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Location:   Cairns , QLD

Offence:    Guilty of three counts of rape ( November 2015 )

Sentence:  Sentenced to 16 years jail

Other:    Little wore a balaclava, sunglasses, black hoodie and black tracksuit pants when he forced his way into the woman’s motel room, bound, gagged & then raped her multiple times. Little’s criminal history includes sexual assaults against three woman while wearing a balaclava in the 1990s.





Walkuski – Frederick Bernard  - Photo.

Violent abductor and rapist jailed

Rebecca Brice

Updated Fri 15 May 2009, 4:30pm AEST

A South Australian man has been jailed for 17 years for violent offences against two women.

Frederick Bernard Walkuski, 57, was arrested when he crashed his car near Swan Reach in February last year after pushing his ex-girlfriend Donna Pridham from the car.

Judge Paul Rice said he had been trying to escape police after abducting Ms Pridham from Wynn Vale 40 hours earlier and holding her against her will.

“You followed her in her car and had someone else block her way at an intersection,” the judge said.

“Her six-year-old son was in the car. You swapped into your car and the child was left alone with strangers.”

The court heard it was the second time Walkuski had abducted Ms Pridham after the break-up of their five-year relationship, three months earlier.

Judge Rice said Walkuski broke into Ms Pridham’s house at Salisbury North in December 2007, handcuffed her and tied her to her bed.

The judge said he gagged the woman so she could not call out to her two children who were at home.

Suicide notes

Walkuski forced the victim into his car and drove around Yorke Peninsula for 12 hours, threatening to kill her.

“You had written suicide notes,” Judge Rice said.

“You invited her to choose her method of death – by medication, gas or blowing up the car to make it look like a double suicide or murder-suicide.”

The judge said Ms Pridham convinced Walkuski not to go through with his plan.

“I’ve no doubt that she believed she was going to die at your hands,” he said.

“She feared you would return and do the same thing. How right she was, as later events revealed.”

The 17-year jail sentence also took account of six rapes on another woman in 2001.

Judge Rice said police found a video in Walkuski’s house depicting sex acts against a sleeping or unconscious woman.

A non-parole term of 13 years was set.


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