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The case has been adjourned to March 26.



Lee has pleaded guilty to two charges of failing to comply with his reporting obligations under the Child Protection Offenders Registration Act. The matter will be back before the court on February 26.


Age:   43  (2018)

Location:   Gilletts Ridge  NSW

Offence:   Found guilty in the District Court of the sexual assault of a 13 year old girl.

Sentence:  Sentenced to eight years jail backdated to December 30, 2011. He was released on parole in April 2017.

Other:    Lee and his then partner were found guilty of the sexual assault of the partner’s 13-year-old daughter in a District Court trial in 2013.





Frank Bailey

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Photo: Grafton Daily Examiner

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Photo: Daily Examiner Grafton

Bailey rape sentence appeal lodged

Rodney Stevens | 16th November 2010

THE push to appeal the sentence handed down to former St Andrew’s Christian Community School principal Frank Bailey for the drugging and rape of a 14-year-old girl in 2006 is under way.

Bailey was sentenced last Thursday in the NSW District Court to a maximum term of six years and six months in prison, but could be out on parole after four years.

The offence carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

In 2007, Bailey was also convicted of the rape of a 16-year-old girl in his care and sentenced to a maximum three years and nine months behind bars.

Outraged by the leniency of the latest sentence, State member for Clarence Steve Cansdell has written to NSW Attorney-General John Hatzistergos requesting the NSW Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) appeals the sentence.

Mr Cansdell claims in his letter the maximum penalty of 20 years was completely ignored by Judge Lakatos in sentencing Bailey.

“The community and I are requesting that you demand the Director of Public Prosecutions appeal this ridiculously inadequate sentence,” Mr Cansdell writes in the letter.

“… this outcome has portrayed the justice system in NSW to be a joke, and sends a clear message to sexual assault victims these perverted parasites have the protection of the courts.

“I beg you sir to bring some justice for these young girls and their families.”

The DPP said it could not confirm whether the sentence would be reviewed.

“The director reviews sentences imposed for serious matters in order to determine whether or not to appeal,” a spokesperson said.

“The test is not whether or not the sentence ‘fits the crime’, but whether or not, according to well-defined legal tests, it is likely that a Crown appeal against the sentence would succeed.

“Decisions on appeals are made within 28 days of sentencing and a wide range of information is taken into account.”

Bailey is eligible for parole on February 8, 2014.

Principal jailed for sex with student

Posted 2 hours 12 minutes ago

A former New South Wales school principal has been jailed for at least four years for having sex with a student.

The District Court in Sydney heard that Frank Bailey, 44, the former principal of a Christian school in the state’s north had sexual intercourse with a teenager who was under his care in 2006.

The court heard the teenager was 14 at the time and that Bailey let her stay with him because she was having problems with her family.

In sentencing him to six-and-a-half years in jail with a non-parole period of four years, the Judge said Bailey took advantage of the girl when she was vulnerable and abused his position of trust.

The Judge said Bailey had a prior conviction for a similar offence.

Sex attack shattered my dreams – victim

  • From: AAP
  • September 09, 2010 12:54PM

A STUDENT who was sexually assaulted by a school principal says the abuse has shattered her dream of becoming a teacher.

Her victim impact statement was read out by her mother at Frank Bailey’s sentencing hearing in the NSW District Court today.

In July, Judge Paul Lakatos, who heard Bailey’s trial without a jury, found him guilty of an aggravated sexual assault on the girl in 2006, when she was 14 years old.

The former principal of St Andrew’s Christian College in Grafton, in northern NSW, recently finished serving a jail term of two years and three months for sex offences involving a 16-year-old student in 2007.

Judge Lakatos was told Bailey, who sat slumped in the dock on Thursday with his head in his hands, has thus been in custody in relation to the 2006 matter since August 9 last month.

In her victim impact statement, the complainant said that ever since she could remember she had wanted to be a primary school teacher but she now had to reconsider that option.

“I would have had a principal as a boss,” she wrote.

“I do not believe I would cope with this situation.”

She said she still had nightmares and had had thoughts of suicide, but she also wrote that she felt a step closer to “becoming a stronger and better person”.

She also referred to her family’s support.

“Now I can see a bright future for us but I hate that it happened,” she concluded.

