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Age:  49  ( 2016 )

Location:   Gateshead, Newcastle, NSW

Offence:   Pleaded guilty to two charges of aggravated assault and acts of indecency, and five counts of homosexual intercourse with a boy aged between 10 and 18

Sentence:   Sentenced to a jail term of 18 months.  He was released on parole on September 1, 2017 & will be supervised by probation and parole for a further 18 months.

Other:   The assaults took place at church youth group camps, at the boys’ home, in Brown’s car while he drove the boy home from Boys Brigade meetings.







Walker - Troy Ronald - Photo2

Troy Ronald Walker sentenced to at least 10 years’ jail for child sex offences


1 Feb 2016, 6:51 p.m.

TROY Ronald Walker was a Bible-loving, God-fearing Christian who impressed fellow churchgoers with his passion for helping troubled youths.

He will spend at least 10 years in jail after convictions for sexually abusing young people for more than two decades, including inciting a teenage boy to have sex with a 14-year-old girl while he photographed them.

Walker, 45, was convicted of offences against six young people in the Lake Macquarie area after he used his associations with the Salvation Army and an evangelical Christian church to gain access to children through their families.

A woman sobbed in Sydney Downing Centre Court on Monday as Judge Peter Zahra told how Walker had sexual intercourse with her after meeting the girl’s mother at Bible study. He offered to counsel the girl because she kept running away from home. The court heard the girl was sexually abused by her father.

The girl believed she was “the bad one” and blamed herself because “I was always told people who go to church are good people”, she said in a victim’s impact statement. After sexual abuse by her father and Walker she believed that she was “placed on earth for men to have sex with me”.

Walker sexually abused a brother and sister after their parents separated and the mother sought help in Bible study. Walker photographed the girl, 14, and a teenage boy after inciting them to commit a sexual act.

The court heard Walker forcibly sexually assaulted a girl, 13, in her bedroom as her parents were on a “welfare run” for the Salvation Army. Walker’s offending did not end until late 2013 when he was arrested and charged with offences against a boy.

Walker was guilty of “an insidious persistence of predatory sexual assault against young children with a disregard for the impact on his child victims”, Judge Zahra said.

“The trust placed in him was founded on his association with the Salvation Army and church and Bible groups. He took advantage of that trust to gratify his sexual attraction to children.”

The court heard Walker, who worked at hospitals in the Newcastle area and as an administrative assistant at a university, received character references from the Salvation Army and the university.

Walker pleaded guilty to offences against two children, but denied offences against other victims.

Judge Zahra noted reports saying Walker “appears to have no insight into the gravity of his offending” and showed no contrition.

Walker received a maximum sentence of 13 years’ jail. His earliest release date is April 2024.


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Souter – Robert Leslie - Photo

Jehovah’s Witness jailed for molesting boys

Bellinda Kontominas
November 27, 2008 – 2:18PM

A member of the Jehovah’s Witness church who molested three male church members after “ingratiating himself” into their families has been sentenced to more than 10 years in jail.

Robert Leslie Souter pleaded guilty to eight charges of sexual assault of the boys, who were aged between 14 and 16 at the time of the abuse, following prolonged negotiations with prosecutors.

Two of the victims were brothers whose parents had met Souter when the family first become involved with the church in 1970.

The elder brother, 14, known as CT, was first abused when he did a week of work experience with Souter, a qualified carpenter.

As CT climbed a ladder Souter followed him up, slipping his hand up the boy’s shorts and rubbing his penis before climbing down and ejaculating himself.

Later when CT helped him at a carpentry job, Souter rubbed himself against the boy simulating sex and told him to think about the woman who owned the house. He then masturbated CT after telling him to put on the woman’s stockings.

CT’s younger brother, NT was about 10 years old when he first met Souter who would visit their home for dinner and family barbecues and go to the beach with them.

Four years later, while NT helped Souter to build a new church hall, Souter asked him, “Do you want me to show you how to become a man?” before making the boy perform sex acts.

Later, while taking the boy on a bike ride Souter said to the boy: “Let’s go to the sand hills. I can show you how to make babies.” He held his hand to the boy’s mouth while having anal sex with him.

