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Father who planned to make child pornography after daughter’s birth jailed

Updated 24 Jun 2016, 11:56am

A Brisbane father has been jailed for a minimum of two-and-a-half years after he sent ultrasound images of his unborn daughter to an undercover officer to show he intended to make child pornography when she was born.

Last week, the 25-year-old man pleaded guilty in Brisbane’s District Court to possessing child exploitation material and using a carriage service to access child pornography material.

The court heard the father was arrested in January 2015 by Australian Federal Police officers after a tip-off from the FBI in the United States.

The man sent an ultrasound of his unborn child and 12 images of child pornography to an undercover officer, saying he intended to make his own child pornography with his daughter.

Police found the man in possession of 6,435 images and videos of child exploitation material across three devices.

Some were of cartoons, but thousands were of actual children and babies.

The court had previously heard many of the children were showing signs of distress and pain.

Offender’s statements a ‘sign of moral corruption’

District Court Judge David Reid said it was the worst case of child exploitation material he had ever seen.

In sentencing, Judge Reid said the sending of the ultrasound image was not an offence but showed a “gross lack of insight”.

“The fact you were prepared to make such statements is a sign of the extent of your moral corruption and your lack of insight into the nature of child abuse,” he said.

He said the downloading and storing of the material was done so in a “sophisticated” way in different folders.

Judge Reid told the man that what he had described as his stated intentions with his daughter were “vile, explicit and specific”.

He said he was provided a sample of the material found on the devices owned by the man.

“The material you viewed, possessed and transmitted would be seen to be revolting and upsetting to normal people,” he said.

Judge Reid sentenced the man to five years’ jail, with a non-parole period of two-and-a-half years.





Johnstone – Gary Michael - Photo2


UPDATE:  April 2013

‘Depraved’ child porn viewer jailed

By court reporter Candice Marcus

Updated 1 hour 33 minutes ago

A man charged with child pornography offences after a tip-off from the FBI prompted police to raid his house has been jailed for eight months.

Gary Michael Johnstone, 54, from Allendale East in South Australia’s south east, pleaded guilty to several offences including accessing child pornography and making it available to others online.

The District Court heard he emailed a woman he believed was sexually abusing her daughter and asked her to take pictures of the girl for him.

Johnstone also contacted an 11-year-old girl from Sydney through an internet chat site, asking her sexually explicit questions and encouraging her to send him photographs of herself.

The court heard police were unable to locate the girl but found evidence of the online conversation when they raided Johnstone’s home and analysed his computer equipment.

They also located 658 images and 33 videos of child pornography, 75 of which were placed in the worst two categories.

The court was told Johnstone worked as a panel beater.

It heard he started looking at child pornography when he developed depression after the death of his mother in 2000.

The court heard Johnstone had never married or had a girlfriend and felt socially isolated.

He also suffers from a neurological condition affecting his face and has been diagnosed as being in the early stages of multiple sclerosis.

Judge Paul Cuthbertson acknowledged Johnstone had been seeking treatment for his sexual attraction to children but said the offences warranted an immediate prison sentence.

“The depth of your depravity is illustrated by an email you sent on the 22nd [of] March 2009, which wasn’t the subject of any charges, to [a woman called] Warja,” he said.

“Having knowledge she had a young daughter whose photographs you had seen, you said ‘Well you’re amazing, I’ve never heard of or seen a woman who would do this with their daughter’.

“Indeed, it may well gave been amazing that a woman should subject her daughter to such depravity, but you encouraged it.”

Judge Cuthbertson sentenced Johnstone to two years in jail but ordered he be released after serving eight months.

Johnstone will then be subject to a 15-month good behaviour bond.

Man encouraged child abuse: judge

By court reporter Candice Marcus

Updated Mon Feb 4, 2013 3:51pm AEDT

A South Australian man charged with child pornography offences after a tip-off from the FBI has been told by a judge to prepare for time in jail.

Mount Gambier man Gary Michael Johnstone, 54, was arrested after the FBI contacted the Australian Federal Police (AFP) about a child pornography ring.

Prosecutors say Johnstone was frequently in contact with people whom he believed were abusing children at his request.