The sentence hearing was adjourned to November 5 to enable a psychiatric report on Bailey to be obtained.

Former principal guilt of sexual assault

18:50 AEST Fri Jul 23 2010

21 hours 51 minutes ago

A former high school principal who sexually assaulted at least two female students had once told a parent “I just wanted to love the girls”, a Sydney court has heard.

Frank Bailey, who is currently serving a jail term for sexually assaulting a then 16-year-old student, was found guilty on Friday of a similar offence involving a 14-year-old girl.

Judge Paul Lakatos, who heard the NSW District Court trial without a jury, found the 44-year-old guilty of aggravated sexual assault in 2006.

Bailey, the ex-principal of St Andrew’s Christian College in Grafton in northern NSW, sat in the dock pulling at his hair and rubbing his forehead while his judgment was read over three and a half hours.

In November last year, Bailey was jailed for at least two years and three months after pleading guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse with a female student in 2007.

Judge Lakatos noted the similarities between the two students’ cases – particularly that Bailey had piloted a plane ride for each of them and both had awoken from a drug-induced sleep to find him having sexual intercourse with them.

He concluded Bailey “was deceptive” and “calculating” in his actions and harboured a sexual attraction to some of his students and acted upon those urges.

The judge referred to evidence from the 14-year-old girl’s mother who said Bailey rang her in 2007 and told her he was being investigated over sex claims.

He told her the allegation came from an ex-teacher, adding: “I just wanted to love the girls.”

Judge Lakatos found Bailey had suggested the 14-year-old girl stay with his family for two weeks when her mother approached him with concerns about antisocial behaviour.

During this time, the girl said Bailey had taken her aside and said, “Whatever happens in this house, stays in this house”.

The teenager gave evidence of returning to his home after school one day with a headache.

She said Bailey gave her two white tablets and she fell asleep shortly after.

In his judgment, Judge Lakatos quoted from the girl’s written statement: “When I woke up he was raping me.”

She was “just screaming at him, trying to get rid of him”.

The judge accepted the incident followed several other examples given by the complainant where she had been inappropriately touched by Bailey, but which did not involve sexual intercourse.

He rejected Bailey’s evidence that he was physically incapable of performing sexual intercourse because of a painful operation in 2006.

He said Bailey’s other activities, including flying a plane and travelling in a boat, at the time made it “somewhat unconvincing” that his wounds were too uncomfortable or painful at that time.

“If the pain was so bad he couldn’t lift a briefcase, I am at a loss to see how he could get in and out of a boat,” Judge Lakatos said.

The judge adjourned sentencing submissions until September 3.

Bailey drugged 14yo girl: court

Tim Howard | 29th May 2010

FORMER high school principal Frank Bailey took a 14-year-old girl into his care with the consent of her parents, then allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her, District Court at Grafton was told yesterday.

The trial of Frank Bailey, the principal of St Andrew’s Christian Community School from 2005 to 2008, began taking evidence from witnesses yesterday.

Judge Lakatos is hearing the trial without a jury.

The Crown prosecutor told the court the complainant in this case, who cannot be identified, was a student at the school.

She said that in mid 2006 Bailey had a meeting with the girl’s parents, who had experienced difficulties with their daughter at home.

They agreed the girl stay at Bailey’s home for two weeks. That period was in mid-2006.

The Crown said in that time the girl took part in family activities with the Baileys, but in the second week of her stay Bailey began to make sexual advances on her.

She said that on the day of the assault the accused packed the girl’s lunch, including a water bottle.

The girl allegedly noted that the water in the bottle had an odd taste and that when she returned home (to the Baileys’ house) she had a headache.

Even though she did not complain of any discomfort, Bailey offered her Panadol and gave her two tablets she described as “looking like normal round white Panadols”, the court heard.

The court heard the girl could not swallow the tablets, but noticed, when chewing one, that it did not taste like Panadol. She refused to take the other pill. However, soon after she fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke later in bed. Her school uniform had been removed and she was in pyjamas. The Crown said Bailey was on top of the girl, having penetrative sex with her.

She allegedly screamed out, but Bailey told her to be quiet and pinned her to the bed.

She noticed afterwards that Bailey was wearing a condom and he dressed still wearing the condom beneath his clothing, the prosecutor said. The girl was scared, confused and emotional after the alleged assault.

