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Location:   Cairns , QLD

Offence:    Guilty of three counts of rape ( November 2015 )

Sentence:  Sentenced to 16 years jail

Other:    Little wore a balaclava, sunglasses, black hoodie and black tracksuit pants when he forced his way into the woman’s motel room, bound, gagged & then raped her multiple times. Little’s criminal history includes sexual assaults against three woman while wearing a balaclava in the 1990s.





Ian Fredric Awee

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Gympie man jailed for raping woman in her own home





Sterling Bower

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AGE:  48  (2016)

LOCATION:  Ringwood East, VIC

OFFENCE:  Bower lured a young girl into bushland near a Ringwood East kindergarten & raped her in September 1989.

SENTENCE:  County Court Judge Phillip Coish sentenced Bower to a maximum of six years in jail with a non-parole of four years, with 350 days already served.

OTHER: The 1989 case went cold until Victoria Police forensic experts revisited DNA evidence in December 2014. Bower was extradited from Queensland to Victoria in May 2015.

Bower has also been convicted of multiple counts of stalking, making child exploitation material, and indecent treatment of a child under 12.




Crowe - Richard John - Photo.

Sydney man Richard John Crowe who raped five children sentenced to 12 years’ jail

Updated 4 Sep 2015, 12:15am

A man who kidnapped and raped five children across Sydney more than two decades ago has been jailed.

In what authorities described as “every parent’s worst nightmare”, Richard John Crowe grabbed girls as young as nine off the streets and took them to remote locations, where he raped them at knifepoint.

Crowe eluded police for 25 years before cold case investigators finally cracked the case.

The 45-year-old from Riverwood was arrested last year and, after pleading guilty to multiple charges of kidnapping and sexual assault, was yesterday sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in jail.

District Court Judge Anthony Garling said the attacks were calculated and predatory.

“He set out to physically attack young girls — children — going about their daily lives, no doubt feeling safe and enjoying their youth, as they were entitled to do,” he said.

“He terrified them, changed their lives, they no longer feel safe. It has badly affected all of them.”

‘Long hard slog’ to find Crowe

The sentencing was the culmination of an exhaustive police investigation beginning in 2011.

The NSW Police Force’s Cold Case Justice Project was able to identify the same DNA at all five crime scenes and the new lead was referred to the Sex Crimes Squad. Strike Force Woolwich was formed to investigate all five matters.

Detective Superintendent Linda Howlett, who oversaw the investigation, told the ABC it took three years of hard slog to narrow down the search for the rapist.

“They went back to basics, they attended the crime scenes,” she said.

“They looked at old offender photos, checked with corrections, looked at modus operandi, not only in NSW but other states as well.

“It really was hard work. It took them a couple of years. At one stage they had a list of 13,000 persons to look at and they managed to break it down to about 116 persons, and as a result of that we identified the offender.”

Other victims of sexual assault urged to come forward

One of Crowe’s victims, Rebecca Nimmo, said she had given up hope of an arrest because it was like “finding a needle in a haystack.”

“What the police have done is unbelievable. Amazing. I never thought in a million years that this day would ever, ever happen,” she said.

Ms Nimmo was 17 years old when Crowe grabbed her from behind as she walked to work in Artarmon in 1991.

Speaking exclusively to the ABC, Ms Nimmo said Crowe threatened her with a knife and dragged her into nearby bushes.

“All I could think about were things on the news about other people that have been raped or gang raped,” she said.

“All I was doing was going ‘just let me go. I don’t care what you do to me, just let me go’.”

After the attack, Crowe told Ms Nimmo she could go, but she froze.

“I was scared he was going to chase me again. So I just froze in the bushes and just waited for him to leave the scene,” she said.

It was one of five similar attacks on young girls across Sydney between 1989 and 1991. The other girls, aged between nine and 12, were abducted from streets in the Bankstown area.

In each case, Crowe took the girls to isolated locations and raped them.

The cases were thoroughly investigated, but due to forensic limitations at the time, no-one was charged. That was until it was re-opened as a cold case.

Detective Superintendent Howlett said police wanted to encourage rape victims to come forward, no matter how long ago they were assaulted.

“Once we have an investigation we just never give up. If you commit an offence we’ll eventually track you down,” he said.

Ms Nimmo is relieved that she will no longer be looking over her shoulder for Richard Crowe.

“I have tears of joy that you’re going away. Justice has got you,” she said.