Police allegedly found 658 illicit images and 33 videos on Johnstone’s computer equipment after they searched his house.

He has pleaded guilty to accessing and sharing child pornography on the internet and making indecent communications with a child.

South Australia’s District Court today heard Johnstone had made sexually suggestive comments to an 11-year-old girl through an internet chat room, the electronic logs of which were also stored on his computer.

Prosecutor Tim Griffin told the court Johnstone regularly emailed people who sent him pictures of children under their care.

“Mr Johnstone at least believed that the adult on the other end of the email exchange had a child available,” he said.

Judge Paul Cuthbertson said that throughout the email exchanges Johnstone actively encouraged the sexual abuse of a child.

“A disturbing aspect is that [Johnstone] is actually contemplating that there is some poor little kid somewhere that’s being subject to, and over a period of time he’s encouraging it, sexual abuse,” he said.

“He says in one of his emails, ‘I’d like to see some pics of the girl’ and in one of them he says, ‘and have you found someone to have sex with her yet?’.”

‘Grave offending’

The court heard Johnstone immediately admitted his conduct when the AFP arrived at his house with a search warrant.

Johnstone’s lawyer John Dillon said his client developed depression after his mother’s death and started viewing the material online.

He said his client was remorseful and was now undergoing rehabilitation.

Mr Dillon told the court Johnstone should receive a suspended sentence because of his health problems including the early stages of multiple sclerosis and a painful nerve condition in his face.

“He poses a negligible risk of reoffending and personal deterrence shouldn’t weigh that heavily on this court’s mind,” he said.

“In terms of general deterrence, given the particular issues of this man, if the court simply sentences him to an immediate term of imprisonment it’s doing more harm than good.”

But Mr Griffin argued that an immediate jail sentence would be the only appropriate penalty given the extremely serious nature of the offending.

Mr Griffin said it was also concerning that Johnstone had propositioned a girl in an internet chat room.

“It is particularly grave offending. Parents can only be so diligent in trying to ensure their kids remain safe in an online environment, but with massive amounts of email access and smartphones and computers, they can’t constantly monitor where their children are online and whether they are safe,” he said.

“The courts need to send a strong message of deterrence to like-minded members of the community.”

Judge Cuthbertson told Johnstone to prepare for a custodial sentence.

He was released on continuing bail ahead of his sentencing in April.


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Mara – Derek Richard - Sketcha

Queensland police operation wins international award for dismantling a child sex offender network

  • Brooke Baskin
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • February 10, 2011 11:47AM

OPERATION Achilles, a Taskforce Argos operation that lead to the dismantling of an international child sex offender network, has won a major international award.

The team was named the winner of the annual International Law Enforcement Cybercrime Award 2011 by the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace in Canada.

The two-year operation resulted in the removal of more than 60 children from sexually abusive situations, the arrest of 22 network members across the globe, and the closure of four commercial child exploitation websites.

Significant arrests included 30-year-old Townsville postal worker Derek Richard Mara, who was sentenced to six years jail in March 2009.

Police investigations revealed the 30-year-old was a major player in a highly secretive web-based network.

Another Australian, a man from Victoria, was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment in 2008.

Fourteen United States-based offenders were sentenced to a minimum of 16 years imprisonment, with the majority receiving life sentences.

Two United Kingdom offenders were sentenced to between two and 25 years imprisonment.

Deputy commissioner specialist operations Ross Barnett said the Achilles team had made a number of significant achievements.

“Taskforce Argos is a team recognised around the world for its work in targeting and apprehending the predators who prey on children and use the internet as an instrument to distribute and trade their appalling child abuse material,” he said.

Operation Ice Beau, which closed last month, led to the arrest of 27 people on 163 charges including using the internet to procure children, sexual offences against children and possession and distribution of child exploitation material.

It identified a 13-year-old Leicestershire child and a 10-year-old Russian child from seized child exploitation photos and videos. Both children were identified and rescued from further abuse.

A further six Russian children were subsequently identified and removed from sexual exploitation.

Australia Post manager helped run child porn ring

Amelia Bentley

July 24, 2009 – 2:15PM

An Australia Post worker found to have almost 80,000 child porn files in his home computer was a “core member” of a sophisticated online child pornography ring, a court has heard.

