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Ex-firefighter avoids prison despite having ‘worst child abuse material’ police officer had ever seen

By Georgia Hitch

Updated yesterday at 3:24pm

A former Darwin fire commander has escaped jail time for possessing what police described as some of the worst child abuse videos they had ever seen.

Andrew Stenhouse, 58, also known as Joe, pleaded guilty to possessing eight child abuse videos, with two rated in the worst category of child abuse material and the other six in the second most severe category.

Justice Peter Barr told the court the worst category included depictions of “torture, cruelty or abuse of children” and the second-worst category included “penetrative sexual activity between adults and children”.

He also said one police investigator had described the material as the “worst example of child abuse material” they had seen and found it “difficult and distressing” to view.

But Stenhouse walked free from court after Justice Barr reduced his sentence from 12 months to nine months for cooperating with investigations and pleading guilty at an early stage.

The nine-month sentence was then fully suspended.

Attempt by Stenhouse ‘to seek emotional respite’

The court heard Stenhouse had downloaded other files containing child abuse material that had been deleted from his hard drive and could not be recovered by police.

Justice Barr said in a psychiatric evaluation Stenhouse had said he viewed the child abuse videos and other material – objects being blown up and people being killed – in an attempt to seek “emotional respite”.

The court heard at the time Stenhouse was concerned about health issues after being diagnosed with a high level of PFOS – a controversial chemical previously used in firefighting foam currently being investigated by Australian and international authorities.

Stenhouse was also affected by a fatal accident that occurred between an aviation firetruck and a car which occurred on his watch as commander.

“I fail to understand how the type of material referred to in the facts [or] videos of things being blown up and people being killed could possibly have given you any possible emotional respite,” Justice Barr said.

But he said there was no evidence Stenhouse had a psychosocial disorder or sought sexual gratification by watching the videos.

Shame and embarrassment to act as deterrent

Justice Barr also said he took into account that Stenhouse had not paid for the videos, had a low amount of them, had deleted them after watching them and had stopped accessing them at the time of his arrest.

“You had not accessed child abuse material for some two months prior to the police search last year,” he said.

“You were no longer an active participant in this activity.”

Justice Barr also told the court “the shame and embarrassment [Stenhouse] experienced … and [his] public humiliation subsequently” would also act as deterrents.

Stenhouse will be subject to ongoing reporting and supervision under the Child Protection Act.






Cowan - Brett Peter - Photo5

Brett Peter Cowan: Daniel Morcombe’s killer had long history of preying on children

Fri 14 Mar 2014, 7:50am

Daniel Morcombe’s killer Brett Peter Cowan is a serial predator with an extensive history of sexually abusing children.

The 44-year-year told an inquest into Daniel’s disappearance that by the time he turned 18 he had already preyed on up to 30 children.

He said his offending stretched back to when he was about nine or 10 years of age.

However, he was first convicted of a child sex offence in 1989 over the molestation of a seven-year-old boy in the public toilets of a Queensland playground.

He was sentenced to two years for indecent dealing.

Four years later while living in a Darwin caravan park, Cowan molested a six-year-old boy in a violent attack which left the child with a punctured lung.

Cowan left the boy to die in an old car in bushland before the naked, dazed and bleeding child staggered into a service station for help.

After initially denying any involvement in the attack, Cowan confessed after police told him they had found DNA evidence linking him to the crime.

In September 1993, Cowan pleaded guilty to gross indecency, grievous bodily harm and deprivation of liberty and was sentenced to seven years in jail.

After his release from prison on parole in 1998 he moved to the Sunshine Coast to be close to relatives and soon became involved in the Christian Outreach Church.

He met Tracey Moncrieff through the church and in 1999 they later married and had a child.

The couple were living in Beerwah at the time Daniel went missing. They divorced in 2004.

Cowan was an early suspect in Daniel’s disappearance and was first interviewed by police two weeks after the 13-year-old went missing. Officers interviewed him again in 2005.

For an unexplained reason, Cowan changed his name to Shaddo N-Unyah Hunter between 2003 and a 2011 inquest into Daniel’s disappearance, at which he was called to give evidence.

“I had nothing to do with Daniel’s disappearance, nothing at all,” he told the court.

However, shortly after Cowan’s appearance at the inquest he told undercover police officers that he picked Daniel up from a bus stop to “have fun” with him.

He told the officers, who were posing as criminal gang members, that he drove Daniel to a demountable building on a macadamia farm in a secluded bushland area in Beerwah with the intention of molesting him.

He said he invited Daniel in for a drink of water and tried to pull his pants down.

When Daniel said “Oh no” and began to struggle, Cowan said he choked him with his arm around his neck.

