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NOTE: Iacono was also convicted of a sexual assault on a child in 2001 and placed on a child protection register.

Groping ‘santa’ On Bond

Newcastle Herald

Saturday June 23, 2007


A MAN who posed as Santa Claus and groped young women as they were being photographed sitting on his lap has been sentenced to three months in jail.

The sentence was suspended on condition that Angelo Iacono, 59, of Bonnells Bay, be of good behaviour for 18 months under NSW Probation and Parole Service supervision.

Holding his walking stick, Iacono stood while having the circumstances of the charges and his sentence read out to him in Toronto Local Court yesterday.

The court heard Iacono, who had pleaded not guilty, had been found guilty of three indecent assault counts involving three teenage girls.

The girls encountered him dressed as Santa Claus outside a business in Wyee on December 20 last year.

He offered them free photos with Santa using their camera. The girls posed for at least seven shots, tendered in evidence.

The court heard yesterday that the offences were at the lower end of the spectrum of seriousness for that type of charge. The offences did not involve skin-to-skin contact but it was still a serious matter and involved a breach of trust, the court was told.


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Paedophile back in jail

Convicted Yass paedophile Leon Michael Wicks has been taken into custody charged with another sex offence against a child.

Police charged the 52-year-old with assault with an act of indecency. The charge relates to an alleged incident with a 16-year-old boy near Yass in January.

Police said the boy, who had formerly worked with Wicks, reported the incident on Friday.

Wicks attended Yass Police Station on Tuesday and was arrested and charged with the indecency offence and failure to comply with reporting conditions that are necessary as part of his listing on the Child Protection Register.

He appeared in Goulburn Local Court on Wednesday, did not apply for bail and did not enter pleas to these latest charges.

Wicks, a former TAFE employee, was convicted of paedophilia in 2005 when he pleaded guilty to having sex with boys during a trip to Thailand. He was sentenced to five years jail with a non-parole period of three years.

He was again arrested in 2011 when police raided his home and seized child pornography materials.

He was sentenced to 21 months behind bars and in January that was extended by two months for further sex offences.

Shock-jock Ray Hadley blasted Wicks’ past offences during his 2GB morning show on Wednesday.

“When is this going to stop?” he said.

“When is someone going to say this is a recidivous offender who just can’t control himself, when’s someone going to stop him.”

Mr Hadley was outraged.

“This is a sick individual and the community of Yass know everything about him, yet he continues to allegedly offend.”

Wicks will be back in Goulburn Local Court on July 16.

Another jail term for Wicks

June 19, 2012, 6:24 a.m.
Yass paedophile Leon Michael Wicks has been sentenced to a further two months in jail after being convicted for sexual behaviour in public places.The 51-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of behaving in an offensive manner and one count of wilful and obscene exposure, during a hearing in Yass Local Court on Monday.

He had previously pleaded not guilty to these charges.

He continued to contest a fourth charge of failing to comply with reporting obligations as part of the sex offender’s register. This charge was brought because he failed to declare his membership of the Yass Services Club, which involves child participation.

Wicks is currently serving 21 months jail for possessing child pornography on his home computers.

The court heard police raided his Yass home on December 16 last year and seized an internet-ready laptop, which is prohibited for people on the Child Protection Register, a camera, a camera SD card, two computer towers and USB thumb-drives for examination.

The hardware contained a number of images of young boys in sexually explicit activities.

The camera contained images of Wicks and two other adult males in various poses and states of undress on the Taemas Bridge near Wee Jasper on December 4 between 2-3.21pm. Police found more images of the other two males appearing to have sex on the Yass Junction Railway Station platform on December 4 between 3.53pm and 4.23pm. Although he did not appear in them, police believe Wicks was the photographer.

Defence counsel Jessica Clarke argued Wicks’ failure to declare the club membership was an issue of interpretation, as the club’s membership was not open to children and her client had deemed it irrelevant to declare. Wicks also had a reasonable excuse because he had no assistance by police when filling out the declaration forms.

Magistrate Doug Dick disagreed, saying Wicks had a “good idea as to what the club was about” as he was a long-term member and had even served on the board of directors for nine years. He said Wicks was a man of intelligence but “it’s clear he employed a narrow interpretation” of the relevancy of the club considering he knew it was used by schools for sporting activities, members regularly dined there with their children and it even had a video arcade room designed to entertain children.

“He can be guilty by omission,” Magistrate Dick said. The law required full disclosure on Wicks’ behalf and it was up to the police to filter the relevance of his answers.

Prosecuting sergeant Chris Toole submitted a prison term was appropriate as “these are not your run-of-the-mill types” of obscene exposure offences – these men had been engaging in sex in public places, in particular, when a train was approaching.

Magistrate Dick convicted Wicks on all four offences.

“I don’t believe your failings [to declare club membership] were motivated by any sinister intention.” He applied two-month prison sentences to all four charges, to run concurrently. Wicks is now due to be released on parole in May next year.

He will remain on the Child Protection Register until 2020.