NT told health workers about the abuse after he experienced an anxiety attack while on a church convention in Alice Springs.

Souter was expelled from the congregation before being readmitted after he apologised to church elders.

Souter abused the the third boy, who worked for him, several times including while the boy slept as they drove home from a job.

Souter sat with his head down throughout the sentencing while his three victims, now adults, and their family and friends sat in the back of the court.

He is serving a prison sentence for the sexual assault of another brother of CT and NT, the court heard.

Judge David Freeman said the facts of this case were “distressingly similar to the case for which he is already serving time”.

“That he has debauched all three sons of the one family has done extreme damage,” Judge Freeman said. “The guilt of the parents for allowing a fellow member of their church to defile their sons is palpable.”

Souter will serve a maximum of 10 years and six months in prison with a non-parole period of seven years and nine months.

He will be eligible for parole in 2015.

Outside court the victims said they were relieved by the sentence and that they could now begin to move on with their lives.


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Humphreys – Glenn Michael - Photo



Humphreys has been arrested in Western Australia after he finished serving his sentence there. He has been extradited to NSW to face further charges.



WA priest jailed for sex offences

  • October 15, 2014 2:17PM

A CATHOLIC priest will spend at least 11 months behind bars after being convicted of abusing a West Australian teenager more than 30 years ago.

GLENN Humphreys, 61, was found guilty of abusing a boy between 1983 and 1986 when the boy was aged 15 to 17.

A District Court jury found Humphreys guilty of four counts of unlawful and indecent assault, but acquitted him of carnal knowledge against the order of nature.

During sentencing submissions on Wednesday, defence lawyer Seamus Rafferty argued there was an “immature context” to the offending rather than any form of grooming.

Mr Rafferty said his client was struggling with his sexuality at the time and there was an “adolescent quality” to the hugging and touching that made the case “exceptional”.

“There clearly was a fondness between these two people,” he said.

Mr Rafferty said his client was “deeply remorseful” and had engaged in rehabilitation, which Judge Philip Eaton accepted.

Judge Eaton also accepted that Humphreys was a low-risk of re-offending but said the pair formed a “grossly inappropriate” relationship and general deterrence was important.

He sentenced Humphreys to 22 months in prison, with a minimum of 11 months before he will be eligible for parole.

Priest guilty of assault on teen

Elle Farcic The West Australian

August 22, 2014, 5:25 am

A Catholic priest has been found guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy on church property in Perth 30 years ago.

Glenn Humphreys was accused of abusing the teenager between 1983 and 1986 while he was assistant priest at a church in Perth’s south.

After six hours of deliberation, a District Court jury last night convicted Humphreys of four counts of unlawful and indecent assault.

He was acquitted of carnal knowledge against the order of nature.

The court was told Humphreys had assaulted the boy in the church’s presbytery and in a bathroom at a nearby primary school.

He admitted having an “inappropriate” sexual relationship with the boy but argued their actions were consensual.

Giving evidence this week, Humphreys said he accepted he took advantage of a vulnerable young person.

He admitted he started to feel a sexual attraction to the boy in the second half of 1985, shortly before he took him to Quinns Rocks for a holiday.

“It didn’t dawn on me at the time that there was anything unusual with that,” he said.

“It was only a little break from the parish, that’s all.”

His victim, now aged 45, lives overseas but came to Perth to give evidence.

The man told the court one of the hardest things he had done was reporting the abuse to police in 2012.

He said the abuse left him confused and shocked, describing some of the incidents as “highly traumatising”.

Humphreys moved to Perth in January 1983 after a stint at an Eastern States school.

Two men who were allegedly abused by Humphreys at the school in the mid-70s and early 80s also gave evidence during the trial.

The men testified Humphreys would put on music, often by his favourite artist Barbra Streisand, before touching them inappropriately.

Two years ago, Humphreys sent his Perth victim a letter of apology and asked for his forgiveness.

Prosecutor James Mactaggart said Humphreys blatantly abused his position of trust.

Humphreys will be sentenced on October 15.


