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Meyboom has appeared on a charge of committing an act of indecency in the presence of a child aged under 16.

He did not enter a plea, did not apply for bail, and no further information was presented in court.

He is listed to reappear before the court next month.

Jail term ‘manifestly inadequate’

By Elizabeth Byrne

Updated August 04, 2012 10:53:23

The ACT Court of Appeal has been told a jail sentence imposed on a man found guilty of sexual assault is manifestly inadequate.

The ACT’s Director of Public Prosecutions Jon White is challenging a sentence imposed on Craig Paul Meyboom, 36, particularly in relation to two counts of sexual assault against a woman he attacked in April 2006.

Meyboom was also sentenced for two assaults and three acts of indecency on other victims.

The court heard in one instance he grabbed a girl by the neck and told her to tell her friend to leave or he would kill her.

Mr White told the court the five year sentence imposed for the sexual assault of another victim was inadequate given the maximum term of 12 years.

Mr White has told the ACT Court of Appeal the sexual assault was a case of a stranger rape of a vulnerable victim in appalling circumstances.

But Meyboom’s barrister Shane Gill has told the court a review of similar cases shows there is no inadequacy in the sentence.

On the current sentence Meyboom will be eligible for parole in November.

The court has reserved its decision.


Music teacher with stocking fetish jailed for five years for indecently recording students

By Joanna Menagh

Posted 23 May 2017, 5:58pm

A music teacher with a fetish for stockings has been sentenced to five years’ jail for indecently recording dozens of his young students at West Australian schools.

Christopher Ryan Jones, 32, mostly used an app on his mobile phone to secretly record the 40 female victims, who were aged between six and 15, over a three-year period.

Many of the recordings were made during music classes or at recess at the schools in WA’s south and south east where he was teaching.

He also admitted to indecently recording a six-year-old girl in a supermarket and an 11-year-old at a scout jamboree.

Jones was caught when he left one of his phones at school and a teacher discovered the recordings and reported him to the deputy principal.

A search of his home then uncovered thousands of child exploitation images on electronic devices.

The District Court was told Jones had a fetish for stockings and tights, and the recordings focused on the girls’ legs and upper thighs.

He later transferred them onto a computer and viewed them for his own sexual gratification.

On two occasions he set up a hidden camera in a school storeroom and recorded students changing their clothing.

Offences ‘cunning’ but not worst of their kind, judge says

Chief Judge Kevin Sleight said those offences involved “some planning” and were particularly “cunning”.

He also said that over time, Jones had become more “confident and brazen” because he had regularly placed his phone on the ground to record the victims’ legs.

Judge Sleight said Jones’ offences were serious because they had the effect of undermining the confidence parents have in schools and made it more difficult for male teachers to be trusted.

However, he said Jones’ offending was “far from the worst of its kind” saying he had not touched his victims who were mostly fully clothed with their legs covered by the tights or stockings.

Judge Sleight also took into account Jones’ pleas of guilty to the 60 charges against him, saying it had avoided the need for 40 children to come to court to give evidence.

Jones will have to serve three years before he can be released on parole.

With time already served, his earliest release date is August next year.




Damien James Hildebrandt

Posted: December 10, 2016 by Serendipity in Photo, Queensland
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Man jailed for rape, indecent treatment of four-year-old

A 27-year-old man who digitally raped a four-year-old girl has been jailed after police found sexual images of the child on his laptop.

Damien James Hilderbrandt was found guilty of one count of rape and five counts of indecent treatment of a child in a trial last week.

On Monday, he also pleaded guilty to a second indictment of possessing child exploitation material.

He was 26 when he digitally raped the young girl and took photos of the act on his mobile phone, saving five images on his laptop.

The second indictment related to an additional 55 images and three movies which were located on his laptop.

While 51 of those images and the videos were cartoon in nature, four of them depicted real photos of pre-pubescent girls in sexual situations.

The court heard that he denied, and expressed surprise, that any images of real children would be on his computer and showed no remorse.

However, Crown prosecutor Alexandra Baker said he told police he needed help after admitting to possessing the cartoon images.

Defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco said Hildebrandt was introverted, shy and spent most of his time inside playing computer games and taking drugs before the offending and was even homeless for a while.

In March last year he was incarcerated, and Mr Lo Monaco said being in prison had transformed him from “a small weak-minded, weak-bodied addict”.

“He was angry at the beginning, now he’s almost glad he was given this opportunity to change,” he said.

“He has been trying to improve himself during incarceration.”

