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Jones is the former deputy principal at Woodridge State High School, in Logan, south of Brisbane.

He had worked at Education Queensland since 2004.

Teacher sentenced for series of sexual offences

A 57-year-old man has today, Tuesday 22 August 2017, been sentenced in connection with a number of child sex offences.

Glyn Barrington Jones, formerly of Major Mitchell Drive, Brisbane, Australia, was charged in January 2016 by officers from Norfolk Constabulary’s Children Abuse Investigation Unit, with 13 offences including 11 counts of indecent assault and two of attempted indecent assault.

Jones pleaded guilty yesterday (Monday 21 August 2017) to seven of the indecent assaults. The other offences will remain on file.

The assaults started while he was a trainee and also took place while he was in post as a Physical Education teacher in Norfolk and Devon.  The offences he was convicted of relate to six female victims  and were committed between 1979 and 1996.  All the victims were aged 16 or under at the time.

When sentencing Jones to five years in prison, Judge Anthony Bate described his offences as having “an enduring impact” on the victims with Jones continuing to lead an “outwardly respectable life as a man of apparent good character” while in fact being a “clandestine sex offender since age of 19.”

Following today’s Norwich Crown Court appearance, Detective Constable Kim Taylor who headed the investigation, said: “Jones took complete advantage of his position of trust to encourage his victims to allow him to carry out sex offences having persuaded them that he was in an emotional relationship with them.

“I want to thank all the victims involved in this investigation for their bravery and patience while this case came to court.  Although by pleading guilty, he has prevented the victims from having to relive their ordeal through a trial, they should not have been in this position in the first place.

“This enquiry highlights how important we consider all allegations of abuse , non recent or current and should assure other victims of abuse that every report is fully investigated by Norfolk Constabulary, with specialist officers guiding victims through the process.”

Jones was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life.







Loudon has been charged with breaching the strict conditions imposed on him under the Dangerous Prisoners Sexual Offences Act by having unsupervised interaction with two children.

He fronted Townsville Magistrates Court charged with two counts of breaching a supervision order.

He was remanded to reappear on November 14.



Loudon has had his supervision order extended after a psychiatrist report stating he was still a moderate risk of re-offending.

Qld child abuser must wear tracker: judge

Christine Flatley, AAP March 26, 2013, 2:24 pm

A man who repeatedly abused children over a 20-year period has failed to convince a court he should have his monitoring anklet removed.

Kevin Michael Loudon was released from jail in 2007 on a strict community-based supervision order after serving multiple lengthy sentences for raping and abusing young boys and girls in far north Queensland.

He breached the supervision order in 2009 and was released back into the community on the provision he wear a GPS tracking device and abide by a curfew.

Late last year lawyers acting for Loudon wrote to Queensland Corrective Services asking that the device and curfew requirements be removed from the order.

Through his lawyers, Loudon argued the anklet caused him stress and anxiety because he couldn’t conceal it easily when in public.

He also argued his good behaviour warranted a relaxation in his restrictions.

However in a written judgment published on Tuesday, Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Martin Daubney disagreed, ruling Loudon was still a risk to the community.






Father who planned to make child pornography after daughter’s birth jailed

Updated 24 Jun 2016, 11:56am

A Brisbane father has been jailed for a minimum of two-and-a-half years after he sent ultrasound images of his unborn daughter to an undercover officer to show he intended to make child pornography when she was born.

Last week, the 25-year-old man pleaded guilty in Brisbane’s District Court to possessing child exploitation material and using a carriage service to access child pornography material.

The court heard the father was arrested in January 2015 by Australian Federal Police officers after a tip-off from the FBI in the United States.

The man sent an ultrasound of his unborn child and 12 images of child pornography to an undercover officer, saying he intended to make his own child pornography with his daughter.

Police found the man in possession of 6,435 images and videos of child exploitation material across three devices.

Some were of cartoons, but thousands were of actual children and babies.

The court had previously heard many of the children were showing signs of distress and pain.

Offender’s statements a ‘sign of moral corruption’

District Court Judge David Reid said it was the worst case of child exploitation material he had ever seen.

In sentencing, Judge Reid said the sending of the ultrasound image was not an offence but showed a “gross lack of insight”.

“The fact you were prepared to make such statements is a sign of the extent of your moral corruption and your lack of insight into the nature of child abuse,” he said.

He said the downloading and storing of the material was done so in a “sophisticated” way in different folders.

Judge Reid told the man that what he had described as his stated intentions with his daughter were “vile, explicit and specific”.

He said he was provided a sample of the material found on the devices owned by the man.

“The material you viewed, possessed and transmitted would be seen to be revolting and upsetting to normal people,” he said.

Judge Reid sentenced the man to five years’ jail, with a non-parole period of two-and-a-half years.





Age:  45/46  (2016)

Location:  Brisbane/Qld   Mexico

Offence:  Vizzard fled overseas while on bail for 33 offences involving minors between 1997 & 2001. He went to Mexico where he raped three boys in the resort city of Puerta Vallarta.

Sentence:  Sentenced to 10 & 1/2 years by Mexican authorities. He was extradited to Australia in 2012 and has served a four year sentence on the original charges.

Other:  While in Mexico he converted to the Jehovah’s Witness religion and says that Bible study will stop him from reoffending. Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath, made a application to keep him behind bars indefinitely but Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Debra Mullins granted his release on strict conditions.


