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Man jailed over swim changerooms camera

Updated Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:35pm AEDT

A man who filmed naked boys in a changeroom at a swimming centre with a camera hidden in his bag has been sentenced to at least 18 months’ jail.

The Adelaide District Court heard Julius Fabian Ohmer, 31, had been secretly filming children at the Elizabeth Aquadome for some time before he was arrested by police last November.

A hole had been cut in the bag and a camera used to film young boys.

During his arrest at the swimming centre, the man threw the bag into the water and police had to use capsicum spray to subdue him.

Ohmer was also found to have more than 200,000 images and films of child pornography at his home and the court heard he had a sexual fetish for nappies.

Judge Rosemary Davey said she was revolted by the offending.

The court heard Ohmer’s father was a judge in Germany.

He was sentenced to a maximum of four years in jail.


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Bannockburn man jailed for possessing child pornography

Karen Matthews


A BANNOCKBURN man found in possession of almost 8000 sexually explicit images of children, some as young as 12 months, has been jailed.

Brian Green, 59, of Hope St, was later bailed pending an appeal against the sentence.

Green had pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court to one count of possessing child pornography.

The court heard police searched Green’s home on January 21 and seized a laptop computer, hard-drive, a large number of compact disks and other computer equipment.

The items were found to contain more than 20,000 pornographic images, 60 video clips and 7700 images of child pornography, some containing children as young as 12 months being sexually penetrated by adults.

Yesterday, David Gray, for Green, said his client had not been diagnosed with any serious psychiatric condition, but did suffer from severe depression.

Mr Gray said his client had no prior convictions, had pleaded guilty and otherwise had been an upstanding member of the community.

His submission included asking for a non-custodial sentence, which would allow his client to remain in the community and continue psychological counselling.

Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Geoff Lamb said Green’s activities were detected during an international operation targeting child pornography.

“During the operation, Green was identified as having accessed a known pedophile website in Germany,” he said.

“His details were then forwarded to Victoria Police for further investigation.”

Magistrate Michael Coghlan said the thousands of images police found during the search of Green’s home depicted children, some as young as 12 months of age.

“The photographs and videos depicted young children being sexually penetrated by adults,” he said.

“You have been (viewing these pictures) for 10 years.

“The abuse was significant and it is quite apparent that some of the victims were restrained and visibly distressed.”

Mr Coghlan said Green knew exactly what he would get when he went into the sites.

“And you revisited these sites on numerous occasions,” he said.

The magistrate said possession of child pornography was not a victimless crime and its mere possession created an ongoing market where children were abused, degraded and violated.

Green was convicted and sentenced to 12 months’ jail with a non-parole period of four months.

He was also placed on the sex offenders register for eight years and ordered to undertake the sex offenders course.

He was later bailed pending an appeal against sentence.

`Disturbing’ child pornography find

Karen Matthews


A BANNOCKBURN man was found in possession of thousands of sexually explicit images of children, some as young as 12 months, a court has heard.

Brian Green, 59, of Pope St, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court yesterday to one count of possessing child pornography.

Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Geoff Lamb said police executed a search warrant at Green’s home on January 21 and seized a laptop compute, hard drive and discs containing more than 20,000 pornographic images.

“Green admitted downloading child pornography, video files and images of boys and girls of various ages, but was unsure of the total number,” he said.

“He also told police he had recently deleted a lot of images.”

Sen-Constable Lamb said of the find included more than 60 video clips and more than 7700 of child pornography.

“The images were extremely explicit and contained images of children, some as young as 12 months, being sexually penetrated.”

The prosecutor described the images as extremely disturbing, with the children tied up in some cases.

David Gray, for Green, told the court he’d had the misfortune to briefly view some of the material before the court.

“The seriousness of this matter is not in dispute and my client admits downloading these disturbing images,” Mr Gray said.

The lawyer asked the court to consider his client’s previous exemplary life, his lack of prior convictions and his remorse demonstrated by an early plea of guilty.

Mr Gray said there was no suggestion Green had passed on any of the images.

“He was a man suffering major depression, sitting alone in his room late at night with no social life since his divorce 12 years ago and this is the result,” he said.

Mr Gray handed up two psychiatric reports, adding that his client was vulnerable and at risk of self-harm.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan adjourned the matter until Tuesday, May 27.


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Terrible crimes of child porn ring trio


14 Apr, 2012 04:00 AM

A JUDGE forced to detail sexual crimes of a ‘‘very terrible nature’’ by a former Hunter couple against their young children said yesterday he would have named them if he were able.

