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Loudon has been charged with breaching the strict conditions imposed on him under the Dangerous Prisoners Sexual Offences Act by having unsupervised interaction with two children.

He fronted Townsville Magistrates Court charged with two counts of breaching a supervision order.

He was remanded to reappear on November 14.



Loudon has had his supervision order extended after a psychiatrist report stating he was still a moderate risk of re-offending.

Qld child abuser must wear tracker: judge

Christine Flatley, AAP March 26, 2013, 2:24 pm

A man who repeatedly abused children over a 20-year period has failed to convince a court he should have his monitoring anklet removed.

Kevin Michael Loudon was released from jail in 2007 on a strict community-based supervision order after serving multiple lengthy sentences for raping and abusing young boys and girls in far north Queensland.

He breached the supervision order in 2009 and was released back into the community on the provision he wear a GPS tracking device and abide by a curfew.

Late last year lawyers acting for Loudon wrote to Queensland Corrective Services asking that the device and curfew requirements be removed from the order.

Through his lawyers, Loudon argued the anklet caused him stress and anxiety because he couldn’t conceal it easily when in public.

He also argued his good behaviour warranted a relaxation in his restrictions.

However in a written judgment published on Tuesday, Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Martin Daubney disagreed, ruling Loudon was still a risk to the community.





Sex offender Murray John Winder pleads not guilty to removing GPS tracking device

Posted 3 hours 20 minutes ago

A dangerous sex offender has pleaded not guilty to removing a GPS tracking device, telling police it fell off after he accidentally hit it with a tomahawk.

Murray John Winder, from Carnarvon, WA, was released from prison in 2011 after serving time for rape and child sex offences.

The 55-year-old appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court today via video-link.

Winder had been ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device at all times as part of his release conditions.

The device was tampered with earlier this month and Winder failed three times to attend Community Corrections meetings when ordered to.

When he did attend, he told police the device had fallen off his ankle after he accidentally hit it with a tomahawk.

Police told the court it looked like Winder had used a small tool to remove the device.

Winder is due back in court in August before a trial date is set.

Rapist ‘removed GPS tracker’

A dangerous sex offender was arrested in Carnarvon this week after he allegedly removed his GPS monitoring device.

Murray John Winder, 55, whose record includes rape and child sex offences, was released on a 10-year supervision order by a Perth judge in 2011.

In his ruling, Justice John McKechnie noted Winder had a “mild mental disability.”

The judge said he was satisfied the risk of releasing Winder into the community could be “adequately managed” by a supervision order.

One of the conditions of the supervision order was that he wore a GPS monitoring device at all times.

Winder has been living with his sister in Carnarvon.

Carnarvon police arrested him on Wednesday after allegedly discovering he had removed the monitoring device from his ankle.

He appeared in Carnarvon Magistrate’s Court yesterday and was remanded to Greenough Regional Prison, near Geraldton.

It is understood he will appear in court via video link next week charged with contravening his supervision order


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 UPDATE:  FEB 2015

Dangerous sex offender back behind bars for alleged indecent behaviour in Perth CBD

By Joanna Menagh

Wed 18 Feb 2015, 7:09pm

A man deemed to be a dangerous sex offender is back behind bars over allegations he acted indecently and inappropriately towards women while wandering in Perth’s central business district.

Edward William Latimer, 57, was officially declared a Dangerous Sex Offender in 2006 after spending most of his life in and out of jail for sex crimes.

They included wilful exposure, indecent assault and attempted sexual penetration without consent.

He was released last year after Supreme Court Justice Lindy Jenkins found “much had changed in Latimer’s life” and the risk he posed to the community could be managed if he was subject to a strict supervision order.

The order included conditions that he be subject to electronic monitoring, undergo treatment programs, abide by a curfew and not consume alcohol.

However, today Justice Jenkins ordered that Latimer again be detained pending a hearing into allegations he breached the order by “looking and staring at women and saying inappropriate things to them”.

The court heard his behaviour was observed by police who had followed him in the CBD.

Latimer’s lawyer David McKenzie said his client should not be sent back to jail, describing the alleged breach as “at the lighter end of the scale.”

But Justice Jenkins said the alleged behaviour “had been in the past a precursor to more serious offending”.

The hearing into the alleged breaches will be held in April.

Dangerous sex offender Edward Latimer released on strict conditions

Updated Mon 30 Jun 2014, 3:05pm AEST

A dangerous sex offender has been released from a West Australian prison and will be subject to electronic monitoring.

Edward William Latimer has numerous convictions including aggravated sexual penetration and attempted rape.

In 2006, the Supreme Court ruled he should be kept in jail indefinitely because he posed an ongoing danger to the community.

His detention order has been reviewed and rejected six times since 2007 and he had recently been moved to the minimum security Karnet Prison Farm.

A report considered by the Supreme Court said that at the time of offending, Latimer was leading a chaotic, itinerant life and was living on the streets.

Justice Lindy Jenkins said much had changed in his life.