The Crown said the girl did not talk about the assault for some time and only made her first complaint to police on June 17, 2009. Her first record of interview did not take place until September 16, 2009 and police noted at the time the girl was reticent about complaining until that date.

Bailey was arrested on October 12, 2009 following the girl’s complaint.

The Crown told the court she would present evidence from the complainant, a number of school friends of the girl, the mother of a friend, a doctor and a teacher who accompanied students on an excursion.

The court was then closed to hear the recorded testimony of the complainant.

The court was adjourned with this evidence part-heard.

Bailey’s defence has not yet had a chance test these allegations. The trial will continue next week

Former principal faces sex charges

Tim Howard | 2nd March 2010

A FORMER principal of a Grafton high school, Frank Bailey, 44, has been committed for trial in the District Court at Grafton on a charge of aggravated sexual assault of a person in his care.

The former principal of St Andrew’s Christian Community School at Grafton appeared before Grafton Local Court yesterday via a video link.

Magistrate Kim Pogson told the court there was enough evidence available to convince him that Bailey should be sent to trial in front of a jury.

He asked Bailey if he would like to say anything to the court but warned him that it if he did it could be used as evidence.

Bailey said: “I am not guilty of this charge.”

He will be tried at Grafton on March 31.

School principal jailed for sex with student

November 20, 2009 – 12:06PM

A former high school principal faces just nine months more in jail after being sentenced today for having sex with a 16-year-old student in 2007.

Frank Bailey, 46, the former principal of a Christian school at Grafton in northern NSW, previously pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse over four days with a 16-year-old under his care.

During sentencing submissions he told the Downing Centre District Court in Sydney that he had believed he was in love with the girl, adding that he had mental issues and was lonely and drinking heavily at the time.

In the same court today, Judge John North sentenced Bailey to at least two years and three months in prison, with a maximum sentence of three years and nine months, saying it was “difficult to think of a more blatant abuse of trust”.

“From his seniority he knew that his actions were reprehensible and amounted to a gross abuse of trust,” the judge said.

However, Judge North acknowledged that Bailey had shown strong signs of remorse and contrition in court and in a letter written to his victim.

“Committing these offences has had a devastating effect on his psychological state,” he added.

Bailey sat sobbing, with his head in his hands, rocking back and forth as his sentence was read to the court.

With time already served he will be eligible for parole on August 8 next year.

Child sex principal on new sex charge

October 16, 2009 – 12:04PM

A former high school principal facing sentencing for having sex with a 16-year-old student in 2007 has been charged with the aggravated sexual assault of another pupil one year earlier.

Frank Bailey, 44, former principal of a Christian school at Grafton in northern NSW, is now charged with having sexual intercourse with a teenage girl without her consent when she was under his care in August 2006.

The charge was mentioned in Sydney’s Central Local Court on Friday, when Bailey’s solicitor said she did not require him to be shown on audio-visual link from the jail where he is on remand.

On Thursday, he faced a sentencing hearing in Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court after pleading guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old under his care in 2007.

He told Judge John North, who adjourned sentencing to November 20, he had believed he was in love with that girl.

In the local court on Friday, Magistrate Allan Moore was told the prosecutor wanted the new charge to be transferred to Grafton, a move opposed by Bailey’s solicitor.

Mr Moore said representation on the issue would have to go to the Lismore Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

He formally refused bail and adjourned the case to Grafton Local Court on December 7, when Bailey is expected to appear via video link.

Sex assault principal faces eight years jail


October 16, 2009

A FORMER school principal who sexually abused a student, and who told a court yesterday that he believed he was in love with her, faces up to eight years’ jail.

But Hazel Bell, the teacher who first raised concerns about Frank Bailey’s behaviour towards the 16-year-old girl, has been denied her job back. Two students, Sarah Johnson and Bec Gavan, who also complained about their former headmaster’s conduct with the girl at St Andrew’s Christian School, near Grafton, were expelled and unable to complete their HSC.

Bailey, 44, pleaded guilty in March to five charges of sexually abusing the teenager over a four-day period while she was staying at his home.

Giving evidence during his sentencing hearing in the Sydney District Court yesterday, Bailey said he had thought he was in love with the student and that she had loved him back.

