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McQuilton – Daniel Anthony - Photo

Daniel McQuilton: I’ve had enough jail

24 Apr 2014, midnight

A SUPERVISED sex offender who removed his electronic tracking device told Corrective Services staff “I’m not going back to jail” when they urged him to hand himself in.

Corrective Services was able to make contact with Daniel Anthony McQuilton after he removed the monitoring device in central Sydney last Wednesday, triggering an alarm.

He admitted to them that he had removed the device.

When staff encouraged him to return he told them: “It is not living on this order and I’m not doing it any more. I’ve had enough.”

McQuilton, who is classified a high-risk sex offender, later car-jacked a woman in Bondi Junction and fled in her stolen Mitsubishi Lancer to Wodonga, where he lost control of the car and hit a tree in London Road in the early hours of Good Friday.

Soon after he handed himself in to police at Wodonga.

McQuilton did not apply for bail when he appeared in Albury Local Court yesterday after his extradition from Victoria to NSW on Tuesday.

He entered guilty pleas to three counts of failing to comply with a supervision order, assault with intent to take a motor vehicle, not giving details to owner of damaged property and failing to stop when pursued by police.

He is yet to enter a plea to a charge of unlicensed driving.

McQuilton was jailed in 2009 for three years over the sexual assault and bashing of a Wodonga dancer in Young Street, Albury, in 2008.

In January, the Supreme Court placed him on an extended supervision order for two years and six months, requiring him to wear the tracking device.

Magistrate Tony Murray adjourned the matters for sentencing in Sydney on June 11.

He ordered a psychiatric assessment of McQuilton.

Guilty plea for sex attack accused

Posted 25 Nov 2008, 11:14am

A man has pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault after a dance student was attacked in Albury in July.

Daniel Anthony McQuilton, 21, of Tangambalanga, has appeared in the Albury Local Court.

A statement tendered to the court alleges McQuilton approached a woman from behind as she went to her car in the Crisp Street car park and grabbed her by the face, saying he was not going to hurt her.

It said the woman struggled and McQuilton punched her once to the head area and then sexually assaulted her.

The statement alleges the woman fell to the ground and McQuilton kneed her once in the face before she ran away. McQuilton turned himself in to police five days later.

The statement says he later expressed remorse and said it was a spur of the moment decision resulting from a frustration with women.

He has been remanded in custody and will return to court in February.


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Rapist Peter Scott Griffin to be released despite past breaches of orders

February 18, 2015 5:25PM

A RAPIST who has repeatedly broken supervision rules while out of jail will again be released into the community.

Peter Scott Griffin, 46, served a 13-year sentence for attacking three women in the street in 1998, forcing them to perform oral sex on him and raping one victim.

He was released from jail in 2012 but put on a strict supervision order.

He was jailed again in June last year after he lost his temper with his supervisors because they put him on a 24-hour curfew when his online romance soured.

His supervisors from Corrective Services were worried he hadn’t admitted to his internet girlfriend that he was a convicted sex offender.

The girlfriend was set to fly to Queensland to meet him.

His parole officers were worried he would stop taking drugs aimed at reducing his sex drive.

After a hearing to decide whether he should be kept behind bars Justice Martin Daubney ruled Mr Griffin should be released because there was no longer any danger he would breach his supervision order.

The June incident was his third breach. The other two breaches included being caught masturbating in a shopping centre carpark in January 2013 and losing his temper with police last year.


  • February 14, 1998: Grabs 17yo girl from behind and drags her from a North Rockhampton street at 8.15pm, over a guard rail onto a bush hill. He sexually assaults her and restrains her by choking.
  • May 24, 1998: 23yo woman is followed as she walks between two hotels in the Rocky CBD at 12.25pm and attacked from behind. Griffin flees when two men on a hotel balcony yell out.
  • May 24, 1998: About an hour later an 18yo woman is punched to the ground and raped.
  • July 21, 1998: Young woman is robbed and sexually assaulted on a Rockhampton street. Griffin restrains her by choking. Police take down a number plate and catch him.
  • July 8, 2011: Griffin was put on a continuing detention order, beyond his fulltime release date after 13 years’ jail.
  • October 29, 2012: Released on a DPSOA supervision order with strict conditions.
  • January 3, 2013: Contravened condition not to reoffend when a woman saw him masturbating in a public car park at North Rockhampton.


