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Wayne Joseph Fieldus

Posted: August 8, 2016 by Serendipity in NSW
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Driver fined for indecent assault

15 Oct 2014, midnight

LAVINGTON truck driver Wayne Joseph Fieldus was yesterday put on a two-year bond and fined $400 over indecently assaulting a woman who went driving with him.

Police facts tendered in Albury Local Court outlined how Fieldus spoke to the woman, 20, in McDonald Road in March and convinced her to accompany him to get some food.

But on the way he asked her about her sex life, past male partners and whether she would have sex with him.

When she declined, Fieldus asked if he could touch her breasts which she rejected.

But he then reached over and touched her right breast on the outside of her clothing.

Fieldus, 53, of Bounds Street, pleaded guilty to committing an act of indecency with a person aged over 16.

Magistrate Tony Murray said when imposing the penalties that Fieldus had no previous offences.

The victim was sitting on a front nature strip in McDonald Road at Lavington about 11pm on March 11 when Fieldus stopped his car and asked her about getting some food.

She initially declined, but when he kept asking the woman relented and went.

Fieldus questioned her about her past sexual experiences and was driving along Vickers Road when he asked to touch her breasts.

She declined and Fieldus asked a number of times before reaching out without warning.

After being touched on the breast, the woman asked to be taken home.

Fieldus was driving her back to her residence when he handed over $15.

He said the woman would get more money if she allowed him to put his mouth on her breasts.

The woman refused and was dropped off without further incident, but the matter was immediately reported to police.

Fieldus attended the police station about 8.50pm on August 23 after a request was made to him.

He took part in a recorded interview and initially said he was unable to recall the incident.

He eventually admitted what took place, but denied the $15 was given as part of a sexual request.

It was claimed by Fieldus money was provided because she was “down in the dumps”.

“I know I did the wrong thing,” he said.


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