Derek Richard Mara, 30, a former postman and Australia Post human resources manager, was jailed for six years for his role in administrating a network of people with an interest in child pornography by the use of internet newsgroups.

He was sentenced in March this year in Townsville District Court where he pleaded guilty to three charges of using the internet to access and transmit child pornography between 2006 and 2009 and one charge of recording an indecent visual image of a child under the age of 16 between December 2007 and February 2008.

His sentencing judge described Mara’s collection of child porn as “a cache of depravity” and said he was shocked and disturbed by the material, some of which involved babies being sexually abused.

Of his six-year sentence, Mara was ordered to serve 32 months before he was to be released.

But Mara, a married father of three children, lodged an application for leave to appeal his sentence in the Queensland Court of Appeal.

In a judgement published today, the court dismissed his application, ruling the sentence was not excessive.

The court was told the group traded in a large quantity of child porn as well as purchasing and commissioning the production of child porn. The material was posted to newsgroups as files which were unable to be viewed by anyone who did have a “key” which involved sophisticated encryption and three levels of security.

In a bid to avoid detection, the group frequently changed nicknames used by members and constantly moved the newsgroup location but in January 2006 police infiltrated the group, which had 43 members.

Over nearly two years, officers collected more than 444,000 images and 1,100 video files of child porn which had been loaded up or advertised for use by the group.

In February last year, Mara was arrested and on an external hard drive of his computer police found 75,706 images of child porn and 763 video files of child porn.

Officers also recovered 1,206 images of child porn which had been deleted and 13 images as well as 40 movie files of child porn on his computer’s internal drive.

Inspecting his computer, it was revealed he had uploaded at least 116 video files of child porn for the group’s use between January 2006 and May 2007.

Paedophile gets six years jail for depravity


March 6th, 2009

THE Townsville-based key member of an international computer paedophile group, former postal worker Derek Richard Mara, has been jailed for six years. 

The Commonwealth prosecutor had asked for four-and-a-half years, but in a rare move, Judge Stuart Durward SC decided that that wasn’t enough for a man he described as having `a cruel, unnatural and disgusting perversion’.

Mara, 30, pleaded guilty to three counts of sending and receiving paedophile images after he was scooped up in a coordinated international crackdown on the group trading in hard-core child images and movies through a high-security computer system.

Mara was one of the four core members of the operation, known simply as The Group, who in 2004 helped set up sophisticated security systems using uncrackable encrypted codes to avoid detection.

After gathering information bit by bit over two years, a cyber detective with Queensland’s anti-paedophile Taskforce Argos managed to infiltrate the group in January 2006.

It took from January to August that year for the undercover agent to get a one-on-one password partner, giving him greater access to group messages.

One message, from a group member nicknamed Fannie Farmer, started out: “OK folks, this is the one you’ve been waiting for, the Daphne extra special video”.

After giving other financial information about the file, the message ended: “I probably don’t need to add that this video must remain your deepest, darkest secret. Do not EVER share it”.

Taskforce Argos passed this information and file on to Interpol, and as a result the child Daphne was traced and rescued, and arrests made in Belgium and Italy.

In February last year, Queensland police and FBI experts in the United States had fully identified Mara, and detectives raided Mara’s home and seized his computer and files.

The charges to which he pleaded arose from examination of the seized materials and interviews with him.

Judge Durward signalled his intentions early when he opened proceedings yesterday by asking both prosecution and defence counsel to make submissions that four-and-a-half years `may not be sufficient to reflect the gravity of the offending’.

While submissions were made from both sides that four-and-a-half years should be the top of the range, and the actual amount of time to be served should be the factor to be varied, the judge was unmoved and unconvinced.

`What you did was abhorrent,”  he told Mara.

“Ordinary members of the community would recoil in horror at the level of depravity if they knew what you had done.”

In a rare personal statement from the bench Judge Durward, commenting on the few images that had been handed up to him by counsel, said: “I was shocked and disturbed at what I saw”.

He noted the psychiatric report which described Mara as a Jekyll and Hyde character who had from time to time tried to leave the group, but had always returned, the judge observing `with some enthusiasm’.