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Troy Myers

Posted: January 31, 2013 by Serendipity in NSW, Photo
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Myers – Troy - Photo,22049,24826673-5006009,00.html

Serial paedophile caught doing drugs before escape

Article from: The Daily-Telegraph

By Joe Hildebrand

December 20, 2008 12:00am

A PAEDOPHILE who went on the run after ditching his satellite security bracelet was caught taking drugs and drinking before he fled.

The Daily Telegraph can also reveal it was three days after he absconded before an arrest warrant was issued.

The 28-year-old Campbelltown man was arrested late yesterday after police issued a public alert.

Troy Myers was released in late September after serving four years for aggravated sexual assault of a person under 16. He was fitted with the tracking device by Corrective Services who feared he may offend again.

The Daily Telegraph understands shortly after his release he breached parole by taking the methamphetamine ice, detected in a Corrective Services urine test, was imprisoned and released by a magistrate.

Weeks later he was urine tested again and found to have the drug in his blood. Again he was jailed and again a a magistrate released him.

Then on Sunday in a random alcohol breath test he blew 0.119, which is thought to be why he fled, knowing this time there was little chance of avoiding prison.

Despite Myers breaching the test and fleeing on Sunday, it is understood an arrest warrant was not issued until Wednesday. It was two more days before the public was made aware a man “considered dangerous and not to be approached” was on the loose.

Police defended the delays, saying they were hunting him from the start.


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Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth has ruled that Hancock be released into the Ipswich community on a 10 year supervision order. He will have to comply with a long list of conditions – including staying away form schools, not accessing the internet & 24 hour curfew.



Brisbane District Court gave a two year suspended sentence for possessing explicit child pornography.

Hancock was arrested when he went to an internet cafe and downloaded child pornography to a USB device.

Pedophile’s ‘excessive’ sentence slashed


July 16, 2010

A Brisbane pedophile has had his jail sentence slashed after the Queensland Court of Appeal agreed his prison term was excessive.

Graeme Paul Hancock, 25, was sentenced to 18 months jail in April when he pleaded guilty to indecent treatment of a child.

He had used his mobile phone to take a photograph of a naked four-year-old girl at South Bank parklands in June last year.

The offence occurred four months after Hancock was released from prison, where he had served five years behind bars for the sexual abuse of three children aged five, seven and nine.

At the time of his arrest at South Bank, he was subject to a restrictive supervision order under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act.

The offence breached the order and he was put back in jail under the provisions of the Act.

In the Court of Appeal this morning, defence barrister Carl Heaton said the sentencing judge – even though he had ordered Hancock be eligible for parole after five months’ behind bars – had failed to take into account his client had spent 10 months in jail before he was sentenced.

Mr Heaton argued the 18-month sentence was manifestly excessive.

After a short adjournment, Court of Appeal Chief Justice Paul de Jersey and Justices Hugh Fraser and Richard Chesterman returned a unanimous decision to set aside Hancock’s sentence and replace it with a lesser jail term.

They ordered his jail sentence expire today, but acknowledged Hancock would not be released from prison as he was still subject to detention under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act.

That Act allowed the continued detention of particular prisoners for their control, care and treatment, or for their supervised release.

Justice De Jersey said the offence was “at the lower end of the scale” because there had been no physical contact with the child at South Bank and the child was unaware the photograph had been taken.

Paedophile jailed over naked girl pic

  • From: AAP
  • April 15, 2010 11:54AM

A MAN who took photographs of a naked girl at Brisbane’s South Bank had only recently been released from jail for raping two young children, a court has been told.

Graeme Paul Hancock, 25, was arrested on June 14, 2009, accused of using his mobile phone to take photos of a four-year-old girl playing naked in the shallows of the popular inner-city beach, the Brisbane District Court was told today.

Prosecutor Mathew Thompson told the court Hancock had only been released from jail four months earlier after serving five years for a string of child sex offences, including the rape of two young children.

He was released on a strict 15-year community-based supervision order under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act, which banned him from visiting public parks, or possessing child exploitation material, he said.