”I felt as though I was making love, but I know that is not right,” he told the court.

Mr Bailey had told a psychiatrist that he did not have romantic feelings for the student, but yesterday said he still cared for her.

”My wife … really showed me how much she loved me by staying with me and when [the psychiatrist] asked me that I didn’t want [my wife] to feel that I didn’t love her,” he said.

The Bailey case was adjourned until November 20.

Outside court the victim’s mother said she was disgusted that a school principal could abuse his position in such a way and label it love.

”Perhaps he needs to have a lesson in what love is … I’m sorry I find that a real joke.”

Mrs Bell was made redundant after making the allegations and approached the school about getting her job as a teacher back following an investigation by the NSW Ombudsman’s office into her allegations against Mr Bailey.

”The answer was, ‘That is never going to happen,” Mrs Bell said.

Ms Johnson and Ms Gavan had insufficient units to go to another school, so were unable to complete their HSC.

The Herald was unable to contact St Andrew’s school last night.

School principal ‘in love’ with student

11:39 AEST Thu Oct 15 2009

The former principal of a Christian school in northern NSW has told a judge he believed he was in love with a 16-year-old student when he had sex with her on five occasions.

Frank Bailey, 44, also repeatedly acknowledged what he had done was wrong and said how sorry he was.

“Every day I just think about what I did and I feel sick,” he said in Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court on Thursday.

He has admitted five counts of sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old under his care in 2007.

While being cross-examined by Crown Prosecutor Kara Shead, Bailey’s arms shook, his eyes were teary and he broke down a number of times.

He agreed he had trained other teachers about appropriate relationships with students and was fully aware of acceptable boundaries.

Bailey said that at the time of the offences he thought he was in love with the victim and that she loved him.

He still cared for her and did not want her to feel he had used her, he said.

While agreeing he had urged the teenager not to tell anyone about the sex, he told the court, “I am glad she did now”.

The sentencing hearing before Judge John North continues.

I was like a zombie: principal says he was in love with pupil he had sex with


October 15, 2009 – 11:36AM

A former school principal who sexually assaulted a female student has told a court he was in love with her and had believed her to be in love with him.

Frank Bailey, the former headmaster at St Andrew’s Christian School near Grafton pleaded guilty in March to five counts of sexual intercourse with a person in his care after he assaulted the 16-year-old while she was staying at his home.

During sentence submissions at Sydney’s Downing Centre District Court, Bailey said he had been like a “zombie” and did not know what he had been thinking at the time he committed the offences.

“You understood didn’t you, just how abhorrent it is for a person in your position to have a sexual relationship with a student,” asked Crown prosecutor, Kara Shead.

“Yes,” he replied. “At the time my mind, I didn’t know what I was thinking but I knew that it was wrong.

“I was like a zombie, I couldn’t think anything. It was only afterwards that I realised how stupid I’d been.”

The victim was supported in court by her family and friends, some of whom cried during Bailey’s evidence.

Bailey, who was supported by his wife and some family members cried and shook uncontrollably as he tried to explain his actions.

Bailey told the court he had loved the victim and had believed they had been “making love” during the assaults.

“Yes, I admit that I didn’t want to get caught, but I loved her, I cared about her, I didn’t want her to feel like I was using her,” he said.

The court heard that after he had assaulted her the first time Bailey apologised to the girl, telling her that it had been an “accident”.

“What were you sorry for?” Ms Shead asked.

“Sorry that she trusted me and that I’d let her down,” replied Bailey, who still has bald patches on his head where he had reportedly pulled his hair out.

“And you abused her trust in the worst possible way, didn’t you?” Ms Shead asked.


The court heard that as a teacher, Bailey had 20 years of training in appropriate behaviour around students.

“It doesn’t matter when you are affected by mental illness you don’t know what you’re doing sometimes. I could never hurt anybody deliberately,” he said.

The hearing before Judge John North continues.

Principal faces sex charge

14th October 2009

GRAFTON school principal Frank Bailey has been charged with aggravated sexual assault in authority.

Police confirmed yesterday a charge was laid against the 44-year-old on Monday.

No details were released by police as to the age or location of the alleged victim because the matter is before court, but the Examiner understands the charge relates to a Clarence Valley girl.

Bailey was the principal of St Andrew’s Christian School in Grafton from 2005 to 2007.

