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Age:  30  (2018)

Location:   Lavington  NSW

Offence:   Pleaded guilty to amended charges of possess child abuse material and use a carriage service to access child abuse material.

Sentence:  To be sentenced in August 2018

Other:   Parkinson was identified as part of an international investigation. Police searched his home on March 30, 3017 and seized two Samsung phones containing over 15,000  images.



Woman ‘disgusted’ by Noreuil sex act

11 Jan 2011, 9:04 p.m.

A FORMER South Australian man who masturbated while a young woman was sunbathing just a short distance away at Albury’s Noreuil Park last year faces sentence in March on two charges.

Allen Brian Edwards appeared in Albury Local Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to disqualified driving and committing an act of indecency with a person over 16 years.

Magistrate Gordon Lerve said Edwards, 40, of Prune Street, Lavington, had been jailed previously for disqualified driving and a bond would possibly be imposed for the other matter.

But Mr Lerve said it was appropriate to get a pre-sentence report and adjourned sentencing until March 8.

The court was told the victim drove to Noreuil Park about 4.10pm on October 27 to picnic with friends and went to the south-western corner.

She set up a rug, had bathers under her clothing and took her T-shirt off.

Edwards arrived in a Ford sedan about 10 minutes later, got a cushion and rug from his back seat and went to the edge of the river about 15 metres from the woman.

He set up under a tree, next to shrubs and laid on his side facing the woman.

He put his hands down his pants and began masturbating while staring at her.

She contacted friends with a text message, did not say what was happening, but asked how long it would be before they arrived.

When she looked back, Edwards was on his back masturbating with his shorts around his knees.

He pulled his shorts up, but was still watching her and she felt uncomfortable so texted a male friend, who said he would be there in 10 minutes.

When he arrived, he parked next to Edwards’ vehicle and got the registration number on a piece of paper which he gave to the woman.

The woman looked back, Edwards had his penis out the top of his pants and she said: “Get your hands out of your pants. It is disgusting and dirty”.

Edwards stopped, the woman put her T-shirt back on and another male friend arrived.

The registration of his vehicle was checked again when he drove off about 5.20pm.

The woman attended the police station the following day and made a statement.

Police went to his residence on October 29 and he denied masturbating, but an orange pillow and blanket described by the woman were found in his car and Edwards declined to take part in an identification parade.


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Wayne Joseph Fieldus

Posted: August 8, 2016 by Serendipity in NSW
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Driver fined for indecent assault

15 Oct 2014, midnight

LAVINGTON truck driver Wayne Joseph Fieldus was yesterday put on a two-year bond and fined $400 over indecently assaulting a woman who went driving with him.

Police facts tendered in Albury Local Court outlined how Fieldus spoke to the woman, 20, in McDonald Road in March and convinced her to accompany him to get some food.

But on the way he asked her about her sex life, past male partners and whether she would have sex with him.

When she declined, Fieldus asked if he could touch her breasts which she rejected.

But he then reached over and touched her right breast on the outside of her clothing.

Fieldus, 53, of Bounds Street, pleaded guilty to committing an act of indecency with a person aged over 16.

Magistrate Tony Murray said when imposing the penalties that Fieldus had no previous offences.

The victim was sitting on a front nature strip in McDonald Road at Lavington about 11pm on March 11 when Fieldus stopped his car and asked her about getting some food.

She initially declined, but when he kept asking the woman relented and went.

Fieldus questioned her about her past sexual experiences and was driving along Vickers Road when he asked to touch her breasts.

She declined and Fieldus asked a number of times before reaching out without warning.

After being touched on the breast, the woman asked to be taken home.

Fieldus was driving her back to her residence when he handed over $15.

He said the woman would get more money if she allowed him to put his mouth on her breasts.

The woman refused and was dropped off without further incident, but the matter was immediately reported to police.

Fieldus attended the police station about 8.50pm on August 23 after a request was made to him.

He took part in a recorded interview and initially said he was unable to recall the incident.

He eventually admitted what took place, but denied the $15 was given as part of a sexual request.

It was claimed by Fieldus money was provided because she was “down in the dumps”.

“I know I did the wrong thing,” he said.


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Graham Jones

Posted: June 29, 2016 by Serendipity in NSW
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Jones has pleaded guilty in Albury Local Court to four counts of possess child abuse material, possess prohibited drug and contravene a prohibition order under child protection legislation.

He will be sentenced on May 16.

‘Guilty’ of child porn

Oct. 27, 2015, 11:42 a.m.

Graham Jones wanted to “spice up” his sex life so downloaded hundreds of child pornography images.

The then-Lavington resident would look through the photos before taking his partner to bed.

But Albury police had been given a tip-off, so when they later scanned the computer they found 865 child pornography images.

These varied from non-sexual to extremely graphic content, including three involving bestiality.