He breached his supervision order by committing this latest offence, and upon his arrest was returned immediately to jail, where he has spent the last 10 months.

Mr Thompson said that when confronted about taking the photograph, Hancock originally provided police with a false name and gave them a second mobile phone that contained no illegal images.

When they finally retrieved the offending phone, they found a second photo of two small children, which Hancock had taken on a train.

Hancock today pleaded guilty to one count of indecent treatment of a child under 12 and two of breaching his supervision order.

Judge Milton Griffin said he took into account the 10 months Hancock had already spent behind bars when sentencing him to 18 months’ jail.

He ordered Hancock be eligible for parole in September.

Pedophile Hancock to be kept in jail

Amelia Bentley

June 16, 2009 – 1:01PM

A tagged Brisbane sex offender who took photographs of a naked girl at South Bank Parklands at the weekend will be kept behind bars.

Graeme Paul Hancock, 24, made a brief appearance in the Queensland Supreme Court in Brisbane this morning, where he faced a charge of breaching a supervision order.

The order, which had 42 separate conditions designed to limit his behaviour and risk of reoffending, was placed upon Hancock after his release from prison in February this year for previous child sex offences, including rape.

The court was told Hancock breached four of the supervision order conditions when he was arrested by police at South Bank on Sunday after a complaint was made that he had taken photographs of a naked four-year-old girl playing on Streets Beach.

Police found Hancock with a mobile phone in his possession that contained images of the girl.

Justice Martin Daubney said the conditions breached included: not to commit an offence; not to commit an offence of a sexual nature; not to visit a public park and not to collect or retain images of children.

Hancock faced Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday charged with making child exploitation material and possessing child exploitation material. He applied for bail, but the application was adjourned until Thursday.

Justice Daubney today said he was bound by the law to order Hancock remain in custody unless he could provide “exceptional circumstances” to support his release back into the community.

Hancock’s lawyer, Soraya Ryan, from Legal Aid Queensland, said she could not provide the court with evidence of exceptional circumstances, meaning he must remain locked up.

Hancock made a brief appearance in court before the matter but was not present in the prisoner’s dock when the case was heard.

Yesterday, the Brisbane Magistrates Court was told Hancock, who wears an electronic ankle bracelet to monitor his movements, lived at a facility at Wacol, which held other former prisoners on supervision orders.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Rebecca McDonald described him as a “serious, dangerous and sexual predator” who had a history of committing sexual offences against children.

He told police he could not control himself and if he saw a young girl wearing a skirt, he would have to look up it, she said.

The State Opposition yesterday questioned why a man with Hancock’s record was allowed to go free from prison without an attempt by the Attorney-General to seek indefinite detention.

Sex offender ‘filmed naked girl at South Bank’

Amelia Bentley

June 15, 2009 – 1:30PM

A convicted sex offender wearing an electronic tag told police he could not control his sexual urges when he was caught photographing a naked child at South Bank Parklands yesterday, a court has heard.

Graeme Paul Hancock, 24, described in Brisbane Magistrates Court today as a “serious, dangerous sexual predator”, was arrested about 1.30pm while allegedly using a mobile phone camera to photograph a five year-old girl.

The girl was naked as she played on the shoreline.

It was revealed during a hearing this morning Hancock had a history of committing sexual offences against children and had served time in jail.

Since his release in February, he has been living under a supervision order at a facility at Wacol.

He was charged following his latest arrest with making child exploitation material, possessing child exploitation material and contravening a supervision order.

Sergeant Rebecca McDonald said Hancock told police he couldn’t control himself and if he saw a young girl wearing a skirt he would have to try and look up it.

Sergeant McDonald opposed his release on bail on the grounds he posed a risk of reoffending.

“It would be a great concern for him to go back out into the community and allowed to be a predator to small children.”

Duty lawyer Caroline Hunter said Hancock, who suffers from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and Aspergers syndrome, wears an ankle bracelet to allow Corrective Services officers to monitor his movements.

Ms Hunter said she understood the Wacol facility in which he lived could tighten Hancock’s supervision restrictions so that he would not be allowed out.

Magistrate Linda Bradford-Morgan adjourned the bail application in order for more information about the facility to be obtained for the court.

A decision about his release will be made on Thursday.


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