Brave girls pay high price for exposing evil

  • Les Kennedy
  • April 19, 2009

TWO girls who exposed their school principal as a sexual predator say their lives have been ruined since they were expelled from the Christian college.

Friends Sarah Johnson and Bec Gavan blew the whistle on St Andrew’s Christian School headmaster Frank Bailey, who is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to sex charges.

Their warning went unchecked by the Education Department, the Department of Community Services and police from the child protection unit, culminating a month later in the drugging and multiple rape of another teenage girl.

In March, Bailey, 43, pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse with a person in his care.

A year earlier the NSW Ombudsman’s office and others had been told of Bailey’s breach of the Presbyterian Church’s child protection policy for private schools.

In late 2006, Hazel Bell, a science teacher at the school at Clarenza, near Grafton, went to deputy principal David Johnston and the board with concerns about Bailey, who became principal in 2005.

Mrs Bell was concerned at Bailey’s playground cuddles with female students, inappropriate behaviour at after-school Christian youth groups and student pool parties at his home. She said that within two weeks of making the complaint she was made redundant after Mr Johnston told an enraged Bailey of her concerns.

“Revealing my identity was a breach of the confidentiality guidelines in the Whistleblowers [Protection] Act, and I wrote to both the Ombudsman’s office and DOCS, and Presbyterian Social Services, expressing my concerns after I was made redundant,” said Mrs Bell, who had taught at the school for two years.

She said that within a month of his appointment, Bailey, who had taught at Broughton Anglican College at Campbelltown, abolished the school’s “no touch” policy.

He also wrote in the school newsletter that “students had free will to love whoever they liked”.

“He even announced at assembly one day that the no contact policy was out because ‘families touch’ and the school was ‘one big family’,” Mrs Bell said.

She has joined Ms Johnson and Ms Gavan, both 19, in legal action against the Presbyterian Church for damaging their reputations, potential career paths and earning capacity by failing to heed their warnings about Bailey.

The former principal pleaded guilty in the District Court at Grafton over the incidents, which took place at his home over a week in November 2007. He will be sentenced next month.

The offences were committed a month after Ms Johnson and Ms Gavan, then 17 and in year 12, were expelled for voicing concern to other students and the deputy principal about Bailey’s behaviour towards a teenager.

Ms Gavan was expelled on the spot by Bailey on October 22, 2007, for telling him to his face: “Principal Bailey you are a pedophile.”

Ms Johnson, who had been given detention for telling other girls she didn’t like the way Bailey cuddled students or walked around Grafton with his arm around one, was expelled three days later for harassing and denigrating students and teachers, Mr Johnston wrote in his expulsion letter to her parents.

St Andrew’s and the Ombudsman’s Office said they could not comment on the matter.

Sentencing delayed for child sex principal

Posted 1 hour 21 minutes ago
Updated 1 hour 22 minutes ago

A former school principal has appeared in the Grafton District Court, in northern New South Wales, after admitting to having sex with a 16-year-old girl under his care.

The accused is the former principal of the Cooloola Christian College in south-east Queensland and was previously a principal at St Andrew’s Christian College in Grafton where the offences occurred.

Frank Bailey, 43, was expected to be sentenced yesterday after pleading guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old under care.

Grafton solicitor Neil Johnson, acting on behalf of Bailey’s legal counsel, requested more time to allow the defence to prepare eight witnesses.

Crown prosecutor Peter Woods said the victim was in a vulnerable state and recommended she be allowed to read her victim impact statement to the court as soon as possible.

Judge Freeman ruled the matter be adjourned until the next sitting of the District Court on May 18.

The judge said it must be settled by the August sitting.

Bailey is being held in Long Bay Jail, but was in court yesterday.

He sat slumped in the dock and shook uncontrollably throughout the proceedings with his right arm bandaged.

Sentencing of sex principal postponed

16th March 2009

FORMER Grafton and Gympie headmaster Frank Bailey will not be sentenced on sex charges for at least another two months after court proceedings were postponed yesterday.

Bailey, former principal of Cooloola Christian College, has pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old under his care while principal of St Andrew’s Christian College in Clarenza.

Sentencing was scheduled to begin in Grafton District Court yesterday, but was adjourned to give Bailey’s legal counsel more time to prepare.

