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Teacher banned for cyber ‘game’

  • by: Tanya Chilcott
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • December 03, 2010 11:00PM

A TEACHER who made an avatar – a computer alter ego – to interact inappropriately with a 12-year-old in a virtual world has been deregistered and banned for reapplying for four years.

Gregory Stark, 44, was also found by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) to have hugged and kissed the student inappropriately, sent her inappropriate text messages including one saying, “I love you so much it hurts”, and given her presents including mobile phone credit, CDs and poems.

In a written decision QCAT stated the student gave evidence Mr Stark’s avatar “engaged in sexualised behaviour with her avatar”.

“When questioned about this, Mr Stark was evasive; he consistently claimed he “did not know” whether his avatar was capable of such behaviour,” the written decision stated.

The tribunal also found he had encouraged the student to use a webcam when she was interacting online with him.

“The tribunal considers that the behaviour of Mr Stark is very serious,” QCAT wrote.

“He has admitted that he wanted his relationship with the student to continue after she left school.

“He accessed school records to obtain her home telephone number and address and visited the student at home during the holidays.

“He discouraged the student from telling others of his conduct because he knew it was inappropriate.”

The Queensland College of Teachers (QCT), which began an investigation into Mr Stark after it was informed by the Department of Education there was an investigation into his behaviour last October, told QCAT the teacher’s conduct represented “a campaign of grooming”.

The tribunal ordered Mr Stark’s teaching registration be cancelled and he be banned from reapplying for four years.

He was also ordered to obtain treatment from a registered psychologist within 12 months of reapplying for registration.





Scott - Peter Wayne - Photo

Age:  62  (2014)

Location:  Northern NSW

Offence:  Convicted of 13 child-sex offences committed between 1984 and 1986.

Sentence: Sentenced to 14 years with a minimum of seven years and six months in jail.
Scott will be eligible for parole in 2021.

Other:  Scott taught art at Mullumbimby High, Byron High and Kingscliff TAFE while simultaneously

making music videos for bands including the Divynils, Mental as Anything and the Choirboys. While he

was a teacher at Cromer High School on Sydney’s northern beaches in the 1980s, he plied teenage male

students with marijuana and other drugs and then had sex with them.


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Cleaner photographs kids on toilet

By Glenn Cordingley

May 11, 2007 12:39pm

A CLEANER at a primary school who drilled holes in the ceiling of a toilet and took pictures of girls and female teachers, leaving some children traumatised, was jailed for just four months today.

Adrian Alan Mayne, 31, of Hobart, used the school’s own camera to take 36 pictures of the breast and groin areas of girls and female members of staff at the Tasmanian school.

He also drilled a large hole in the kindergarten floor to take pictures “upwards from the legs of female teachers”.

Mayne superimposed the snaps on to photographs of adults engaging in sexual activity to make a collection of 90 images, the Supreme Court of Tasmania was told.

Justice Peter Evans said today that the toilets were also used by a playgroup and after school sports groups.

Mayne had also downloaded images from the internet of children naked or in sexual poses, Justice Evans said.

The court was told that some of the children at the school now had nightmares and others were losing trust in adults, with one of them soiling himself because he was too scared to use the toilets.

Mayne was employed by the school as a cleaner, but his duties included gardening maintenance and repairs.

He also was involved in running the school’s vegetable plot and coaching the local football team.

“The discovery of his conduct has caused anxiety and disgust,” Justice Evans said.

“It is not difficult to envisage what effect this will have on his wife and children. He is totally remorseful and ashamed by what he has done.”

But Justice Evans said a prison sentence was necessary to reflect the seriousness of the crime.

He jailed Mayne for four months and ordered he be placed on a sexual offenders’ register for 10 years on his release.

Mayne earlier pleaded guilty to three counts of indecency, one count of producing child exploitation material, and one count of possessing child exploitation material.

Tasmania’s Department of Education said today it inspected all government school toilets and amenities before the school started this year.

“Schools have taken immediate action to rectify potential situations that could provide opportunities for inappropriate behaviour,” Department of Education deputy secretary Greg Glass said.

“A full investigation was carried out by the department in relation to the events and support was offered to staff, students and their families,” Mr Glass said.