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Troy Ronald Walker sentenced to at least 10 years’ jail for child sex offences


1 Feb 2016, 6:51 p.m.

TROY Ronald Walker was a Bible-loving, God-fearing Christian who impressed fellow churchgoers with his passion for helping troubled youths.

He will spend at least 10 years in jail after convictions for sexually abusing young people for more than two decades, including inciting a teenage boy to have sex with a 14-year-old girl while he photographed them.

Walker, 45, was convicted of offences against six young people in the Lake Macquarie area after he used his associations with the Salvation Army and an evangelical Christian church to gain access to children through their families.

A woman sobbed in Sydney Downing Centre Court on Monday as Judge Peter Zahra told how Walker had sexual intercourse with her after meeting the girl’s mother at Bible study. He offered to counsel the girl because she kept running away from home. The court heard the girl was sexually abused by her father.

The girl believed she was “the bad one” and blamed herself because “I was always told people who go to church are good people”, she said in a victim’s impact statement. After sexual abuse by her father and Walker she believed that she was “placed on earth for men to have sex with me”.

Walker sexually abused a brother and sister after their parents separated and the mother sought help in Bible study. Walker photographed the girl, 14, and a teenage boy after inciting them to commit a sexual act.

The court heard Walker forcibly sexually assaulted a girl, 13, in her bedroom as her parents were on a “welfare run” for the Salvation Army. Walker’s offending did not end until late 2013 when he was arrested and charged with offences against a boy.

Walker was guilty of “an insidious persistence of predatory sexual assault against young children with a disregard for the impact on his child victims”, Judge Zahra said.

“The trust placed in him was founded on his association with the Salvation Army and church and Bible groups. He took advantage of that trust to gratify his sexual attraction to children.”

The court heard Walker, who worked at hospitals in the Newcastle area and as an administrative assistant at a university, received character references from the Salvation Army and the university.

Walker pleaded guilty to offences against two children, but denied offences against other victims.

Judge Zahra noted reports saying Walker “appears to have no insight into the gravity of his offending” and showed no contrition.

Walker received a maximum sentence of 13 years’ jail. His earliest release date is April 2024.


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11-year sentence for pedophile Roger Keith Onslow


Oct. 31, 2014, 9:30 p.m.

A SEXUAL predator who preyed on boys for almost three decades was jailed for 11 years and six months on Friday after a judge described him as a ‘‘deviant’’ who led a ‘‘morally bankrupt and criminal lifestyle’’.

Roger Keith Onslow, 53, began grooming and isolating boys for sexual activity as a young man in 1983 before he was arrested at Maitland last year at what he hoped was going to be a meeting with a 13-year-old boy, Newcastle District Court heard.

Instead, Onslow was met by police who had been investigating an online predator called the Artful Dodger who had been grooming a boy for sex.

Onslow displayed little emotion after Judge Helen Wilson sentenced him to a minimum of eight years and seven months’ jail with the non-parole period expiring in February 2023.

She detailed how Onslow, a software developer, cultivated relationships with friends, families and neighbours in the 1980s and 1990s to target four boys for sex.

His offending ranged from touching to sex acts and an attempted rape at locations in the Coalfields, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Sydney.

He took some of his victims on trips and would sometimes enter their bedrooms as they tried to sleep.

Onslow previously pleaded guilty to 23 charges, while other offences were also taken into account. Judge Wilson noted that a psychiatrist believed that  Onslow had little insight into his offending, which he referred to as ‘‘expressions of love and affection’’.

The psychiatrist rated Onslow a moderate to high risk of re-offending, while Judge Wilson said Onslow ‘‘may only have a superficial comprehension of his crimes’’.

Police found almost 1700 images and 70 videos of child abuse material in Onslow’s Abermain home.

The material was ‘‘abhorrent’’ and ‘‘highly disturbing’’, including acts of sadism and bestiality involving babies and toddlers, Judge Wilson said.

In his chats with what he hoped was a 13-year-old boy, Onslow progressed from talking about hugs and kisses to discussing showering together and eating and licking food off each other.

The child was in fact a police officer.


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Anning – Henry Alfred - Photo4

Anning – Henry Alfred - Photo3

Serial paedophile Henry Anning’s jail sentence brings solace at last

IT has spread over 12 years, included more than 80 court appearances, two criminal trials, survived a political storm  that saw charges dropped and reinstated, and experienced the extraordinary case in which  the accused’s dementia diagnosis was later overturned.

The sentencing of serial paedophile Henry ‘‘Harry’’ Anning last Friday ended one of the longest and most controversial child-sex cases in the state’s history, and left his five victims and unknown others with a relief they had been seeking since his initial arrest in 2002.

One of Anning’s victims, Gordon Green, on Tuesday bravely decided to publicly condemn his attacker and the judicial process  that saw him and others remain trapped in a nightmare.