Ex-SES executive jailed for child-sex

By Natasha Wallace
June 9, 2005 – 3:40PM

A former SES executive and TAFE teacher has been sentenced to five years in jail for sexual intercourse with children during a Thai holiday.

Leon Wicks, 44, who was the SES far-west division executive officer and head of the Cobar SES, pleaded guilty in the Dubbo District Court to having sex with boys aged under 16, and inducing them to have sex with each other, during a trip in February and March, 2003.

He was sentenced yesterday to five years’ jail – with a non-parole period of three years – for various charges including four counts of sexual intercourse with a person under 16 outside Australia.

Wicks, who also occasionally taught at the local TAFE college, had faced a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail.

Officers raided his home during Operation Auxin – the country’s biggest investigation into child pornography – finding videotapes he had taken of himself with the victims.

He was also sentenced to one year for 13 counts of possessing child pornography.


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Newcastle Herald  -  18th Dec, 2004  -  Page 7

Newcastle Herald – 18th Dec, 2004 – Page 7


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Singleton man faces sentence

13 Jan, 2011 04:00 AM

A SINGLETON man who was already on the Child Protection Register pleaded guilty yesterday to indecently assaulting a girl.

Leon Oxford was jailed for two years in 2007 for indecently assaulting a child under the age of 10, court documents stated.

He was sentenced in Tamworth Local Court on that occasion but his sentence was reduced by six months on appeal.

Oxford, 53, appearing in Newcastle Local Court yesterday via audiovisual link from Parklea Correctional Centre, pleaded guilty to molesting a girl twice last year.

He touched and kissed her inappropriately before she later gave an interview to police when inquiries were being conducted into another matter, a statement said.

Oxford’s case was adjourned for sentence to next month.

Berrigan man jailed over child porn

Posted August 25, 2008 14:01:00
Updated August 25, 2008 14:00:00

A 58-year-old man from Berrigan has been jailed for child pornography offences.

Roddrick O’Donnell was charged with two counts of possessing child pornography.

In the Albury Local Court he was sentenced to 22 months in prison, with a one year non-parole period.

Because of the time he has already spent in custody, he is eligible for parole at the end of January.

O’Donnell protected in prison

Aug. 22, 2008, 11:48 p.m.

RODERICK O’Donnell has been held in isolation in jail since being refused bail earlier this year for the possession of child pornography.

The disability pensioner, who has previously been put on the Child Protection Register over an offence in 2004, was separated from other prisoners once they found out the charges he was facing.

Magistrate Gordon Lerve said yesterday when imposing a 10-month parole period beginning on January 29 next year that it would be a condition for O’Donnell to take part in a sex offenders’ program.

Mr Lerve said more intensive supervision was required than in 2004.

It was considered then that O’Donnell’s offending was “merely experimental” and his supervision was discontinued.

“I am quite guarded about whether the offender has insight into the real evil of his offending,” Mr Lerve said.

He said the acquisition of the gravely offensive and illegal images was something that happened over time with little thought by O’Donnell about getting them.

Mr Lerve said there was a strong case for special circumstances with O’Donnell’s sentencing considering his age, physical disabilities, the need for supervision and the fact that his sentence would be served in protective custody.

O’Donnell needs a walking frame to help with his mobility.

He was described by the parish priest at Berrigan as “a loner”.

Mr Lerve said it was concerning that a report said O’Donnell on his release intended living close to a school and swimming pool.

“Obviously appropriate measures will need to be taken to ensure that does not occur,” Mr Lerve said.

He said O’Donnell, in an interview with a forensic psychiatrist, said he would in future make a point of not saving the offensive images.

“That is a long way from denouncing the conduct and indicating that he would cease access to child pornography,” Mr Lerve said.

Child sex offender jailed over text messages

05 Dec, 2011 09:05 AM

A SEX offender who sent inappropriate texts to a 13-year-old girl has been jailed for six months.

The sentence given to Robert William Keeling, 41, of Jarvie Road, Cringilla in Nowra Local Court also covered his failure to inform police of several changes of address.

In 2007 Keeling was convicted of aggravated sexual assault, three counts of aggravated indecent assault and stalking an 11-year-old girl.

He was given a three-year sentence with a non-parole period of 18 months and placed on the child protection register, one of its requirements being that he inform police if he moved.

Keeling was living at Seven Hills until December last year and visiting Nowra where his girlfriend lived.

Through her he met his young victim and socialised with her parents.

On September 17 last year he saw her at Wollongong Railway Station on a school excursion.

He asked for her mobile number and then sent her a text inviting her over for a drink.

Later that evening he was at her place with her family and his girlfriend when he sent texts saying she was “hot” asking her to get drunk with him.

The girl felt uncomfortable, and went to hide in her room.

She told her parents who informed the police.

On December 11 last year police went to Keeling’s Seven Hills address on an unrelated matter to discover he had moved.

On January 24 this year, Keeling went to Blacktown Police Station to update his contact details and was arrested.

He admitted moving and being at two addresses on the South Coast without informing police.

Keeling also admitted sending texts to the young girl and agreed they were something he could not have said openly to her.