Cowan told the officers he disposed of Daniel’s body in an old sand mining area.

Daniel’s bone fragments were later found at the site.

Cowan was arrested and charged with Daniel’s murder in August 2011 and was found guilty in March 2014.


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Did live in the Newcastle suburb of Carrington.


Steel was the second person in NSW to be prosecuted under the Crimes (Child Sex Tourism) Act, which was introduced in 1994 for offences in India.

Man jailed for viewing child porn at Net cafe

Posted Wed Dec 22, 2004 6:38pm AEDT

A 50-year-old man has been sentenced to nine months’ jail for viewing child pornography at a Darwin Internet cafe.

Bruce Clyde Steele pleaded guilty in the Darwin Magistrates Court to acting offensively in a public place and two charges of possessing child pornography.

Steele was released from Sydney’s Long Bay jail in October after serving five years for child sex offences.

He travelled to Darwin and three weeks later was caught downloading 94 images when he visited the Global Gossip Cafe on Mitchell Street.

In sentencing, magistrate Greg Cavanagh said Steele’s behaviour was brazen, outrageous and had shocked other customers.



Simon Pugh

Posted: April 6, 2014 by Serendipity in Northern Territory, Suspended Sentence
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Public servant jailed for interfering with girl

Posted October 22, 2008 14:14:00

A 41-year-old Darwin public servant has been sentenced to four years in jail, three of them suspended, for interfering with an underage girl and possessing hundreds of images of child pornography.

But Simon Pugh has been given a suspended sentence and will be released next month.

Pugh pleaded guilty to several offences relating to indecently touching a 12-year-old girl and taking photos of her in various states of undress.

He was also found guilty of possessing hundreds of images of child pornography, including dozens which depicted actual sex between adults and children.

Supreme Court judge Stephen Southwood said Pugh had contributed to the exploitation, violation and abuse of children.

The judge also told the court the 12-year-old girl said she had been depressed since her contact with Pugh.

The judge said he accepted that Pugh felt remorseful and may be rehabilitated through therapy.

Pugh has been in custody since last November and will be released next month.


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Man pleads guilty over child porn

Posted Tue Jan 24, 2006 2:27pm AEDT

A 57-year-old Darwin man has pleaded guilty to possessing thousands of images of child pornography.

The offences occurred between December 2004 and August last year.

The Darwin Magistrates Court heard Gordon Milne took his computer to a repair store, where a technician saw the images and contacted police.

The court was told Milne had more than 7,000 child pornography images on his computer including 80 in the most severe category.

He also had 33 movies of children participating in different forms of sexual acts with adults. Some of the children were babies.

The prosecutor said many child pornography images came from Eastern Europe and Milne’s activity was keeping those exploitative operations going.

Milne’s defence lawyer said his client had admitted offending and was sorry.

Milne also pleaded guilty to selling child pornography.

He will be sentenced later today.


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Sex offender to be extradited to SA

Posted Thu Jan 27, 2005 5:33pm AEDT

A Darwin man will be extradited to South Australia tomorrow after failing to attend a sex offender’s program in that state.

Forty-two-year old David Rupert Mills was convicted in 2001 of indecently assaulting a nine-year-old girl.

He was sentenced to a 10-month suspended jail term on the condition that he attend a sex offender’s program.

Mills was also ordered to undertake 140 hours of community service but failed to complete any time.

South Australian police issued a warrant for the man’s arrest and he was apprehended in Darwin this week.

The Darwin Magistrates Court heard police had received complaints from people who had seen the man singing at a Darwin market and doing bubble tricks for children at the weekend.

The Magistrate Jenny Blokland refused bail and ordered that Mills be extradited to Adelaide tomorrow, to appear in court on Monday.

Kevin Victor McIntosh

Posted: January 5, 2013 by Serendipity in Northern Territory

Darwin man caught with 5200 child porn images

By Adrienne Francis

Posted 3 hours and 28 minutes ago
Updated 2 hours and 27 minutes ago

A Darwin man who pleaded guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography has been sentenced to 20 months’ jail.

In March, 43-year-old Kevin Victor McIntosh was caught with 5200 images and six videos featuring child pornography.

He was also caught distributing two of the images.

In sentencing this morning, Justice Dean Mildren said McIntosh is not a threat to children and there is no evidence that he made contact with children.

Justice Mildren told the court the man’s Asperger’s syndrome means he is “less morally culpable”.

He added that he had to weigh the man’s condition against his prospects of rehabilitation.

McIntosh was sentenced to 20 months’ jail, with a non-parole period of 10 months backdated to the time of his arrest.