The couple were ‘‘fortunate’’ their names would never be made public because it would identify their children, a son, 12, and a daughter, 11, Judge Roy Ellis told Gosford District Court.

‘‘If I could have permitted the publication of these two people’s names, I would have, and it is only to protect the two children that the [couple] were fortunate enough to avoid publication,’’ he said.

But he rejected a suppression application by the couple’s accomplice, Bruce William Ford, 44, of Umina, who was sentenced to 21 years’ jail, with a minimum term of 15 years, for his part in an international child pornography network.

After recounting an abbreviated version of a 22-page statement of crimes committed against the children at a Central Coast location over more than six months in 2010, for the third time in a week as the three were sentenced, Judge Ellis yesterday indicated the cases had taken their toll.

‘‘After sentencing three of these offenders it is more and more difficult not to use inflammatory words,’’ he said. ‘‘I think the less I say about it, the better.

‘‘These are extremely serious and disgusting acts against children.

‘‘This offender, via the friendship formed with the parents, regularly and seriously sexually abused their two young children, but not only that, very actively incited another deviate in another country to commit other disgusting acts against young children.’’

Ford, who was jailed in 2001 for less serious child sex matters, incited a man in Britain to have sexual intercourse with his stepdaughter, 4, and stepson, 10.

Judge Ellis declined to read the full statement of facts in court yesterday, and noted they were filed and part of the public record.

‘‘Although why anyone would want to read it, I don’t know,’’ he said.

He reserved particular criticism for the former Hunter man after sentencing him to 21 years’ jail, with a minimum term of 15 years last week.

‘‘The man’s the father and he let all this happen,’’ Judge Ellis said.

The last words Ford heard as he was led from the court were by the children’s aunt, who had earlier run from the court as some of the crimes were being described.

‘‘You won’t touch another child, you sick, mental freak,’’ she said.

21 years jail for involvement in international paedophile network

Updated April 13, 2012 17:47:07

A New South Wales man involved in an international paedophile network has been jailed for a maximum 21 years.

Bruce Ford was arrested in 2010, along with a 31-year-old woman and her 51-year-old husband who have already received lengthy jail terms for sexually abusing their own children.

Gosford District Court heard the trio dominated an international network of parents who carried out depraved sex acts on the children, often streaming them live on the internet.

Ford, from Umina Beach on the Central Coast, will be eligible for parole in 15 years.

The Commander of the state’s Sex Crime Squad says a lengthy jail term reflects the seriousness of Ford’s actions.

Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec has welcomed the sentence.

“It’s a pleasing result for a long slog investigation that commenced nearly two years ago,” he says.

“And it certainly represents the seriousness that both the courts and the community see this crime.

“It’s a very serious crime when a young child is abused.

“Whether it’s in Australia or any part of the world, it’s a serious crime.”

Mother jailed over child porn, sex abuse

Posted April 12, 2012 19:32:33

A woman has been jailed for the systematic sexual abuse of her own children, including broadcasting live pictures of them to an international internet paedophile ring.

The 31-year-old was sentenced to a maximum 18 years in jail with a non-parole period of 13 years.

She, along with her 51-year-old husband and another man, was arrested in November 2010 and admitted to a series of charges relating to the sustained sexual abuse of the couple’s son and daughter, aged 12 and 11.

The trio dominated an international network of parents who carried out depraved sex acts on their children, often streaming them live on the internet.

Gosford District Court heard how the woman encouraged other parents within the ring to abuse their own children.

Judge Roy Ellis said this showed a casual attitude towards her children’s abuse and showed “an unfathomable level of depravity” which was “impossible to grasp”.

The judge told the court the mother was sexually abused as a child by her own family members and has since expressed a wish to be punished for the sake of her children.

He said she was groomed by her husband but was an active and willing participant to the abuse and has scarred her children for life.

Karen Lindley, spokeswoman for child advocacy group Bravehearts, says there are lessons to be learned from the case.

“[The woman] herself was a victim of sustained prolonged child sexual assault and it’s history repeating itself,” she said.

“We must break the cycle.”

The woman’s husband was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years behind bars over similar charges last week, and another man is due to be sentenced tomorrow.

The children remain under the care of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Hunter man jailed on child sex counts


06 Apr, 2012 04:00 AM

THEY were the last words heard in court yesterday by a man who had just been jailed until at least 2025 for committing and filming depraved sexual crimes against his own two children.