‘‘It was ridiculous. The personal pain and trauma it has put all the victims through is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment over an extended period of time,’’ Mr Green said.

‘‘Not only have we had to deal with what Harry did, we have also had to deal with what the judicial process did.’’

Anning groomed boys over three decades by taking them to the Newcastle Speedway at Tomago and allowing them to drive cars and motorbikes on properties at Morisset, Wyee, Freemans Waterhole, Bonnells Bay and Warnervale.

Last December, the then 81-year-old was convicted of 11 charges in the 1970s and 1980s that included the sexual abuse of five boys, aged 11 to 15, and attempted sex with a German shepherd dog in front of an 11-year-old.

And last Friday, he was sentenced to 12 years’ jail with a non-parole period of eight-and-a-half years.

With time already served, Anning will be eligible for parole in October, 2017.

He was first arrested in 2002 before a series of fitness hearings ended with the charges not being pursued when defence experts argued that the ageing Lake Macquarie man had a severe back injury  that made it impossible for him to sit for more than two hours.

The charges were later reinstated but Anning’s defence successfully argued in 2008 that he was suffering from dementia and would never be fit to stand trial.

A special hearing before a judge only in 2009 heard the allegations and Anning was convicted and sentenced to 12 years.

But in an extraordinary step in 2012, Anning’s defence successfully argued that he was no longer suffering dementia and a trial was ordered.

It meant each victim, who had spent time in the witness box during the 2009 special hearing, had to give evidence and be cross-examined on their experiences again.

‘‘There were times when I really wanted to put my hands up and say I have had enough,’’ Mr Green said.

‘‘The damage is done to me personally but if we make sure this pain does not happen to anyone else who may have to go through the legal process then it is worth it.

‘‘We have suffered through two trials and one mistrial, we have had Anning yell personal attacks at us in the court – even on Friday he didn’t show any remorse.

‘‘The way it has been handled is just disgusting.’’

Mr Green said there was some relief the process now appeared to be over.

‘‘Relief it was over. Relief the judge didn’t  release  him. Relief I can get on with my life,’’ he said.

Relief and anger. There are many more victims out there who will hopefully see he has been convicted and hopefully it might help them as well.

Another victim, who wished to  stay anonymous, said he felt  the process would never end.

‘‘It was a complete joke that just dragged on and on and on. Someone should be found accountable for this,’’ the victim said.

‘‘If he gets out then the nightmare will continue until he is in a box.’’


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Child sex offender Wadie Farid Haddad ‘was mentally ill’


15 Jun, 2011 12:00 AM

DEREGISTERED doctor and convicted child sex offender Wadie Farid Haddad was described yesterday as “the stranger that we warn our children about” before being told he could be released in seven months.

Newcastle District Court Judge Peter Berman said he reduced Haddad’s minimum sentence to two years and three months because of the severe mental illness the former GP was suffering when he sexually assaulted the 13-year-old in Charlestown library’s disabled toilets in October 2009.

With time already served, Haddad will be eligible for release on January 22 next year with his maximum term of 4? years expiring in April 2014.

Haddad, who turned 63 yesterday, was deregistered as a GP in 1994 after being charged with fondling the genitals and performing a sex act on a patient in Sydney.

On October 21, 2009, Haddad had attempted to befriend the 13-year-old boy outside the library before telling him “if you give me a little favour I will give you money”.

The Egyptian immigrant then grabbed the boy on the genitals before taking him into the toilets where he performed a sex act on the teenager.

Haddad was arrested two days later and has been in jail ever since.

He pleaded guilty to sexual intercourse with a child aged between 10 and 14 and asked the court to take into account a further allegation that he made the boy place his hand on Haddad’s genitals.

The court heard Haddad suffered from bipolar disorder, had a long history of psychotic episodes and had spent time in psychiatric hospitals in the lead up to the offence.

“I feel extremely guilty and I have a lot of remorse for the victim and his family and the close people around him and for my family as well,” Haddad said yesterday through a French interpreter.

Judge Berman described the attack as “a most serious offence” and that Haddad had “no doubt … caused harm to [the victim]”.

“He was the stranger that we warn our children about,” Judge Berman said.

But Judge Berman said that although the offence would normally attract a long jail term, he was forced to take into account Haddad’s mental state at the time of the offence when passing judgment.

Judge Berman said he could not say Haddad was unlikely to reoffend upon release but identified that the offender was “doing well” in keeping up with medication in prison.

Deregistered doctor jailed for sexually assaulting boy


14 Jun, 2011 01:22 PM

A deregistered doctor who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy in a Lake Macquarie library was today sentenced to a maximum four-and-a-half years jail.