In the end, balancing the different requirements of Queensland and Commonwealth law, the judge imposed a six-year sentence, directing that Mara be released on a three-year good behaviour bond and 18 months probation after serving 32 months.


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Adam Stanley Lamb

Posted: December 13, 2012 by Serendipity in Queensland
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FBI traps child pornography fiend

Rae Wilson | 7th December 2010

A SUNSHINE Coast man was jailed yesterday for downloading images and movies of babies and children engaged in sexual acts of incest, bestiality and bondage.

Police, acting on an FBI tip-off, raided Adam Stanley Lamb’s home and found almost 20,000 photographs and movies.

They were on two external hard drives, a laptop and a mobile phone when police raided his house in May this year.

Mr Lamb had used his credit card to subscribe and access child pornography websites.

Police received a tip-off after the FBI informed online payment company Paypal in Switzerland in January 2007 about Mr Lamb’s downloads and had his credit card cancelled.

Judge John Robertson described the material as “shocking” and “horrifying” when Mr Lamb faced Maroochydore District Court.

“They include quite appalling images of child abuse of the most depraved kind,” he said.

Police found 1523 movies and 17464 images across the four data sources at his home.

Children as young as six months of age could be seen engaging in sexual acts with adult men and women as well as other children.

In one video, a child aged under three years had her mouth covered with insulation tape while a male and female sexually assaulted her.

Another video involved a blindfolded six-year-old girl and a dog.

In other movies, a two-year-old could be seen sucking her thumb and an eight-year-old girl could be seen kicking and screaming while they were sexually assaulted.

Crown prosecutor Greg Cummings asked the court to consider “the sheer volume” of child exploitation material, the young age of the children, and the serious sexual assaults adults perpetrated against children in deciding on sentence.

Barrister Frank Martin said many of the images on the two external hard drive were duplicates, that the laptop was rusted out and unusable, and the mobile phone was not his client’s current phone when police did the raid.

He said Mr Lamb stopped downloading child pornography in 2007 when Paypal cancelled his account.

Mr Martin said Mr Lamb had worked at Big W, Dick Smith and Night Owl on the Coast.

He said the incident had been a wake-up call he needed to seek professional help over abuse he suffered as a child.

“He would like to apologise to his family, friends and the community,” he said.

Mr Lamb must serve six months of an 18-month jail sentence.

The balance will hang over his head for two years.

Most of the details submitted to the court were too graphic for the Daily to publish.


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Butch Heffernan, pictured in 1998 in Warrnambool

Sex predator in jail: Tennis coach preyed on young players

Oct. 13, 2008, 10:42 a.m.

FORMER Warrnambool tennis coach Barry `Butch’ Heffernan has been jailed for five-and-a-half years in the United Kingdom for sexually abusing young players.Heffernan, 47, molested the teenage girls “week in, week out,” using their dreams of stardom as a means of control, St Albans Crown Court heard.Heffernan, who was head coach at Warrnambool indoor tennis centre from 1996 to 2000, set up a tennis school in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, seven years ago.Described as having a “hands-on” approach to coaching, Heffernan was in fact a “controlling, grooming and predatory” man who took advantage of girls in his trust.His abuse came to an end when he admitted a series of charges involving two young women earlier this year. Police are now appealing for any other former students who were abused by him to come forward.Jane Bickerstaff, for the prosecution, said Heffernan routinely pressed himself up against one girl on the tennis court telling her: “I can’t wait until you’re legal.”He later turned his attention to a second girl, touching her improperly and eventually luring her to a flat where he performed a series of sex acts on her, she said. “He was able to get away with what he did because he was coaching them and they wanted to become better tennis players and achieve their dreams and ambitions,” Ms Bickerstaff told the court. “They put up with the abuse because they thought their dreams would be smashed if they did not.” Judge Stephen Warner, in sentencing, told Heffernan he had brought dishonour on the game with his “manipulative” behaviour. “You used your undoubted talents to commit these offences and you brought the game you served well for many years into disrepute,” he said. Heffernan earlier pleaded guilty to six sexual assaults against one girl and two indecent assaults and two sexual assaults on another. Heffernan, who grew up in Wangaratta, was well known in Warrnambool and in 1996 played continuous tennis for 48 hours to raise money for South Western Community Care. – DAILY TELEGRAPH

Tennis coach to the stars jailed after indecently assaulting young girls

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:55 PM on 10th October 2008

A tennis coach who sexually assaulted two promising girl players has been jailed for five-and-a-half years.