“While acknowledging Mr Latimer’s risk of serious sexual offending, in my view, so much has changed in [his] life since he was sentenced in 2005 that it can now be said that the community can be adequately protected from that risk if I rescind the continuing detention order and make a strict supervision order,” she said.

Justice Jenkins accepted that Latimer had completed a sex offender treatment program and has had counselling for a number of years.

He was released under supervision with strict conditions including that he be electronically monitored by GPS.

Latimer will also have to undergo random breath testing and urine analysis to ensure he is not “consuming substances which may increase the change of him reoffending”.

In addition, he will have to notify authorities of every change of address or employment, and not leave WA without permission.

Sex offender faces indefinite sentence

Posted Tue Oct 31, 2006 11:43pm AEDT

A serious sex offender is to be kept behind bars indefinitely, the first such case under new Western Australian laws.

Supreme Court Justice Michael Murray has ruled that 48-year-old Edward William Latimer is a serious danger to the community, and he will be kept in prison beyond his sentence.

Latimer has numerous convictions, including aggravated sexual penetration and attempted rape.

Psychiatric reports tendered to the Supreme Court stated he presented a high risk of committing a serious sexual offence if released.

Attorney-General Jim McGinty has told State Parliament it is the first order of its type to be handed down under the Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act.


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Pedophile Roy Friend praises GPS trackers as ‘safety devices’

A NOTORIOUS pedophile with a history of breaching supervised release orders claims that wearing electronic GPS trackers were a “safety device” that ensured sex offenders could not be falsely accused of serious crimes.

Dangerous sex offender Roy Friend told the Brisbane Supreme Court he was a fan of electronic monitoring devices and would happily wear one if given yet another chance to leave prison to live in the community.

Friend was testifying after having been returned to custody for allegedly trying “to groom” a 15-year-old boy only a month after being placed under a supervision order.

Friend was in court on Monday asking to be again released under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003.

“I feel as though I’m on the road to repairing (myself),” Friend said in evidence.

When asked by barrister Angus Scott, for Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie, on his feelings about GPS monitoring devices, Friend said: “They can work us out.”

“GPS trackers, I see them as a safety device. I can’t be accused of doing something I haven’t done.

Friend also testified he had spoken with a 15-year-old male shop assistant, at Goodna, a suburb of Ipswich, and given the boy his phone number in late 2010.

Justice Peter Applegarth was told the boy threw the number away and that Friend had no further contact with the child before last year’s January floods.

However, Friend told the court he did approach the boy in his car and offer him a lift after having seen him walking along a road in April last year.

Friend said he started talking to the boy, asked him if he had obtained his learner driver’s permit and suggested he could give him lessons.

“(The boy) told me he was 16 and due to get his learner’s (permit),” Friend said.

“When I found out (months later) he had just turned 16, I freaked out.”

The court heard Friend had a long history of offending against early teenage boys and once breached a supervised order in the hope police would kill him.

He was first jailed for two years in 1991 on five charges of indecent dealing with a boy under 17 and 13 charges of indecent assault. The offences occurred in 1987 and 1988.

In 1997 was convicted of possession of child abuse photographs and given a wholly suspended 6 months jail term.

His third set of offences concerned indecent treatment of a boy under 16 in December 1997 and he was jailed for three months after a successful appeal against a 12 month sentence.

Friend was jailed again after a fourth set of offences in April 2003 when he was convicted of 13 charges of indecent treatment of a boy under 16 and two charges indecent treatment of a boy under 12.

They occurred after Friend became acquainted with boys after he met them as part of his employment.

After serving his full sentence for the 2003 offences Friend was released on a supervised order in 2006.

In 2008, the supervision order was rescinded and he was sent back to jail after he breached it by making sexually suggestive remarks to a boy he met.

The detention order was confirmed on two occasions before November 2010 when he was again released on a supervision order.

Justice Applegarth has reserved his decision.

Pedophile’s release bid fails

Christine Flatley

May 1, 2012 – 3:25PM

A Queensland pedophile has failed in a bid to be released pending a hearing into allegations he breached his supervision order by trying to “groom” a teenage boy for sex.

Roy Friend, 58, was arrested late last year for allegedly engaging with the 15-year-old boy at Ipswich.

He’s accused of speaking intimately with the boy and giving him his phone number.

Any contact with children would breach the terms of his supervision order, which was made just one month before these latest allegations.

If this breach is proven it will be the second time Friend has ignored terms of his release by engaging with children.

He was arrested in late 2008 after allegedly approaching a teenage boy and asking him inappropriate questions about showering and being naked.

This behaviour breached his first supervision order, which was made in July 2006 after he had served a four-and-a-half-year sentence for 13 charges of indecent treatment of a child under 16 years and two of indecent treatment of a child under 12.

That supervision order was rescinded and Friend was kept in jail until he was released in 2011 on the new order, which is the subject of these latest breach allegations.

Following his arrest, Friend applied to the Supreme Court in Brisbane for an interim release order pending his breach hearing.

However Justice Glenn Martin rejected this today, noting psychiatric assessment had found Friend was a “high risk of re-offending”.