a windowless cell without a single visitor.

But now, disgraced paedophile magistrate Peter Liddy is “terrified” he will be attacked by fellow inmates after prison authorities moved him from solitary confinement in the state’s highest security wing to Mt Gambier’s jail.

Liddy, who is less than halfway through serving a 25-year prison term for child sex offences in the 1980s, was last month transferred from Yatala Labour Prison’s notorious G Division – where he spent more than a decade in isolation.

The former magistrate (pictured) sought and received a protection order under the Correctional Services Act when he was jailed in 2001, and has consistently resisted moves to integrate him with other inmates.

However, the protection order was revoked by the Corrections Department last month, leading to Liddy’s transfer.

Department chief executive Peter Severin declined to comment on whether the move had been made against the paedophile’s wishes.

“G Division is the state’s maximum security unit and prisoner placement in that unit is regularly reviewed,” Mr Severin said.

“Prisoner Liddy has been assessed as suitable to be placed in another location which is consistent with his assessed risk and needs.”

Sources say Liddy, 66, is “terrified” that he will be forced into contact with other prisoners inside the Mt Gambier prison, where he is still segregated from other inmates.

During court hearings last year to have further child-sex charges against him permanently stayed, Liddy’s lawyers outlined the impact which a decade in solitary confinement had wrought on their client.

He was diagnosed with sensory deprivation syndrome and a dementia syndrome of depression from years of noise inside G Division, which has inmates considered at risk of harm from themselves or others, as well as others deemed too dangerous to be in the general population.

Liddy was among the longest-serving inmates in G Division, behind convicted murderer Michael Barry Fyfe, who has spent almost 15 years in solitary confinement.

Other than his lawyers, the court heard Liddy had never had a visitor.

Liddy spent up to 23 hours a day alone in his 3m x 2m concrete cell with no window and performed duties in the prison laundry.

Judge Kevin Nicholson, when ruling that further child sex allegations from the 1960s to 1980s should be permanently stayed, said that Liddy was the target of abuse from other prisoners who passed by his cell or the laundry while he was working.

“He is consistently reviled by all prisoners with whom he has indirect contact and frequently is the subject of significant verbal abuse and intimidation including death threats,” Judge Nicholson found.

A source told the Sunday Mail  the former magistrate should not be exposed to other inmates because there was a line-up in the prison system to “be the first to get to Liddy”.

Liddy’s health and mental state have deteriorated markedly since his imprisonment after being convicted of five counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a child under 12, four counts of indecent assault and one count of attempting to bribe one of his victims into not giving evidence.

The former magistrate committed the offences against nippers at the Brighton Surf Lifesaving club in the mid 1980s.

Further alleged victims came forward over offences allegedly committed between 1969 and 1983 – offences which fell outside the former statute of limitations for sex offences before it was abolished by the State Government.

Liddy will be eligible to apply for parole in 2019 and will complete his sentence in 2026 – when he will be 81.

Liddy did study on child sex

  • From: The Advertiser
  • September 25, 2010 12:01am

PAEDOPHILE magistrate Peter Liddy forensically studied cases of child sex abuse while perpetrating deviant acts against young boys, it can be revealed.

The Advertiser  has learnt Liddy, who is serving a 25-year jail sentence for sexually abusing young surf lifesavers, wrote an extensive report for a criminological journal detailing his findings.

Lengthy excerpts from the report were published in September 1978, when Liddy was the magistrate for the South Coast, including Victor Harbor, where he raped boys.

Liddy, who described himself in the report as Australia’s youngest criminologist, said it was the first attempt to research the extent of child sex abuse in SA.

The study involved the detailed examination of 60 men who had been convicted of 124 child-sex offences against 94 boys over a five-year period – and what the sexual activity involved.

“Every conceivable variety of assault was performed on the children,” it said.

Liddy examined where the sex occurred, finding that most took place at the offenders’ homes. Liddy also gathered information on the age, marital status, place of birth, occupation, education and criminal history of each of the paedophiles.

He studied their relationships with their victims, with a particular focus on the ages of the children and how they were groomed for sex, with some allegedly being “willing” participants.

“The finding that a majority of the victims were willing may seem unbelievable but it confirms findings in several overseas studies” Liddy wrote.

Liddy, who sexually abused nippers from an Adelaide surf club, warned parents to be wary of youth groups and social clubs because some children “are more susceptible to affection offered by an adult in the group”.

He also believed the true extent of child-sex offenders within the state would never be known. “There are hundreds of such people within our community … ”

Liddy was jailed in 2001 for 25 years, with an 18-year non-parole period, after a Supreme Court jury found him guilty of six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, three counts of indecent assault and bribing a victim not to testify.,27574,25094346-2682,00.html

Disgraced magistrate Peter Liddy considering appeal

Article from: The Advertiser


February 23, 2009 02:17pm

DISGRACED magistrate Peter Liddy is considering an appeal against his pedophile convictions because of “fresh evidence”, the District Court has heard.

The 62-year-old has yet to enter pleas to charges of unlawful sexual intercourse, gross indecency and indecent assault.

Prosecutors will allege he sexually assaulted boys at Seacliff, Noarlunga, Brighton, Maslin’s Beach and other places.

The 10 charges date back to January 1969 and continue through to January 1981.

Liddy was jailed in 2001 for 25 years for numerous child sex offences – also dating back to 1969 – and of offering a benefit to a witness.

Today David Stokes, for Liddy, said the former magistrate was considering an appeal against those convictions.

“It’s (based on) fresh evidence, matters that were disclosed to Liddy a fortnight ago,” he said.

“It would be appropriate, in those circumstances, that this hearing be deferred until that matter has concluded because the police officers involved in (the previous) matter would also be relevant to the current matters.”

Judge Paul Rice remanded Liddy in custody until March.

Liddy child sex case delayed

Posted Mon Nov 3, 2008 1:07pm AEDT

A former Adelaide magistrate has had his child sex charge case delayed to allow for a mental health assessment.

Peter Michael Liddy, 64, faces two counts of indecent assault, three counts of procuring an act of gross indecency, one count of gross indecency and four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse.

Liddy was due to answer the charges but his lawyer told the court that a psychological report could not be conducted until early December.

The case was adjourned until mid-December.


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Porn man ‘trying to help stamp it out’

By Jamie Berry
County Court Reporter
August 17 2002

A former primary schoolteacher who pleaded guilty to possessing and producing child pornography claimed he was helping Australian and US governments to stop its infiltration on the Internet, a court heard yesterday.

Kristian James King, 29, also pleaded guilty in the County Court to seven counts of indecent acts and three counts of sexual penetration with two children he babysat in Brighton and Safety Beach between October, 2000, and September, 2001.

He admitted to a total of 12 child sex charges.

Prosecutor Mark Gamble told the court King took more than 100 explicit photographs of the two boys.

Police found the pictures among about 900 other hardcore pornographic images King had downloaded from the Internet after his flatmate, a policewoman, became suspicious of the time he spent on his computer.

Police were able to trace the mothers of the two boys he had photographed.

Judge Julie Nicholson said: “Words can’t really express what the parents must have had to go through in dealing with the photos.” She described the offences as “horrific” and a case of “young innocence, lost forever”.

King told police he had “an altruistic motive” to clamp down on the illegal websites.

King shielded his face for most of the day-long hearing. His lawyer, Tony Howard, QC, said his client had “substantial contact” with hundreds of children for more than a decade. Mr Howard submitted to Judge Nicholson that a fully suspended jail term should be imposed.

The court heard King lived with his parents in Brisbane and worked at a supermarket. He was granted bail. His pre-sentence hearing continues on Tuesday.


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