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Johnson – Clayton Gary - Photo


* NOTE: Johnson may apply for parole from the 7th May 2015. His full sentence will end in 2018.

Pedophile stole 12-year-old child’s innocence after floods

Trinette Stevens | 18th May 2015 8:58 AM

LIVES can be devastated in the blink of an eye, but who would expect a simple request for neighbourly help to end in the destruction of one Rockhampton boy’s innocence.

Clayton Garry Johnson was first introduced to his male victim, aged about 12, when the youth’s parents went to Johnson’s home and asked for assistance during the 2010 floods.

They were chasing petrol.

From that day their lives changed forever.

Johnson was only too happy to help. Over time he won the confidence of the family and would visit their home up to four times a week under the guise of assisting the boy with his computer.

There he began to maintain a sexual relationship with the autistic child.

After two and a half years of continued violation, the youngster found the courage to speak to his parents and tell them about the abuse.

Police arrested Johnson the next day.

Earlier this month, after more than two years of the matter working its way through the legal process, the victim’s parents were among those in the District Court at Brisbane when Johnson was sentenced to five years’ jail.

The judge took into consideration pre-sentence custody of 658 days as time already served and a parole eligibility date was set that day.

It was an emotional day for the parents who said they thought the judge had been fair.

“At the end of the day, the conviction is good… if you can get a conviction on a pedophile its better than them walking around,” they said.

However, their ordeal is far from over.

The victim has been struggling to deal with the abuse.

He still takes long showers and remains terrified of men who resemble Johnson, particularly those who wear high-visibility vests.

The teenager has been hospitalised in previous years from severe PTSD, and has spent days in a psychosis.

“Clayton took away his childhood innocence,” the boy’s parents said, struggling to hold back the emotion.

“At the end of the day it will always be in the back of your mind.”

They said it would be hard for them to trust anyone again.

“You don’t trust anyone,” they said.

“It’s very emotional; I would hate anyone to ever go through this.”

The parents said it was the support of justice staff, friends and family that helped them through the trial process.


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Qld sex offender found in Bali school

  • November 27, 2014 11:35PM

AN Australian man with prior convictions for improper dealings with children has been caught teaching English classes in Bali and will be deported, authorities say.

JOHN Peter Domenic Rigano, 65, was caught teaching English in Kuta earlier this month in a sweep by immigration officers.

In 2009, Rigano, who was then a psychiatrist, was sentenced in the Cairns District Court to nine months’ jail, for indecently touching a teenage boy who was being treated for anxiety.

Bali authorities found Rigano was misusing a multiple entry visa and detained him.

He will be deported to Brisbane on Friday.

Head of Ngurah Rai Immigration Office, Mohamad Soleh, said staff at the English Now office at first told officers that no foreigners worked there.

“We were suspicious when we looked at the schedule on the wall of the office that said there were native speaker teachers there,” he said.

During questioning, Rigano revealed he had been convicted of sexually harassing underage boys in Australia, Mr Mohamad said.

Two other Australians, both young women teaching at the same English school, were also found working with the incorrect visas.

A fourth Australian, a 24-year-old woman, was discovered working as the operational manager at a Kuta hotel while her working permit was still pending approval.

The three were not detained and authorities have not decided whether to deport them.

Two Americans, one UK citizen, one Japanese citizen and four Norwegians were netted in the same operation.


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Lawless – Samuel James - Photo2

Medicare call centre worker jailed for child porn images has kept his job while behind bars… by claiming prison time as annual leave

  • Samuel James Lawless has been convicted of collecting child porn 
  • The 31-year-old has a job at a Medicare call centre in Brisbane 
  • He is due to be released from Wolston Correctional Centre in within weeks 
  • He has kept his job by using annual leave and leave without pay 
  • Department of Human Services said it ‘doesn’t comment on individual staff’
  • But would consider ‘disciplinary action’ if an employee is convicted of a criminal offence 

By Melissa Hills for Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:35 AEST, 8 November 2014 | Updated: 00:06 AEST, 9 November 2014

A Medicare call centre worker jailed for possessing a haul of 22,000 child porn images kept his job while he was behind bars – by using his annual leave and leave without pay while in prison.

Samuel James Lawless, 31, from Brisbane, is still employed by the Human Services Department despite admitting possessing and transmitting the child pornography between September 2006 and June 2013, The Courier Mail reports.

The Department of Human Services has told Daily Mail Australia that it ‘cannot discuss matters relating to individual staff’.

But a spokesman added: ‘Generally speaking, the department will consider appropriate disciplinary action as soon as it becomes aware that an employee has been convicted of a criminal offence.

‘Where any matter is identified as possibly breaching the APS Code of Conduct, it is referred to the department’s Conduct Standards Team for consideration.

‘Serious breaches generally result in termination of employment.’

Lawless is due to be released from Wolston Correctional Centre within a matter of weeks and authorities are investigating whether his employment should end, reports Channel 9.

Marise Payne, Human Services Minister, told Channel 9 all government employees were expected to abide by the Australian Public Service code of conduct.

A department spokeswoman said paid leave is not normally agreed when the department is aware that the employee is serving a jail sentence.

A spokesman for Queensland Police told Daily Mail Australia they could not comment on the case.


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