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Teacher avoids jail for sex offence against student

Posted by: Lauren Hilbert | 29 May, 2013 – 12:05 PM

A teacher who had a sexual relationship with a student nearly three decades ago has escaped immediate time in prison.

Rowville woman Yolanda Caroline Lyons, 58, pleaded guilty to four charges including gross indecency and indecent assault.

The County Court heard Lyons – described as a dedicated, conscientious and respected teacher – offended against a girl, 14, over a one-year period in the mid-80s.

When interviewed by police nearly three decades later, Lyons blamed the girl, claiming she had been the instigator.

Judge Christopher Ryan said the conduct involved the manipulation of the victim and an exploitation of shared religious beliefs.

He said the harm done was serious and long-lasting.

Lyons was sentenced to three years jail, wholly suspended.

She was placed on the sex offenders register.

The judge said he took into account her remorse and said there was no risk of Lyons re-offending.




Brimble – Diane Marie - Photo

No appeal against sentence for ex-teacher who propositioned boy for sex

Thu 13 Nov 2014, 12:16pm

The Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) will not appeal against the sentence given to a former teacher from south-west Victoria who propositioned a boy for sex.

Diane Marie Brimble, 47, was earlier this year found guilty of committing an indecent act against a boy.

The County Court jury found she hugged the boy and asking him to sleep with her.

The court heard Brimble became obsessed with the child and had his name tattooed on her chest.

Brimble also wrote letters to him declaring her undying love.

She avoided jail and was instead sentenced to a two-year community corrections order, including 200 hours of unpaid community service.

The jury acquitted Brimble of five similar charges.

The OPP has decided against appealing against the verdict or sentence.

Vic teacher on sex offenders register

October 9, 2014, 10:36 am

A Victorian primary school teacher who propositioned a 10-year-old student for sex has avoided jail but been ordered to complete 200 hours of community work.

Diane Marie Brimble, 47, of Hamilton, has been placed on a two-year community corrections order and will appear on the Sex Offenders Register for eight years after being convicted of committing an indecent act with a child under 16.

Hamilton teacher found guilty of indecent act with boy, aged 10


July 14, 2014, 12:23 p.m.

A HAMILTON teacher has been found guilty by a Warrnambool jury of committing an indecent act with a 10-year-old boy.

Mother-of-eight Diane Marie Brimble, 47, had pleaded not guilty in the Warrnambool County Court to six charges, including five counts of committing an indecent act with a child aged under 16 years and one count of using a telecommunications device to groom a child.

A Warrnambool jury returned verdicts just before noon on Thursday after deliberating for two days.

Brimble was found guilty of one charge and not guilty of five charges.

She was found guilty of hugging and kissing the boy and asking him to sleep with her to have sex.


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Woman pedophile sentenced to jail

Article from: Herald Sun

Shelley Hadfield

May 09, 2008 12:00am

A WOMAN who had sex with a 14-year-old boy wept yesterday as she was sentenced to at least one year in jail.

Bianca Aleida Smulders, 35, had sex with the boy at least 17 times last year. She continued to have sex with him after police interviewed her and an intervention order was taken out preventing her from contacting him.

“You committed the offence while on bail and after having acknowledged the seriousness of your conduct to police,” County Court Judge Geoffrey Chettle said.

“You need to be deterred from further offending.”

Smulders wrote letters to the teenager despite the intervention order and sent him more than 2000 text messages over two weeks.

The boy sent her about the same number of messages.

Smulders, from outer-eastern Melbourne, was yesterday jailed for three years with a minimum of one year.

She pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and breaching an intervention order.

Smulders is one of only a handful of women serving time for sexually assaulting boys in Victoria.

Judge Chettle said he imposed a longer than usual parole period so Smulders could be treated for emotional and sexual dysfunction.

Treatment for female sex offenders is not available in custody, he said.

“I accept that in order to maximise your prospects for rehabilitation you will require treatment and assistance and unfortunately that treatment and assistance will not be available to you in prison,” he told her.

Smulders admitted supplying the boy, who turned 15 during their relationship, with alcohol and cigarettes.

His parents became suspicious when Smulders bought him cigarettes, a mobile phone and an iPod.

Judge Chettle said adults of either gender who sexually assaulted children had to be aware jail was awaiting them.