“It’s given me a sense of stability again. It’s made me feel like I’m a person again.”

She said she had decided to go public to urge other victims of sexual assault to seek help.

“Never give up. It’s not your fault. And don’t ever blame yourself because it’s out of your control,” she said.

Crowe will be eligible for parole in 2022.


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Colin James Ambrym

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Ambrym – Colin James - Photo2

5½ years for sexual assault

June 6, 2015, midnight

AN Albury man, who sexually assaulted a teenage girl after breaking into her family’s home intending to steal items, has been jailed for 5½ years.

Judge Gordon Lerve sentenced Colin James Ambrym in the District Court at Albury and imposed a minimum term of 3½ years on a charge of aggravated break and enter committing a serious indictable offence of depriving someone’s liberty.

The sentence was backdated to the date of Ambrym’s arrest and his earliest possible release is April 3, 2018.

Ambrym was identified from a fingprint left on a lap-top computer and DNA from the girl.

The random home invasion happened in central Albury on June 21 last year when the victim, 15, was at home alone.

She was sitting on a couch in the lounge room with her dog when Ambrym entered the house through a closed, but unlocked back door.

The dog began to growl and the victim saw Ambrym standing inside the house carrying her laptop, a DS game console and mobile phone in his arms.

When he saw her, Ambrym put the items down and put his hand over the girl’s mouth to stop her making any noise or calling for help.

He walked the victim towards the kitchen-dining area with his hand still covering her mouth.

Ambrym said he was not going to rape or harm her and indicated he was leaving.

He said he had to tie her up before leaving and indicated for her to take off her jacket.

His hands were put on the victim’s waist as he escorted her to the bathroom.

The victim took off her jacket, top and jeans and was hoping Ambrym would leave.

But he asked the girl’s age, was told and put his hand inside her underwear.

The victim’s father arrived home while that was happening and Ambrym was alerted by noise.

He ran from the house, jumped a back fence and the victim told her father what had happened.

A call was made to police, who established a crime scene and Ambrym’s fingerprint was found on the computer.

The victim was taken to the Albury hospital for examination and a swab from inside her underwear positively matched Ambrym’s DNA.

Two days later an arrest warrant was issued for Ambrym and police released a photograph of him to the media to assist in finding him.


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The Court of Criminal Appeal has dismissed an appeal by Joseph Rosenburg against his convictions and sentence for three counts of sexual intercourse without consent and three of indecent assault, arising out of a single incident in Hyde Park. The Court found that the verdicts of guilty were well and truly open on the evidence and there was no error in sentencing.



Hyde Park rapist Joseph Stephen Rosenburg sentenced to 11 years’ jail

  • June 19, 2015 6:34PM

A MAN who raped a drunk teenager in Sydney’s Hyde Park has been sentenced to a maximum of 11 years for the “predatory” attack.

Joseph Stephen Rosenburg exhaled deeply after the sentence was handed down but said nothing.

The 52-year-old was found guilty in February of three counts of sexual intercourse without consent and three charges of indecent assault against the 18-year-old woman in August 2013.

Rosenburg indecently assaulted the heavily intoxicated teen outside Starbucks in the CBD before following her into the city park and forcing her to perform oral and anal sex.

During the attack, he told the teen “I’m not going to kill you if you go with it”.

Afterwards, the hysterical teenager called a friend to pick her up, saying, “he has hurt me, he has hurt me. He raped me, he raped me”.

When the friend found her outside St James railway station, she was curled up in a ball, her make-up was smeared all over her face and there were scratches high up on her legs.

In sentencing him in the Downing Centre District Court on Friday, Judge Stephen Hanley said the teen had continually told Rosenburg throughout the attack, “Please don’t do this”, but he carried on saying, “Shh”.

“He was motivated by his own sexual gratification and had no regard of the discomfort and humiliation experienced by his victim,” Judge Hanley said.

“I am satisfied his behaviour was predatory.”

He said Rosenburg had shown “no contrition at all” and seemed to hold his victim responsible.

Rosenburg, who represented himself in the sentencing proceedings, made a number of bizarre claims on Friday, including that he was as “traumatised” as his victim, and that she should have told him to “f*** off” if she wasn’t consenting.

He was sentenced to at least eight years and three months’ jail and will be eligible for parole in June 2022.

It comes after his disturbing criminal history was revealed in court documents this week.

In February 1993, when he was 29, Rosenburg crawled through a window of a Crows Nest home in Sydney’s north and into the bed of a five-year-old girl.