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16 Dec 2014 – 7:44pm

Vic pedophile priest to walk free in weeks

An 88-year-old Catholic priest who sexually abused an alter boy in Melbourne in the 1970s will walk free from jail within weeks, after successfully appealing the length of his sentence.

The now-retired priest, James Henry Scannell, had served 138 days of his two year sentence when the Victorian Court of Appeal reduced his jail time to 15 months, with 10 months of this suspended.

Scannell was found guilty of a single charge of buggery by a Victorian County Court jury in July, and he continues to deny committing the assault.

The joint ruling by Justices Mark Weinberg, Phillip Priest, Lex Lasry on Tuesday rejected Scannell’s bid to have his conviction overturned but did allow a reduction in his prison term.

Scannell’s was originally required him to serve at least 12 months before being eligible for parole.

Under the reduced sentence, he will be released within weeks.

Scannell committed the abuse during a sexual education lesson more than 40 years ago.

He was asked by a long-time friend and member of his East Kew parish to discuss puberty with the boy.

Instead, Scannell, wearing only a dressing gown, led the boy into his bedroom, stripped him naked and sexually abused him.

The victim came forward in 2010 when he learnt Scannell was to conduct his aunt’s funeral.

Victorian Catholic priest, 88, jailed for two years for raping boy

By court reporter Peta Carlyon

Thu 7 Aug 2014, 3:55pm

An 88-year-old Victorian Catholic priest has been sentenced to two years in jail for raping a boy more than 40 years ago.

James Scannell was convicted in the Victorian County Court of one charge of raping the 12-year-old while he was working in Kew in the early 1970s.

The court heard that Scannell had always denied the offence and had shown no remorse.

The priest suffered from a series of serious health problems, including a heart condition and cancer, the court heard.

Scannell joined the church as a Marist Brother in 1945 and served as a priest for almost 50 years, working in parishes around Melbourne, including Warburton, Brighton, Flemington and Geelong.

His lawyer told the court his client dedicated his life to serving the community and had set up an important education program for autistic children.

But Judge David Parsons said Scannell was guilty of a serious breach of trust and that he had no choice but to sentence the elderly priest to an immediate term of imprisonment.

Although Scannell was suspended last year, the church had yet to revoke his religious orders.

His credentials for working with children were only revoked last year.

Bernard Barrett, a representative from victims’ advocacy group Broken Rites, said Scannell’s victim had waited a long time for justice.

“The guilty parties covered this up all these years,” he said.

Dr Barrett said the conviction raised serious questions about whether the Melbourne Archdiocese knew about Scannell’s offending and what they would do in response to his jailing.

“[Scannell] has been a priest in the Melbourne Archdiocese for 50 years, including working with disabled children,” Dr Barrett said.

“Questions need to be asked of the Melbourne Archdiocese about how and why this sort of thing could have happened and how it’s taken all these years for it to come out.

“Why is it that victims always feel as though they must remain silent, when the offender is a priest or some sort of church person?

“He’s still listed in the current edition of the Annual Australian Catholic Directory, as Reverend Father Scannell, past or emeritus, a distinguished priest.”

Scannell will be eligible for parole in 12 months.


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Vince Ryan

Posted: June 4, 2014 by Serendipity in NSW, Photo
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Ryan – Vince - Photo2



Ryan has been given a 15 month suspended sentence after pleaded guilty to acts of gross indecency & attempting sexual intercourse with a boy at a church in Gresford near Dungog when he was the parish priest. Another four charges were dropped. His victims were aged between 6 & 14.

Paedophile priest Vince Ryan faces fresh charges

NOTORIOUS paedophile priest Vincent Ryan will face court this month over fresh child sex charges relating to a boy in the mid-1980s.

Ryan, who spent 14 years in jail for preying on 35 boys aged six to 14 between 1972 and 1991, was visited by Strike Force Georgiana detectives at his Sydney home last month.

He was handed a court attendance notice on May 7 containing seven child sex charges relating to the boy.

He is due to face Maitland Local Court on June 30.

Ryan was released from Long Bay Jail in 2010 after serving more than 14 years.