Wadie Farid Haddad, who turned 63 today, will be eligible for parole in January next year.

He pleaded guilty to sexual intercourse with a child aged between 10 and 14 after he met the boy outside Charlestown library and enticed him into a toilet.

Newcastle District Court judge Peter Berman said Haddad had been suffering from a severe mental illness at the time of the offence.

Haddad has been in custody since his arrest on October 23, 2009, two days after he assaulted the boy.

Doctor admits to sex acts in library

23 Mar, 2011 04:00 AM

A DEREGISTERED doctor pleaded guilty yesterday to sexually assaulting a boy in a disabled toilet at Charlestown Library.

Wadie Farid Haddad, 62, struck up a conversation with the 13-year-old boy near the library before enticing him into the bathroom after 5pm on October 21, 2009, a statement of facts tendered to Newcastle District Court said.

During the conversation, Haddad told the boy that he was a doctor and tried to obtain personal details from the boy such as his phone number.

The boy gave a false number and later told police that he felt pressured into going into the toilet with Haddad because he ‘‘thought [Haddad] was gunna bash me or something’’.

Haddad was meant to stand trial this week on numerous child sex offences but he changed his pleas to guilty yesterday.

He will be sentenced at a later date.

The statement said that Haddad, of Blue Gum Circuit, Mount Hutton, told the boy they were going to be friends before showing him a stethoscope.

He touched the boy outside the library and told the boy: ‘‘If you give me a little favour then I will give you money.’’

Once they were inside the toilet, Haddad took his clothes off before performing acts on the boy.

The boy asked library staff to contact police as soon as he left the toilet and a staff member recognised Haddad.

Haddad remains in custody.

Deregistered doctor to stand trial over child sexual assault

Posted November 4, 2010 06:56:00

A deregistered doctor has been committed to stand trial in the Newcastle District court, charged with sexually assaulting a teenage boy at Charlestown.

62 year old Wadi Farid Haddad of Mount Hutton, who is on a sex offenders register, is alleged to have assaulted a 13-year-old boy in a toilet at the front of Charlestown library in October last year.

The deregistered doctor is facing 12 charges including aggravated sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and sexual intercourse with a person aged between 10 and 14 years.

Haddad has not entered a plea to the charges.

Magistrate Elaine Truscott remanded him in custody and committed him to stand trial in the Newcastle District court.

Haddad is due to reappear in court next Thursday.

Struck-off doctor assaulted boy in Charlestown library toilet: court


27/10/2009 4:00:00 AM

A DEREGISTERED doctor, who is on the sex offenders’ register, faced court yesterday accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy at Charlestown library.

Wadi Farid Haddad, 61, was refused bail in Newcastle Local Court before his case was adjourned to December.

He allegedly tried to befriend the boy outside the library last Wednesday before ordering the boy in to a toilet near the library’s front entrance, a police statement said.

The boy feared he would be assaulted if he didn’t do what he was told and had yelled for help to a woman when he was outside the library.

Haddad allegedly told the woman not to worry and said the boy was joking.

Haddad also allegedly asked for the boy’s name and told him: “If you do me a favour, I’ll give you money.”

The boy told police he gave a false name.

Haddad, of Blue Gum Circuit, Mount Hutton, is accused of repeatedly touching and kissing the boy.

Once in the library toilet, he is accused of performing a sex act on the boy and putting the boy’s hand on his genitals.

The boy then dressed and left the bathroom before complaining to a library staff member who rang police.

Another witness told police they saw Haddad leave the toilet and recognised him as a regular library user.

Haddad did not enter pleas to five counts of indecent assault and one count of having sexual intercourse with a 10 to 14-year-old child.

Investigators had trouble contacting Haddad when they wanted to question him last Thursday and Friday, the police statement said.

Haddad allegedly refused to disclose where he was when police rang him and was evasive when answering their questions.

When investigators returned to Haddad’s home on Friday with a locksmith to let them in, they found Haddad in bed.

He declined to answer questions.

An indecent assault charge against Haddad in 1989 was proved, but dismissed, the police statement said.

He was put on a good behaviour bond in 2004 for seeking employment that would put him in contact with children while he was on the sex offenders’ register.

Defence solicitor Mansell Laidler said Haddad was unemployed, had no money, no car and the police had seized his passport.

The doctor can still see you now, despite second indecent assault

By Natasha Wallace
May 28, 2004

A Sydney doctor has been found guilty of indecently assaulting a 22-year-old man who went to him with a sore throat, but was instead asked to drop his trousers.

The GP, Wadie Farie Haddad, was yesterday found guilty of indecent assault on a patient for the second time. He had pulled the man’s pants down to his knees and touched his penis, withdrawing the foreskin, the Downing Centre Local Court heard.