Barry ‘Butch’ Heffernan, who claims to have taught legends such as Martina Navratilova and Bjorn Borg, made crude comments to the 14-year-olds and showered them with gifts.

The twice-married Australian then started touching them on the courts at the £10,000-a-year Down Under tennis academy he ran near Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, and took one of them back his flat to carry out sex acts on her.

The girls allowed the abuse to continue for years because they feared their dreams of becoming tennis stars would be shattered if they reported him, St Albans Crown Court heard.

One girl later developed psychological problems, including anorexia, anxiety and depression, the court was told.

It wasn’t until the end of 2007 that his secret came out and he was arrested.

The silver haired coach sat head bowed in the dock as his crimes against the girls were outlined to Judge Stephen Warner.

After the case the police officer who investigated Heffernan said inquiries had led officers to Australia to interview previous victims and further victims were interviewed by FBI agents in America.

Detective Constable Duncan Prior, from Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Child Abuse Investigation Unit, said: ‘We believe there may be other females out there who may have been victims in the past and I would urge those girls and women to come forward and they will be dealt with sensitively and in the strictest confidence.’

Prosecutor Jane Bickerstaff said the girls had gone to Heffernan for lessons when they were around 14 and were promising young players.

Heffernan, 47, who has a conviction for deception in Australia, admitted ten offences of indecent assault and sexual activity with a child.

Judge Warner described him as ‘ controlling and predatory’.


Miss Bickerstaff said the defendant had run a tennis club in Hemel Hempstead, known as The Down Under Tennis Academy, with his wife Angela since July 2003.

He also gave lessons to children from the area and began coaching one 14 year old girl on a regular basis.

‘She says he was very hands on and it was this hands on approach that led to the offences.

‘He would place his hands on her and stand behind her and when he pulled her back, he would push his erect penis through his tracksuit into her bottom’ said Miss Bickerstaff.

She went on ‘The girl said it happened for the next two years week in and week out.’  The court heard that Heffernan would also hug the girl as he stood in front of her, again pushing himself into her tummy.

The prosecutor said he also began making ‘completely innappropriate comments’ to her. They included him telling her she had a ‘nice arse.’  On another occasion, I can’t wait until you are legal, I can’t wait until you are sixteen.’  The court heard he began brushing past her breasts and would comment ‘Keep them bouncing.’  Miss Bickerstaff said Heffernan also showered the girl with gifts, including sunglasses, rackets and a tennis bag.

As the abuse continued, said the prosecutor, the girl began exhibiting psychological problems when she was 15, which included anorexia, anxiety and depression.

She said there were other problems in the girl’s life, but it was clear that what was happening to her at the hands of Heffernan was contributing to her problems.

The court heard when the girl was 16 she eventually found the courage to stand up to Heffernan and told him to stop what he was doing.

Miss Bickerstaff said as the abuse stopped on the first girl, Heffernan turned his attentions to another 14 year old girl who was coming to him for lessons.

On one occasion, he put his hands up her top and touched her breasts.

A few days later he did the same again and it became a regular feature whenever she came to him for lessons.

The court heard in 2005 he took the girl on a trip to France where he indecently touched her while they were sitting in a car together.

As the girl turned 15, Heffernan began taking her to his flat, where he would get her to remove her trousers and underwear before carrying out sex acts on her.

Miss Bickerstaff said ‘Clearly in both cases it’s the crown’s case that the defendant abused the position of trust he was in in relation to both girls. They were both promising tennis players.

‘He was able to get away with what he did for so long because they wanted to be better players and achieve their ambitions.’  Miss Bickerstaff said that both feared that if they said anything he would stop coaching them and their ‘dreams would be shattered.’  The court heard the second girl told her mother about the abuse in the Autum of 2005 and the police were called in but, because the youngster ‘clammed up,’ the matter was not proceeded with.

It wasn’t until 2007 that she made her complaint again and this time spoke to the police.