Crown prosecutor Peter Woods opposed the adjournment, telling the court it would put the female victim under emotional duress. He described the 17-year-old victim as being ‘particularly vulnerable for someone of that age’.

Mr Woods said he had seen the teenager that morning and she appeared ‘very distressed’ at the thought of facing Bailey in court. The teenager was yesterday scheduled to read her victim impact statement to the court. It will be the only time she will have to make a submission on the matter. Mr Woods appealed to the court to deal with the matter expeditiously, saying the victim wanted to have the matter finalised so she could move on with her life.

Bailey’s legal counsel Thomas Feerick was not in court yesterday, but Grafton solicitor Neil Johnson acted on his behalf. Mr Johnson said Mr Feerick had not expected the matter to be sentenced yesterday. He understood it was up for arraignment.

Mr Johnson said the defence intended to call eight people to make submissions at the sentencing, none of whom were based in Grafton. They included medical specialists and a psychologist. He requested the matter be adjourned for at least six weeks to allow the defence time to prepare for the sentencing hearing.

Bailey, 43, faces a maximum term of imprisonment of eight years. He has been in custody in Sydney for the past 10 months. He was scheduled to be sentenced at the next District Court sitting in Grafton starting May 18. A conference will be held on May 6 to determine if it is ready to go ahead. Otherwise, the sentencing will be held over to a later sitting in Grafton in August.

Principal admits to sex with teen

Posted 1 hour 58 minutes ago
Updated 1 hour 40 minutes ago

A former school principal has pleaded guilty to having sex with a 16-year-old under his care on the New South Wales north coast.

Frank Bailey admitted to the two counts of sexual intercourse in Grafton Local Court this week.

The 42-year-old is being held at Sydney’s Long Bay Jail and did not appear for the hearing in person or via video link.

Bailey was the principal of Cooloola Christian College in Gympie, in south-east Queensland, and a school in Clarence Valley, on the NSW north coast.

Bail was formally refused and the case has been set down for March 16 in the Grafton District Court to fix a sentencing date.

Sex principal to be sentenced guilty

Kirsty Allen | 3rd March 2009

FORMER Grafton Christian headmaster Frank Bailey has admitted to the final two sex charges against him.

The admission ends six months of legal proceedings and rules out the need for the victim to participate in a criminal trial.

Bailey, formerly the principal of St Andrew’s Christian College, has now pleaded guilty to five counts of having sex with a 16-year-old under his care.

He faces a maximum term of imprisonment of eight years.

Bailey, 43, did not appear at Grafton Local Court yesterday. Instead his pleas were entered by Grafton solicitor Neil Johnson, on behalf of Bailey’s legal counsel Thomas Feerick.

Bailey, pictured, has been on suicide watch at Long Bay Correctional Centre.

He was scheduled to appear at court via audio visual link yesterday but was not required.

The married father-of three has been in police custody since his arrest in May last year.

Mr Feerick said after the arrest that Bailey did not apply for bail so he could undergo mental health treatment in jail.

Bailey’s arrest last May followed a three-month investigation by the Coffs Harbour Child Protection unit.

That investigation began after Bailey resigned from St Andrew’s Christian College at the end of 2007.

He had worked at the St Andrew’s Christian College for more than two years before moving briefly to Gympie, where he again worked as a headmaster at a Christian school.

The offences happened in Grafton just before Bailey left the area to take up a job in Queensland.

He was forced to stand down from the job in Gympie when the investigation about him became known.

During his two years in Grafton, Bailey lived at Junction Hill.

Bailey was living in Sydney with his family at the time of his arrest.

A date for Bailey to be sentenced in the District Court was scheduled to be set down at Grafton Local Court on March 16.

Ex-principal fronts court over sex charges

Posted 1 hours and 25 minutes ago
Updated 1 hours and 24 minutes ago

A former Clarence Valley school principal has appeared in the Grafton Local Court, on the New South Wales north coast, on a string of sex charges.

Frank Bailey is charged with four counts of sexual intercourse with a person under care and aggravated sexual assault of a victim under the authority of the offender.

Bailey did not enter a plea and did not apply for bail, which was formally refused.

The case was adjourned until December 1 when Bailey must enter a plea.

He will next appear in the court by video link from jail.


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