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Location:  Unanderra NSW

Offence:  Pleaded guilty to two charges – inflicting actual bodily harm with intent to have sexual intercourse and having aggravated sexual intercourse without consent.

Sentence: Jailed for at least five years, despite suffering from chronic ill-health. He will be eligible to apply for release on parole in August 2022.





Community supervision order extended for convicted child sex offender Aaron David Vincent

Shannon Tonkin
2 Jul 2017, 3:34 p.m.

A convicted child sexual predator who told a psychologist he planned to prey on children again as soon as he was released from jail will have his every move monitored by Corrective Services for the next five years.

NSW Supreme Court judge Justice Ian Harrison on Friday ordered Wollongong man Aaron David Vincent be subject to a five-year extended supervision order after finding he had a “chronic and permanent” attraction to children that made the chance of him committing further serious sex offences “inevitable”.

Under the order, Vincent will have to adhere to 55 conditions including wearing an ankle monitor, providing a weekly schedule of movements, not attend places where children congregate and undergoing drug and alcohol testing.

He will also have his social media use monitored and he’s been banned from changing his name or appearance without consent from his supervising officer.

Vincent’s history of inappropriate sexual behaviour and comments stems back to the mid-2000s when he told a woman he was talking to online that he had sexually assaulted female relatives. He later told investigating police it was “just a joke”.

However, Vincent’s behaviour escalated from there: in 2009 told a woman he’d contacted in an internet chat room that he had abused girls as young as two years old, while in 2011 he was convicted of possessing child pornography.

He was sentenced to short jail terms on both occasions.

His most serious offence to date occurred in March 2014 when he had sex with an underage girl in his Wollongong apartment.

Judge Paul Conlon jailed Vincent 15 months but he was released on parole after 10 months. He has since committed further crimes, including violating orders banning him from being near children.

He is currently behind bars after being arrested on May 29 for further contraventions of court orders.

Justice Harrison said Vincent’s criminal history showed a “pattern of offending”, however he also expressed considerable concern about what Vincent himself had told psychologists and telephone help lines about his intentions towards children when released.

The court heard Vincent had contacted help lines in the past and falsely “disclosed” sexual offences he’d committed against children. On each occasion he would masturbate while making the disclosures.

Vincent also told psychologists he was “unable to change his behaviour” and would act on his urges, telling one doctor “I don’t know what I would do if I was left alone in a room with [female] children”.

Justice Harrison acknowledged that Vincent was willing to try anti-libido medicine but said the outlook for any sort of recovery was bleak.

“I am unable presently to foresee a time when the risk that Mr Vincent will commit a further serious sex offence will not be present,” he said.

“I can’t ignore the fact that Mr Vincent has acknowledged himself that there is a real risk if he is left alone with a female child.

“I consider that Mr Vincent’s risk risk can be managed but it can never be eradicated.”

Extended supervision order conditions for Aaron Vincent:

*Electronic monitoring

*Weekly schedule of movements (not to be changed with supervising officer’s permission)

*Live at an approved address and abide by nighttime curfew

*No visitors or overnight guests without prior approval from Corrective Services

*Banned from attending cinemas, schools, theme parks, concerts, sport playing fields, pools, caravan parks or anywhere else children congregate

*Banned from adult shops where sexually explicit material or entertainment is sold

*No job, volunteer work or educational course without prior approval

*Regular random drug and alcohol testing

*No contact with anyone under 18 unless approved by supervising officer

*Inform supervising officer if any any intimate relationship begins

*Provide a list of all internet accounts and devices used to access them

*Consent to body searches

*Not to change name or appearance without approval from supervising officer

*Surrender any travel documents including passport

*Attend all rehabilitation programs and courses directed by supervising officer

*Non-association with people consuming or under the influence of illegal drugs

Wollongong child sex offender Aaron David Vincent likely to be freed


Feb. 25, 2015, 9 p.m.

A convicted child sex offender who confessed to having sex with an under-age girl in his Wollongong apartment will be eligible for release from jail later this week.

Aaron David Vincent, 28, pleaded guilty in Port Kembla Local Court last year to one count of having sex with a child aged 14 to 16 years, stemming from a sexual encounter he had with a 15-year-old girl in March 2014.

During sentencing procedures in Sutherland District Court on Wednesday, the court heard Vincent and the girl had agreed to “hang out” during the weekend of March 24 and at one point went to his Victoria Street unit.

They began kissing and had consensual sex.

The following day, Vincent detailed the sexual encounter to a Lifeline counsellor via an internet chat forum, and the matter was referred to police.