He was arrested last September and then, weeks later, the first victim came forward.

Miss Bickerstaff said the defendant was a man of good character in this country but between 1979 and 1999 in Australia, he had been convicted of matters of dishonesty and deception.

Defending, Tom Kark said, having grown up in Australia he had gone to the USA on a tennis scholarship where he had studied international business management.

His passion had always been for tennis and in 1983 he qualified as a professional tennis coach.

Mr Kark said working in America Heffernan had coached a number of players who had gone on to become household names.

In 2001 he had arrived in the UK and after raising £20,000 for a charity tennis event, which ended up in the Guiness Book of Records, he took over the Down Under Tennis Club in 2003.

Mr Kark asked Judge Warner to accept that his client was ‘verbally abusive to everyone’ and it was his style.

The barrister said Heffernan now realised that, with his conviction, he would never be able to coach children again.

The court was told the coach is now ‘genuinely ashamed’ for what he did and realises he has brought the coaching of tennis into disrepute.

Mr Kark said Heffernan’s wife Angela was standing by him.

Passing sentence, Judge Warner told Heffernan ‘You were in a position of trust as a tennis coach and used that opportunity to commit these offences against these girls. You were trusted by them, you were trusted by their parents.’  He added ‘It’s clear you were attracted to girls of this age and there is an element of grooming displayed here.’  The judge said the offences concerning the second girl had been the more serious and represented an escalation in his offending.

‘You controlled her by using her ambitions as a means of exercising that control.’  Referring to the pre-sentence report that had been prepared, the judge said that his behaviour had been described as ‘controlling, grooming and predatory.’  In addition to the five and a half year jail sentence, the judge disqualified him from working from children indefinitely and said his name must now go on the sexual offenders register.

The judge also made a sexual offences prevention order to run for seven years.

Charged coach says … I’m not a rapist


March 19, 2008, 9:52 p.m.

FORMER Warrnambool tennis coach Barry `Butch’ Heffernan will stand trial on rape and sexual assault allegations in October this year.At England’s St Albans Crown Court last week Barry William Heffernan, 46, known as `Butch’, denied two offences of rape and six offences alleging he had sexual activity with a teenage girl.The offences are alleged to have happened during a two-year period starting when the girl was 14 years old.Judge Michael Baker, QC, set the trial date for October 6.Mr Heffernan, who lives in Wiltshire in the UK and is on bail, resigned as director of the Down Under Tennis Club, which it is now under new management, called The Langley Tennis Club.He had run the Down Under Tennis Club in Hemel Hempstead. Mr Heffernan was head coach at the Warrnambool Indoor Tennis Centre from 1996 to 2000 and has claimed to coach legends such as Martina Navratilova and Bjorn Borg. Mr Heffernan was well known in the Warrnambool community and in 1996 played continuous tennis for 48 hours to raise money for South Western Community Care.


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Jozsef Steven Fulop

Posted: November 1, 2012 by Serendipity in Location, Victoria
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Vic man jailed for child porn offences

Posted 6 hours 48 minutes ago

A Victorian man who had more than 40,000 child pornograhy images in his Rowville house has been sentenced to four years jail.

The Australian Federal Police searched the home of 52-year-old Jozsef Fulop in March this year after a tip-off from the FBI.

They found images showing the sexual abuse of children and babies.

Fulop has pleaded guilty to one count of accessing and one of possessing child pornography.

The County Court heard Fulop started downloading the material by mistake and said it was harmless fun and that he was not harming anyone.

Judge Sue Pullen described the material as extreme, appalling and depraved, and said Fulop was still in a state of denial regarding his crimes.

Fulop will serve a non-parole period of three years.

Source: The Advertiser

(Candice Marcus)

Recluse, 63, jailed over thousands of child-porn images after FBI sting

  • by: Court Reporter Sean Fewster
  • From: AdelaideNow
  • November 01, 2011 10:54AM

AN Adelaide man caught hoarding child pornography by US authorities has been jailed for three years.

The District Court this morning ordered Stephen John Foster serve at least 18 months of that sentence before being eligible for parole.

Foster, 63, of Ethelton, pleaded guilty to aggravated dissemination and possession of child pornography.