Paedophile priest victims decry defrocking ‘tokenism’


26 Jul, 2011 04:00 AM

The Catholic Church has been accused of tokenism after defrocking notorious Hunter paedophile priest John Denham while failing to defrock other clergy child sex abusers.

“They get rid of the worst of the worst to make it look like they’re cleaning up their act, but they’re picking and choosing,” said a Newcastle victim of Vince Ryan, who was jailed after sexually abusing 35 boys between 1972 and 1991, and released last year.

“I asked [Bishop] Michael Malone to defrock Ryan back when he was jailed [in 1996] and Malone said they wouldn’t. So why did they do it with Denham?”

Maitland-Newcastle Bishop William Wright’s announcement on Sunday that Pope Benedict laicised (defrocked) Denham in May, after a recommendation from former Bishop Malone, met with a mixed response from victims of Hunter paedophile priests and their families.

Several people contacted by the Newcastle Herald agreed with Bishop Malone’s argument that the church was responsible for its paedophile priests, while defrocking made them the community’s responsibility.

In the case of Vince Ryan, the church and the priest signed a formal document in which he agreed not to return to the Hunter region. The condition was at the request of some Ryan victims. The church agreed to support the priest during his lengthy parole in Sydney.

His Newcastle victim said it was offensive that someone like Ryan could still call himself a priest, despite the church stripping him of his right to act as a priest.

Denis McAlinden, who the church tried to secretly defrock in 1995 over sexual abuse of young girls, continued to act as a priest despite being stripped of his right to do so in 1993.

Peter Gogarty, a victim of Jim Fletcher, called the defrocking of Denham “tokenism”, and his sexual abuser’s right to call himself “Father” until the day he died a repeat of the abuse.

“He’s buried as Father Jim Fletcher. That’s what’s wrong with the argument put forward in the Vince Ryan case. He can still call himself a priest,” he said.

It is extremely rare for the church in Australia to defrock clergy sex abusers.


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Victims of abuser sought

Natalie O’Brien | February 14, 2009

Article from:  The Australian

FORMER students and colleagues of a Marist brother found guilty of sexually abusing children have been asked to come forward as investigations widen into the activities of the man, who taught at almost a dozen schools across NSW and Queensland.

It is feared that there may be many unknown victims of Ross Francis Murrin, who taught with the order for 26 years and is already serving a jail term for abusing eight primary school boys in 1974 at the Marist Daceyville school in Sydney’s east.

Murrin, 53, is to be sentenced next month in the NSW District Court after pleading guilty to the latest charge of sexually abusing a boy in his care at St Gregory’s college in Campbelltown, in Sydney’s southwest, in the mid-1980s.

The Weekend Australian has been told that more alleged victims have come forward, claiming the Marist brother also abused them while he taught at a Marist college in Cairns.

Porters Lawyers principal Jason Parkinson, who acted for the St Gregory’s victim, has called for students and teachers at the school in Cairns, St Augustine’s – where Murrin taught before being transferred to St Gregory’s – to come forward. Mr Parkinson said they had already received some information about Murrin’s time at St Augustine’s, where he had duties caring for boarding school students.

He has placed a newspaper advertisement in Cairns asking for anyone with information about Murrin to contact him.

“Murrin was transferred every one or two years after the Daceyville offences, so it is a fair bet that he offended at other schools as well,” Mr Parkinson said.

Mr Parkinson has launched actions for damages against the trustees of the Marist Brothers, key Marist officials and the Catholic Church Insurance office on behalf of the St Gregory’s victim.

He has also acted for more than 40 people who claim to have been abused at the hands of members of the Marist Brothers.

Marist Brothers spokesman Alexis Turton said yesterday he had already released a statement apologising to Murrin’s victims.

Murrin was an 18-year-old teacher when he indecently assaulted the eight boys aged between nine and 11 at Daceyville.

But his crimes went unreported until 2002 when two of his victims came forward. He was then admitted into a special program for sex-offending clergymen by the Marist Brothers.

Murrin pleaded guilty last year to the 1974 offences; the NSW District Court was told that the abuse often happened in the classroom when Murrin asked students to sit on his lap in front of the class. Murrin also admitted to the court he had molested other children – offences for which he had not been charged.


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