“It is clear from the authorities that you are to be treated no different because you are a woman,” Judge Chettle said.


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Rafei – Nazira - Photo2.

Rafei – Nazira - Photo3.

Female judge ‘let sex teacher off lightly’

Updated Thu Mar 5, 2009 4:52pm AEDT

A victim support group is disappointed with the non-custodial sentence imposed on a Melbourne teacher over a relationship she had with a 15-year-old student.

Nazira Rafei has been convicted of committing indecent acts with a child after she performed sexual acts with the boy on two occasions last year.

The court heard the boy initially pursued the teacher and they engaged in a sexual act in the back of her car during last year’s teacher strike.

Rafei was 25 when she began the relationship.

In sentencing Rafei to an 18-month community based order, judge Liz Gaynor described Rafei as an extremely immature woman who became infatuated with the boy.

Judge Gaynor said Rafei was unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with the student’s pursuit, due to her lack of experience with the opposite sex.

The judge said she did not consider Rafei to be a predator.

But Noel McNamara of the Crime Victims Support Association says the sentence is too lenient and points to female bias as a possible factor.

“I think they seem to be mainly in most cases female judges who hand down these sentences and think that it is okay for female teachers to interfere with young boys,” he said.

“We don’t know what the end result is going to be with this lad.”

The judge told the court Rafei’s ill-fated affair has left her alone, deeply ashamed and riddled with guilt.

The court heard Rafei has been shunned by her family and community and her marriage is in ruins.

Throughout the case her family did not attend court. Her husband now lives with her parents while she lives alone in her marital home.

Judge Gaynor said Rafei’s actions had brought disaster upon her – she was sacked from her job and she will never be allowed to teach again.

Rafei will be placed on the sexual offenders register and she has also been ordered to do 150 hours of community work.


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Newcastle Herald  -  1 July 2004  -  Page 4

Newcastle Herald – 1 July 2004 – Page 4


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O’Donnell – Laura - Photo2

Woman gets no jail for sex abuse

  • by: Wayne Flower
  • From: Herald Sun
  • October 20, 2011 12:00AM

A WOMAN who had sex with four teenage boys during a sex romp has walked free from court after being handed a suspended prison sentence.

Laura O’Donnell, 20, of Rosebud, pleaded guilty and was convicted in the County Court of four counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and five counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16.

Court documents reveal she plied the boys, aged 12, 15, and two aged 14, with alcohol on three separate occasions. The first two involved one victim and the third, all four.

Documents show O’Donnell, who had trained to be a childcare worker, assaulted the boys while drunk between February and June last year in Ballarat .

Judge Sue Pullen wholly suspended O’Donnell’s two-year, five-month sentence and placed her on an 18-month community-based order despite her previously breaching a similar order for an attempted robbery.

A report handed to Judge Pullen by a community corrections officer said O’Donnell repeatedly breached her 125-hour order and even failed to attend an assessment for the order she was eventually granted.

The judge attributed her offending to a troubled background, low self-esteem and alcohol abuse.

Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara said the sentence was a disgrace.

“If it was a man on those charges it would have been a different story,” he said.


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Nolan – Bridget Mary - Photo2

Family questions teacher’s sentence on sex charges

Posted Thu Mar 2, 2006 1:00pm AEDT

The family of a 15-year-old boy who had sex with a female teacher from rural South Australia has questioned the suspended jail sentence handed down to the teacher.

Bridget Mary Nolan, 25, of Trott Park walked free from court yesterday.

Judge Gordon Barrett sentenced Nolan to two years and four months in prison, with a one-year parole period, in Adelaide’s District Court yesterday.

She had pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse by a parent or teacher.

Nolan and the boy first kissed on a bus trip home from school camp.

Later they had sex three times.

Judge Barrett said Nolan had not groomed her victim and was very remorseful, but described the nine-year age difference as significant.

In a statement to the media, the family said similar cases with a male perpetrator and female victim had resulted in a jail term.

The statement said they are a private family and now wish to move on.

Premier Mike Rann says he has asked the Attorney-General for a report on the case.

“I mean this is an extremely serious offence,” Mr Rann said.

“I mean this is an incredible breach of trust and this teacher will never teach again.

“She’s obviously lost her job as a teacher, should never teach again. I have asked the Attorney-General for a report on the matter.”


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