Although the victim initially refused to assist with the investigation, she eventually provided a statement to police at the end of April, leading to Vincent’s arrest.

Vincent pleaded guilty in Port Kembla Local Court last November to a charge of under-age sex.

The court also heard Vincent had been placed on the child protection register after he was caught with child pornography in South Australia in 2011.

In sentencing Vincent on Wednesday, Judge Paul Conlon said the offending was at the lower end of the scale and he had shown contrition for his actions.

“The way in which he has disclosed his offending conduct is an indication of the guilt he felt for his conduct,” he told the court.

He was sentenced to a non-parole period of 10 months and with time served will be eligible for release on February 28. Judge Conlon imposed an additional five-month supervised parole period.


Man admits to Crown Street Mall rape


Nov. 5, 2014, 10:08 p.m.

A Queensland man has confessed to raping a woman in Wollongong’s Crown Street Mall 13 years ago.

Port Kembla Local Court heard Benjamin Scott Boyd was living in the Illawarra in 2001 when he violently raped the woman in the grounds of St Andrews Presbyterian Church in the early hours of July 20.

Boyd was not linked to the crime and wasn’t charged until August 2004, a few months after his arrest on unrelated sexual assault matters in Orange.

He was granted bail but failed to turn up to Wollongong court in November to face the rape charge, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Police were told he had fled to the United Kingdom, with documents revealing he had left the country in September – a month after the rape charge was laid.

The case was unresolved for almost a decade until NSW Police received a phone call from officers in Queensland in August this year saying they had arrested Boyd on the outstanding warrant.

In Port Kembla Local Court on Wednesday, Boyd entered a plea of guilty to one charge of sexual intercourse without consent.

A draft set of facts tendered during the proceedings claims the female victim, then aged 34 years, was sitting in the mall around 3.45am when she noticed the then 18-year-old Boyd speaking with a man.

When the conversation ended, Boyd approached her, asked for directions, and tried to chat her up.

The woman brushed off his advances and walked away.

Boyd followed her and continued to ask her questions of an intimate nature.

As the pair passed the laneway leading to the church grounds, Boyd grabbed the woman by the wrists.

She struggled to break free, but was unable to do so.

Boyd then indecently assaulted the woman twice before dragging her by the feet along the passageway and raping her.

The woman later told police Boyd had said to her ‘‘this won’t take long’’, then afterwards, said ‘‘you don’t mess with the 777’’ as he walked away.

Boyd was remanded in custody to appear in the district court for sentencing later this month.



Forbes – Mark Robert - Photo

Former Albion Park teacher Mark Robert Forbes jailed 11 years for child sex abuse


Oct. 21, 2014, 3 p.m.

The mother of two young girls molested by Albion Park Public School assistant principal Mark Forbes says she hopes his lengthy jail term gives him time to reflect on his crimes.

Forbes, 53, was accused of inappropriately touching the girls’ genitals at his Keiraville home in March this year, but repeatedly denied the allegations and elected to take the case to trial.

However a 12-person jury ultimately failed to believe his claims of innocence, finding him guilty of five charges of aggravated indecent assault of a child and one charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child following a five-day hearing in June.

On Tuesday, Forbes was sentenced to a maximum 11 years’ jail, with a non-parole period of five-and-a-half years.

Outside the courtroom, the children’s relieved mother said she hoped the sentence was long enough for him to be rehabilitated, but also expressed frustration that he had not admitted to the assaults, let alone shown any hint of remorse.

“I’m upset he hasn’t shown any remorse,” she said, noting Forbes displayed no emotion throughout earlier court proceedings, or when the sentence was read out.

“He’s been like a block of wood.

“I just hope the sentence is long enough for him to admit he committed the crimes.”

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had previously told the court of the devastating impact of Forbes’ conduct on her daughters, as well as the family as a whole.

“The incident has shaken our sense of trust in people,” she said at the time.

“If you can’t trust an assistant primary school principal who can you trust with your children?”

On Tuesday she said she hoped her daughters’ case demonstrated the importance of victims speaking up early.

“It’s so important for victims to report abuse as soon as possible,” she said.

“This gives police the best chance to recover evidence, [and] denies the perpetrator power.”

In Forbes’ case, the siblings went to his now ex-wife with their complaints almost immediately, and she reported the matter to police.

In handing down the sentence, presiding Judge Mark Marien described Forbes’ conduct as “extremely serious”, saying his actions constitued a considerable breach of trust.

“It’s the primary purpose of criminal law to protect the community, most particularly the most vulnerable in our community,” he said.

“Children, especially of such tender years, are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation by adults.