Police facts put before magistrate Tony Murray in Albury Local Court on Tuesday revealed one common denominator – the age of his victims.

All were girls and all were estimated to be aged between five and 10.

Jones, 44, now of Junee, pleaded guilty to producing, disseminating or possessing child abuse material.

He pleaded guilty also to the indecent assault of a person under the age of 16.

Police said this second charge had also been referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions to determine whether any other charges should be laid.

The court was told that police became aware Jones had the images on August 30.

They arrested him that day at 3.50pm at his then Shirleen Crescent home and he made admissions to the offences during a police interview.

Jones told police he was saving images from the Internet onto his laptop computer with the intention of “improving his sex life with his partner” as it had “lost its spark”.

Jones viewed the child pornography to arouse himself enough to be able to have sex.

He admitted that he knew what he had done was wrong and told police he had tried to delete some of the images.

That was because he was sickened by his actions in downloading the photos onto his computer.

The second charge relates to an incident in the laundry of his home on the night of August 8 in which he unsuccessfully tried to grope the breast of a 11-year-old girl.

Jones then grabbed the right buttock of the girl as she quickly walked past him.

He will be sentenced on December 17.


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Robert Ronald Caldwell

Posted: October 21, 2012 by Serendipity in Location, NSW, Photo
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Child sex offender sent to jail

The Border Mail – Wed, Aug 10, 2005

A CONVICTED sex offender apprehended near an Albury primary school was yesterday jailed for seven months, with a  minimum term of two months.

Robert Ronald Caldwell, 65, of Lavington, appeared in Albury Court for sentence after previously pleading guilty to being a sex offender loitering near a school and having custody of a knife in a public place.

Magistrate Tony Murray said he took into consideration when imposing the minimum term that Caldwell would serve it in protection as he had previously done when jailed for the sexual assault of a girl.

Police prosecutor Sgt Jim Caldwell in a submission on sentence pressed for a jail term.

He said it could not be suggested that it was a one-off incident by Caldwell because he had previously been warned about loitering near a school.

Sgt Caldwell said there was an adverse pre-sentence report with no community-based options.

Mr Murray was told Caldwell has had a long-term alcohol problem.

Solicitor Andrea Macdonald said Caldwell would attend alcohol rehabilitation if given the chance.

“It does not appear clear that he is a recidivist offender,” Ms Macdonald said.

Caldwell was seen by a police officer at 8.15am on May 5 in the car park of St Patricks Primary School in Smollett St.

He was looking around the car park and school grounds area for about five minutes while young children arrived.

Caldwell left after seeing the officer and walked to a nearby shopping centre before being arrested in Dean St.

In 2003, Caldwell was convicted in Albury Court of indecently assaulting a girl aged under 10 and sentenced to 10 months in jail.

Mr Murray ordered Caldwell to have supervision when released on parole and abide by any directions imposed banning him from 100m of schools or any other locations stipulated.


Jail call for child abuser

The Border Mail – Wed, Jun 29, 2005

ALBURYS police prosecutor Bob Hanzic wants a jail term to be imposed on a convicted sex offender apprehended near a primary school.

Sgt Hanzic said in Albury Court yesterday that he would be making submissions on an appropriate sentence for Robert Ronald Caldwell and suggesting a jail term.

Caldwell, 65, of Prune St, Lavington, pleaded guilty to being a convicted sex offender loitering near a school without reasonable excuse and having a knife in a public place.

Magistrate Michael Dowd said it was appropriate to get a pre-sentence report on Caldwell following the indication from Sgt Hanzic.

His sentencing has been adjourned until August 9.

Caldwell was seen by a police officer at 8.15am on May 5 in the car park of St Patricks Primary School in Smollett St.

He was looking around the car park and school grounds area for about five minutes while young children arrived for both school and pre-school activities.

Caldwell left the area after seeing the officer and walked to a nearby shopping centre before being arrested in Dean St.

In 2003, Caldwell was convicted in Albury Court of indecently assaulting a girl aged under 10 and sentenced to 10 months in jail.

Last year, he was warned by the same police officer about loitering around an after-school-hours program held at St Patricks.

Caldwell was taken to the police station after his arrest and a pocket knife with two 6cm blades was found.

He told police that he carried the knife with him and had consumed half a bottle of wine before his arrest.

Caldwell was granted bail after appearing in court on May 5 and indicating he intended to plead not guilty.

Solicitor Michael Hayes said Caldwell did voluntary work at St Patricks Church after attending mass each morning.

Parish priest Msgr William Fulton gave evidence about Caldwells voluntary work.

Acting police prosecutor Sgt Len Kerr told the hearing when opposing bail that Caldwell faced a maximum term of two years jail on the charge of loitering near the school.

Caldwell was accompanied by Msgr Fulton for yesterdays court appearance.


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