Haddad, 55, of Maroubra, had pleaded not guilty to assaulting the man at Macarthur GP After Hours Service, which has rooms at Campbelltown Hospital, on December 20, 2002.

Dr Haddad said he had a “quick look” at the man’s genitals because he was young and Asian and therefore at risk of STDs.

Despite this and another conviction, it appears Haddad will continue to practise. In January he was permitted to practise at Maroubra Medical Centre and Campbelltown Medical Centre, where he was expected to turn up for work today, its director said. He said he was unaware of the allegations against Haddad.

Haddad was struck off the medical register in 1994 after being convicted of indecently assaulting a 23-year-old at his Campbelltown surgery in 1989.

The NSW Medical Board reinstated him in July 1998, under strict conditions, prohibiting him from working in a sole practice or with children under 14.

Other charges, relating to Haddad allegedly applying for jobs at several Sydney public hospitals without declaring his prior conviction, will be heard on July 30, when he will also be sentenced on the indecent assault.

The acting registrar of the NSW Medical Board, Anne Scahill, said she could not comment on individuals but the board “can act very, very quickly” when doctors posed a danger to the community and could suspend them for eight weeks.



Former Lake Macquarie mayor jailed over indecent assault

BY ALISON BRANLEY – Newcastle Herald

10/10/2009 4:00:00 AM

FORMER Lake Macquarie mayor Douglas Carley has been sentenced to three years in prison for indecently assaulting a 12-year-old boy.

Judge Gregory Hosking sentenced Carley, 73, of Hamilton, in Newcastle District Court yesterday to three years with a 15-month non-parole period.

It means Carley, who has been in custody most of 2009, could be released in April next year.

The court heard Carley befriended the victim’s family in October, 2008, after the boy’s mother took pity on Carley when she saw him about to fall over because he had “taken too many tablets”.

She encouraged her son to help Carley and at one stage told her son, “He is just an old man”.

At Carley’s unit on November 17, 2008, Carley pulled the victim’s pants down and touched the boy’s genitals.

Carley threatened to kill himself that day but was not arrested until he threatened self-harm again in January.

Judge Hosking said the maximum sentence was 10 years but Carley’s offence was between the low and middle range.

He took into account Carley’s plea of guilty, age, mental health issues and that most of his term would be spent in protection.

“[It] is often more arduous than being in the general prison population,” he said.

“By pleading guilty he has also saved young [the victim] the ordeal of having to recount this matter.”

Judge Hosking said Carley had bi-polar disorder, was sexually abused as a child and had electric shock treatment twice before age 25.

A psychiatrist’s report read to the court yesterday stated that Carley was voted Lake Macquarie mayor during one of his hypo-manic periods but became depressed, losing his wife, his role and becoming financially destitute.

It stated that during elevated moods Carley abandoned all caution and identified with boys of 14.

Carley was a Lake Macquarie councillor for 10 years and was mayor from 1991 to 1993.

He was a high school teacher at Warners Bay, Glenfield, Belmont, Toronto and Broadmeadow.

He was convicted of indecently assaulting a 15-year-old boy in 1995.

A condition of Carley’s parole will be to stay on medication and see a psychiatrist to reduce the risk of re-offending.

Ex-mayor to stand trial on indecent assault charge

Posted Wed Apr 8, 2009 3:35pm AEST

A former New South Wales mayor has been committed to stand trial for the alleged assault of a boy.

Former Lake Macquarie mayor, Douglas Carley, 72, is charged with the aggravated indecent assault of the 12-year-old in November last year.

Police allege he lured the child into his Newcastle unit where the alleged assault took place.

While appearing via audio-visual link in Newcastle local court today, Carley appeared frustrated with the connections to his hearing aids, impairing his hearing.

He showed no expression when Magistrate Elaine Truscott committed him to stand trial for the alleged offence.

He is due to be arraigned in the Newcastle District Court next week.


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Evan John Breedon

Posted: October 19, 2012 by Serendipity in NSW
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No jail on child porn offences

GR – Newcastle Herald – 16/07/2008 – Page 13

A LAKE Macquarie man appearing in Newcastle Local Court yesterday on four child

pornography offences was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond.

Evan John Breedon, 36, driver, of Windermere Park, was also fined a total of

$2000 on two charges of possessing child pornography and two of using the

Internet to access child pornography.

Sentencing Breedon, magistrate Michael Morahan said the offences would normally

call for jail but noted that police had said they were at the lower end of the

seriousness scale.

A police statement before the court said authorities were initially tipped off

by Dutch police, who picked up Breedon in May 2006 using an Internet bulletin

board associated with child pornography.

Breedon had downloaded 400 photos featuring nude pre-pubescent girls, the

statement said.

In January this year police executed a search warrant on his home and seized

computer equipment.

Breedon had completed a Salvation Army lifestyle program.