He exposed himself and performed oral sex on her, saying “I’ll come back tomorrow and I’ll bring you some lollies”.

He was also jailed in 2007 after attacking his sister’s partner with a metal bar on Christmas Day 2006, fracturing his face. Rosenburg has indicated he will appeal his conviction over the Hyde Park assault.

12:55pm February 4, 2015

Man found guilty of Hyde Park teen rape


A man accused of raping a drunk teenager in Sydney’s Hyde Park while saying “I’m not going to kill you if you go with it”, has been found guilty of six sex offences.

It took just over an hour of deliberations for the jury in Joseph Stephen Rosenburg’s trial to find him guilty of three counts of sexual intercourse without consent and three charges of indecent assault.

After the jury had delivered their verdict and left the court, Rosenburg claimed he had been “scammed”.

During his trial, the District Court heard the 18-year-old girl, who cannot be named, had been out with friends at a bar in Oxford Street on August 29, 2013.

Heavily intoxicated, she eventually left in a taxi with an unknown man who, after she was sick, left her on the side of the road.

She said in the early hours of August 30, as she lay down next to a building opposite Hyde Park in Sydney’s city centre, Rosenburg went up to her and put his hand up her dress.

In a bid to escape the 51-year-old, she said she went into the park and lay down near a tree.

Rosenburg followed her and began touching her, saying, “I’m not going to kill you if you go with it.”

The court heard that as she pleaded with him to stop, he forced her to perform oral and anal sex.

Afterwards, the teenager called a friend to pick her up, saying, “He has hurt me, he has hurt me. He raped me, he raped me.”

The friend said when she found her outside St James Station, the 18-year-old was curled up in a ball.

“Her make-up was smeared all over her face. There were scratches high up on her legs,” the friend said.

“When she saw me she cried and grabbed my arm and didn’t want to let go.”

Rosenburg will be sentenced in April.


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Cowan - Brett Peter - Photo5

Brett Peter Cowan: Daniel Morcombe’s killer had long history of preying on children

Fri 14 Mar 2014, 7:50am

Daniel Morcombe’s killer Brett Peter Cowan is a serial predator with an extensive history of sexually abusing children.

The 44-year-year told an inquest into Daniel’s disappearance that by the time he turned 18 he had already preyed on up to 30 children.

He said his offending stretched back to when he was about nine or 10 years of age.

However, he was first convicted of a child sex offence in 1989 over the molestation of a seven-year-old boy in the public toilets of a Queensland playground.

He was sentenced to two years for indecent dealing.

Four years later while living in a Darwin caravan park, Cowan molested a six-year-old boy in a violent attack which left the child with a punctured lung.

Cowan left the boy to die in an old car in bushland before the naked, dazed and bleeding child staggered into a service station for help.

After initially denying any involvement in the attack, Cowan confessed after police told him they had found DNA evidence linking him to the crime.

In September 1993, Cowan pleaded guilty to gross indecency, grievous bodily harm and deprivation of liberty and was sentenced to seven years in jail.

After his release from prison on parole in 1998 he moved to the Sunshine Coast to be close to relatives and soon became involved in the Christian Outreach Church.

He met Tracey Moncrieff through the church and in 1999 they later married and had a child.

The couple were living in Beerwah at the time Daniel went missing. They divorced in 2004.

Cowan was an early suspect in Daniel’s disappearance and was first interviewed by police two weeks after the 13-year-old went missing. Officers interviewed him again in 2005.

For an unexplained reason, Cowan changed his name to Shaddo N-Unyah Hunter between 2003 and a 2011 inquest into Daniel’s disappearance, at which he was called to give evidence.

“I had nothing to do with Daniel’s disappearance, nothing at all,” he told the court.

However, shortly after Cowan’s appearance at the inquest he told undercover police officers that he picked Daniel up from a bus stop to “have fun” with him.

He told the officers, who were posing as criminal gang members, that he drove Daniel to a demountable building on a macadamia farm in a secluded bushland area in Beerwah with the intention of molesting him.

He said he invited Daniel in for a drink of water and tried to pull his pants down.

When Daniel said “Oh no” and began to struggle, Cowan said he choked him with his arm around his neck.

Cowan told the officers he disposed of Daniel’s body in an old sand mining area.

Daniel’s bone fragments were later found at the site.

Cowan was arrested and charged with Daniel’s murder in August 2011 and was found guilty in March 2014.


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