In court Keeling was also given a nine-month jail sentence with a six-month non-parole period for driving while he was disqualified and fined $88 for having bald tyres.

He was also disqualified from driving for two years.

Sex offender on child porn charges

Ross Irby | 1st November 2010

A CONVICTED Lismore sex offender listed on the Child Protection Register has been put on a four-year good behaviour bond after pleading guilty in Lismore Local Court to five counts of possessing child pornography.

Dennis Johnson, 27, appeared for sentence before Magistrate R. Denes on Thursday after pleading guilty last month to having the images on his mobile phone, a USB stick and MP3 player police seized from his room at a Lismore hotel in February.

The offender, with previous offences for malicious damage, assault, break and enter and child protection offences, came under police notice on February 5 when he was seen by officers with his bicycle in Heritage Park near a children’s play area and skate park.

Police documents before the court state Johnson must keep away from areas where children frequent or play, including public swimming pools or within 50m of schools and their grounds, because he was on the Child Protection Register.

Johnson, who is deaf and mute, communicated with police that day using pen and paper before he was searched.

On his mobile phone were found two images police state depicted naked children under the age of 16 and aged between eight and 12.

Johnson communicated to police he downloaded the pictures in a public library from a Russian website.

His room was then searched and more images were found on the MP3 player and USB.

It was said during his previous court appearance by defence lawyer Steve Bolt that some of the 22 images found in the possession of his client were copies of the same image that had been recorded on the different devices.

Described as a difficult sentencing exercise Ms Denes took into account all matters put before her by defence and prosecution including the categories the pornographic images fell into using the European Copine scale that evaluates and determines the level of seriousness.

The images were regarded as not being in the worst categories on the scale of one to 10 (worst).

Two of the images were found to be in category eight, one in category six, and the remainder at level five, four and below.

Police officers in the Richmond Target Action Group found no evidence of Johnson having shared the images by forwarding them to anyone else.

He will be supervised by Probation Services during the four years.

Naked images of children on phone

Ross Irby | 4th September 2010

A LISMORE man registered on the Child Protection Register that bans him from frequenting places where children play or spend time, has pleaded guilty in Lismore Local Court to five counts of possessing child pornography.

Dennis Johnson, 27, was arrested by Lismore police on February 5 after officers saw him in Heritage Park with his bicycle near a children’s play area and skate park.

Police facts before the court yesterday state Johnson is deaf and mute. Officers communicated with him using pen and paper then searched him.

On his mobile phone were found two images police state depicted naked children under the age of 16 and aged between eight and 12.

One image depicted a naked adult male assaulting a naked female aged under 16.

Johnson communicated to police he downloaded the images on a library computer from a Russian internet site.

Police state in the document that because Johnson was on the Child Protection Register he should not have been in Heritage Park because it was frequented by children.

Police also examined an MP3 player and USB taken from his residence. After professional evaluation 22 images were deemed to be child pornography using the internationally recognised Copine scale.

Defence lawyer Steve Bolt said some of the images had been of the same image that had been recorded on separate devices.

Prosecutor Sgt Peter Costin-Neilsen said there was no evidence the images had been forwarded by Johnson to anyone else.

After reading police details of the charges Magistrate Robyn Denes said that because of the previous charges that caused Johnson to be placed on the register a pre-sentence report was needed because it was a difficult sentencing exercise.

Ms Denes said she wanted to know what Johnson was doing and whether there were any programs in place to assist him.

Mr Bolt said the first matter had been more serious than his client’s latest offence and it was likely he would seek a supervised good behaviour bond for Johnson.

An Auslan interpreter was used during the court hearing.

Johnson will be sentenced on October 28.

Man on child porn charges bailed

Ross Irby | 10th February 2010

A LISMORE man has been ordered not to go near children’s play areas, schools, public parks and swimming pools after being granted court bail following his charging by police over child pornography allegations.

Dennis Johnson, 27, was charged on February 5 with producing and disseminating child pornography, contravening a prohibition order (being subject to a child protection prohibition order when in an area prohibited to him).

Johnson, who is deaf, required an Auslan interpreter while making his bail application before magistrate Robyn Denes.

Through his interpreter he said he was pleading not guilty to both charges.

Police opposed bail and documents before the court stated there had been a previous breach of a prohibition order with Johnson on a bond at the time of the latest allegation.

Concern was expressed for Johnson’s welfare if he remained in custody.

Following a break in court proceedings Ms Denes said that despite police objections she would give him conditional bail.

When she asked if his special phone had been seized Johnson’s lawyer said it had.

Johnson was granted bail and ordered to report daily to Lismore police with conditions that he not approach children, did not access the internet from any computer or phone, and not go within 50m of any school or children’s play area including public swimming pools.

Ms Denes also ordered him not to buy a new phone.

His lawyer said there was a special teletext type phone he used at Lismore Base Hospital that Ms Denes also barred him from using.

“You must not access the internet with a phone,” Ms Denes emphasised.

Through his interpreter Johnson said he understood the bail conditions.

The matter was adjourned to March 22.