‘‘You’re gonna die in there you sick bastard,’’ said his former sister-in-law, the children’s aunt, as the former Hunter man, 51, was led away.

‘‘I needed to say it,’’ she said outside Gosford District Court after the first of three sentencings in an international child pornography case linked to crimes in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Germany and the US.

The children’s mother and another man will be sentenced next week after pleading guilty to multiple child sex crimes.

People in court for unrelated matters were visibly upset as Judge Roy Ellis read an abbreviated description of sexual crimes against the children: a boy, 12, and girl, 11, by their parents and another man at a Central Coast location in 2010.

The children, now living in the Hunter Region, were left to grow up in a situation ‘‘worse than orphans’’ after ‘‘losing’’ their parents when they were sexually assaulted by them, and then ‘‘losing’’ them again when both were arrested in late 2010 and charged with multiple child sex and child pornography offences, Judge Ellis said.

The boy was filmed while shackled, gagged and humiliated; threatened with a whip if he did not commit sexual acts; tied up and blindfolded; fed Viagra, and made to commit degrading heterosexual and homosexual acts with the three adults, Judge Ellis said.

The girl was forced to commit sexual acts with her father and the other man and the crimes distributed to members of the child pornography network overseas.

‘‘Not satisfied with committing these perversions on his children, the offender then filmed the incidents and streamed them to others,’’ Judge Ellis said.

The acts represented an ‘‘unfathomable level of depravity’’ by a man who not only ‘‘appears to have been completely oblivious to the needs of his children’’, but ‘‘appears to be proud of his treatment of his children’’.

‘‘The offender, in a self-indulgent and pitiless way, robbed them of their innocence, their formative years and their family.’’

The judge rejected the children’s father’s claim of amnesia about the 2010 incidents, after a psychiatrist rejected the claim.

He was sentenced to a minimum 15 years’ jail, with his earliest release date in November 2025 after taking into account time already served.


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Wife stands by UQ child porn criminal

Marissa Calligeros

December 1, 2011 – 1:05PM

A former senior IT officer with the University of Queensland will spend Christmas behind bars after admitting to accessing more than 5000 child pornography images.

Brett Cravaliat, 32, pleaded guilty today in Brisbane District Court to three charges relating to accessing and possessing child exploitation material and making it available on the internet.

Police with Taskforce Argos raided the Seventeen Mile Rocks home that Cravaliat shared with his wife and seized his personal computer and laptop in August 2009.

The raid occurred after Australian Federal Police received a tip-off from authorities in Germany.

The federal police identified Cravaliat after searching for people offering to share a particular child pornography file on an online peer-to-peer network.

Forensic examination of Cravaliat’s six computer hard drives revealed the IT technician had accessed 5722 child pornography images and 72 videos containing child exploitation material showing bondage and bestiality involving children over 16 months between March 2008 and July 2009.

He saved 996 images and 33 videos to his personal computer.

Prosecutor Ben Satiu told the court 75 per cent of the images accessed by Cravaliat were in the worst category.

He said it was estimated that up to 100 children were victimised in the making of the images and videos Cravaliat downloaded.

“A sentence of imprisonment is appropriate in all the circumstances of this case,” he said.

Cravaliat’s defence barrister Andrew Boe urged Judge Sarah Bradley to take into account his client’s efforts in rehabilitation and the public shaming he had suffered.

“He has low prospects of reoffending,” Mr Boe said.

He told the court Cravaliat’s wife, who sat in the public gallery, continued to support her husband despite the charges against him.

Cravaliat resigned from his position at the University of Queensland, ahead of his sentencing today.

He told police following his arrest he had been depressed, but his anti-depressant medication was not working when he started accessing child pornography.

Cravaliat said he had been sickened by the material and deleted some of it, but became curious and continued to search for it online.

Judge Bradley described Cravaliat’s offending as “horrendous”, saying such behaviour should be denounced by the courts.

“This is not a victimless crime,” she said.

“Somewhere in the world children are being exploited … in this horrendous way for the sexual gratification of people like you.”

She said it was not unusual for offenders of these crimes to be otherwise upstanding citizens, as in Cravaliat’s case.

“It is just another illustration of this insidious industry,” she said.

Cravaliat was sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment for each of the three charges against him including using a carriage service to access child exploitation material; using a carriage service to make child pornography material available; and, knowingly possessing child exploitation material.

However, he will be released from prison after serving three months behind bars.

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