His perverted collection of 19,100 images and 1060 videos was uncovered by the New Mexico branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigations during an online sting operation.

Foster unwittingly shared some of his haul with an FBI special agent in October 2010, leading to his arrest by SA Police in January this year.

In sentencing today, Judge Dean Clayton said most of Foster’s images and videos fell into the first two categories of child pornography, deemed to be the “less serious”.

Others, however, were of the highest category  which includes acts of bondage and bestiality.

“This is not a victimless crime,” Judge Clayton said.

“The production, possession and dissemination of child pornography leads to the abuse of many children around the world.”

He said Foster’s illicit hobby developed while he served as the primary carer for his aged parents.

“Your siblings hold you in high regard, saying you sacrificed a lot in selflessly taking on that role,” he said.

“But performing that role isolated you from normal social contact and you became reclusive, developing an interest in pornography five to six years ago.”

Prior to sentencing, Foster’s lawyer read a letter of apology to the court.

“(This is) a time in my life I’m ashamed of, and I’m sorry I didn’t have the sense to do (things) differently,” it said.

“I would like to put this sorry time behind me… and would like a chance to finally get my life back on track.”

Judge Clayton, however, said neither that contrition nor Foster’s previous good character warranted suspension of his sentence.

Child porn pervert Stephen John Foster ‘no risk’ to children

  • by: Court Reporter Hannah Silverman
  • From: The Advertiser
  • October 26, 2011 12:00AM

A MAN who downloaded about 19,000 images and videos of child porn is no risk to kids, a court has heard.

When Stephen John Foster, 63, of Ethelton, appeared in the District Court yesterday for sentencing submissions, his lawyer said his client was not “generally interested” in small children.

Foster had pleaded guilty to one aggravated count of disseminating child pornography and one aggravated count of possessing child pornography. The offences occurred in October 2010 and in January this year.

His arrest followed an international FBI sting on child exploitation, during which an agent based in New Mexico discovered Foster had shared 637 images online.

His home computer was later seized and 18,100 images and 1060 videos were found to have been downloaded.

Yesterday the court heard Foster used a file sharing program which enabled others to download some of his files.

For that reason, prosecutors said, there was no good reason to suspend a prison term.

But David Stokes, for Foster, asked that his client receive a suspended sentence or, at least, a minimal non-parole period.

“This man is not a risk to children, he’s not a risk to the community,” he said. “He’s caught out by the scale (of offending), he’s caught out by the number of images.”

Mr Stokes said his client had looked after both his parents in the years before they died.

“He’s a man who has enormous compassion for his family and others,” he said.

“It’s therefore perhaps a little odd that he would find himself in a position of downloading child pornography.”

Foster will appear before Judge Dean Clayton for sentencing next Tuesday.

FBI caught Adelaide man Stephen John Foster sharing porn images

  • by: Court Reporter Hannah Silverman
  • From: AdelaideNow
  • October 25, 2011 11:08AM

A MAN who downloaded more than 18,000 child pornography images – sharing almost 700 of them with others online – has asked to be spared an immediate jail term.

Stephen John Foster, 63, of Ethelton, has pleaded guilty to one aggravated count of disseminating child pornography and one aggravated count of possess child pornography.

The offences date back to October 2010.

Foster was arrested following an international FBI sting on child exploitation when he was discovered sharing 637 images online by an agent in New Mexico.

His home computer was later seized and 18,100 images and 1060 videos were found illegally downloaded on his computer.

Today the court heard Foster engaged with a file sharing program which enabled others to download his files.

For that reason, prosecutors argued there was no good reason to suspend a prison term.

They said his offending called for both public and personal deterrence.

But David Stokes, for Foster, said his client had good prospects for rehabilitation and showed no “general interest” in small children.

“This man is not a risk to children, he’s not a risk to the community,” he said.

Mr Stokes argued his client had looked after both his parents in the years before they died.

“He’s a man who has enormous combination of compassion for his family and others,” he said.

“It’s therefore perhaps a little odd that he would find himself in a position of downloading child pornography.”

Foster will be sentenced by Judge Dean Clayton next Tuesday.

“Alternatively, they may produce or distribute images that are downloaded by people thousands of kilometres away.”


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