“I’m satisfied the offending had a serius, ongoing affect on both victims, [especially] the youngest child.”

Judge Marien said he was unable to assess Forbes’ prospects of rehabilitation due to a lack of evidence before the court.

With time already served, Forbes will be eligible for release to parole in April 2019.



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Devout Christian jailed on child porn charges


22 Dec, 2009 08:42 AM

To those who knew him, Martin Paul Nichols was a devout Christian, a respected member of his church and a doting son.

But behind closed doors, the 50-year-old bachelor hid a dark secret – a collection of more than 500 photographs and videos of children.

He had bought the images via clandestine websites operating overseas. Many were later assessed by police as sexually explicit and in the worst category.

It was a large-scale government investigation thousands of kilometres away in the former Soviet satellite of Belarus that finally exposed Nichols and his activity in the international child pornography trade.

In Wollongong Local Court yesterday, Magistrate Michael Stoddard sentenced Nichols to nine months’ jail – one of the longest sentences handed down by a magistrate in the Illawarra for a person convicted of possessing child pornography. Mr Stoddard ordered he serve a minimum of six months behind bars.

Nichols, of Madigan Boulevard, Mt Warrigal, had pleaded guilty to the charge.

Mr Stoddard described Nichols’ behaviour as any thing other than Christian, telling him: “People who pay for this sort of material on the internet are contributing to the abuse of children around the world and the need for general deterrence is an important aspect of sentencing in this matter. I am told you are a devout Christian, but your behaviour in my view was certainly un-Christian.”

In June 2007, the High-Tech Crime Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Belarus launched Operation Tornado, which subsequently identified more than 200 commercial websites sexually exploiting children on a commercial basis.

Investigations led to the arrest of three criminals operating a major international syndicate and, in January last year, the identification of more than 61,000 credit card numbers and user accounts. More than 1500 of those belonged to Australian-based customers.

Nichols’ credit card details were passed on to Lake Illawarra detectives in March this year.

On May 5, police went to his home and seized a computer hard drive containing 500 photographs and 25 short videos. On September 23, he was formally charged.

Mr Stoddard said about 70 of the images and all of the videos had been assessed by detectives using an internationally accepted scale as being in the worst category.

Earlier, defence solicitor Neil McCarthy made an unsuccessful application to have the court either suppress Nichols’ identity or to have the court closed to the public.

“There is a climate in this country about paedophilia and (child) pornography which can motivate the community to engage in extrajudicial forms of punishment if his name is published,” Mr McCarthy said.

Mr Stoddard ordered Nichols to serve a minimum of six months’ jail.

Yesterday afternoon, Nichols was granted bail after lodging an appeal.

The appeal is expected to be heard in Wollongong District Court on February 1.

On appeal Nichols walked free from Wollongong District Court without serving any jail time.

Judge PaulConlon instead imposed a one-year suspended jail sentence.


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John Alexander Ellem

Posted: October 29, 2012 by Serendipity in Location, NSW
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Sentencing of ex-teacher adjourned


26 Jul, 2012 12:00 AM

A former school teacher who molested two young students more than 20 years ago appeared in Wollongong District Court yesterday.

John Alexander Ellem, 66, of Wollongong, will be sentenced in August after pleading guilty to indecently touching the boys.

The offences were committed in the mid-to-late ’80s when Ellem worked as a teacher at two Illawarra primary schools.

One charge stemmed from an incident at Ellem’s home, where he fondled one boy’s genitals while the child sat on his lap.

He used his other hand to rub the child’s chest until the boy squirmed from his grip.

The same child was also fondled during a car trip when Ellem pulled over at a road-side stop, lifting the boy onto his lap from the passenger seat and then molesting him.

A second boy was touched by Ellem in a classroom during a recess or lunch break.

He approached the boy from behind before putting his hand down the child’s pants and rubbing his buttocks.

On another occasion Ellem lowered the child’s shorts and underpants and touched his buttocks.

Ellem has pleaded guilty to four counts of indecently assaulting a person aged under 16 under his authority.

Defence barrister Michael Ainsworth told the court yesterday Ellem had changed his life over the past 20 years.

He said his client had faced similar, but separate, charges in 1989 which were ultimately dropped, but at the time had admitted to the inappropriate conduct.

Mr Ainsworth said Ellem had immediately removed himself from the education system, sought counselling and since that time had not re-offended.

Ellem had also dedicated himself to the Anglican Church, Mr Ainsworth said.

Judge Paul Conlon said there were a number of complicating factors in sentencing Ellem and adjourned the matter to August 7.