He was sentenced to three years and six months in jail for the rape, 18 months for each of the five indecent treatment charges and 12 months jail for possessing child exploitation material.

He has already served almost a year on remand.

The sentences will be served concurrently.





Lewis-Grant can apply for parole after having his mandatory prison term shortened. Queensland’s Court of Appeal found the judge miscalculated pre-sentence custody & sent a new date of December 4.

Man jailed for abuse images found on discarded phone

  • Townsville Bulletin
  • May 22, 2015 11:24AM

THE sexual abuse of a young girl was only discovered after a man threw away his mobile phone, which was found by a worker at a recycling depot.

Daryl James Lewis-Grant, 27, was charged with 16 offences including rape, indecent treatment of a child and possessing, distributing and making child exploitation material.

He was sentenced to seven years jail in Townsville District Court but will be eligible for parole in December.

He has already spent about two years in custody.

The court was told a worker at a recycling centre found disturbing images of a child on the man’s discarded phone and handed it to police.

Police then tracked down its owner, Lewis-Grant, and identified the child, then aged four, soon after.

Crown prosecutor Amanda Payne said Lewis-Grant was charged with rape after he photographed an act of oral sex on the girl.

The court was told he also took photographs of the little girl touching his groin and ­others of her private parts.

Other child exploitation images and photographs, not depicting the girl, were also found on the phone.

Ms Payne said Lewis-Grant took the photographs of the little girl to “keep a trophy”.

She said he sent text messages to his girlfriend describing her as a “woman kid f—–”.

“The defendant took a photo of the girl’s vagina and sent it to his girlfriend,” Ms Payne said.

The court was told the girlfriend responded quickly with a smiling face emoticon.

In a victim impact statement from the child’s parents, they said their daughter suffered nightmares and would not go anywhere alone.

They said they feared im­ages of their daughter had been “shared around the world”.

“I feel like I have failed as a father,” the statement read. “She is a changed little girl. We’ve changed.”

Barrister Greg Lynham, for Lewis-Grant, said his client had two children with his former partner and their break-up had distressed him.

He said Lewis-Grant had engaged in escalating drug use at the time of the of the offences.

In handing down his sentence, Judge John Baulch SC said the gravity of Lewis-Grant’s offending was aggravated by his victim’s young age and the fact he photographed and distributed the “disgusting things you did”.

“Nothing before me explains your behaviour or gives any assurance that you won’t reoffend again,” Judge Baulch said.

“Because of that … you should be supervised (following release from prison).”

Lewis-Grant will be eligible for release on December 21.


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Van park man had in excess of 500 child porn images

20 Apr, 2012 08:59 AM

POSSESSING more than 500 pornographic photos of children has resulted in an 18-month suspended sentence for a Nowra man.

Christopher John William Smith, 40, of Willows Caravan Park, pleaded guilty in Nowra Local Court to owning images of child abuse.

Smith was arrested on July 2 last year after police went to his van to speak to him about possessing child pornography.

Smith showed police his laptop and they saw six photos of children around 10 years of age in suggestive poses and wearing underwear.

A search of the van uncovered seven DVDs with more photos.

Police seized Smith’s laptop, webcam, mobile phone and modem and took him to Nowra Police Station.

They viewed the discs at the station and saw photos of two young Asian girls, also about 10, completely naked and performing sexual acts on each other.

Smith admitted to owning child pornography and said he realised it was illegal.

When asked why he had it, he told police he was interested in young girls’ clothing as he collected dolls and got ideas for their fashions from the photos.


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Justin John Jerry Prowse, 22, jailed for four years for raping boy, 3, and filming abuse on mobile phone

  • by: Tony Keim
  • From: The Courier-Mail
  • December 09, 2011 6:35AM

A MAN’S “appalling and disgraceful” rape of a three-year-old boy was only discovered when a video recording of the attack was discovered on his mobile phone, a court was told.

The Brisbane District Court was told Justin John Jerry Prowse, now aged 22, filmed himself raping and sexually abusing the toddler while babysitting him on three separate occasions between January 12 and 26 this year.

The court was told Prowse’s videos of the rape and molestation was only discovered when a female friend of his found the obscene film and then showed them to the toddler’s mum.

Prowse was yesterday jailed for four years after pleading guilty to 10 counts of indecent treatment of a child under 12, three of making child exploitation material, and one each of rape and possessing child pornography.

Prosecutor Caroline Marco said Prowse had known the child victim, via a friendship with the toddler’s mother, and on occasion was left to care for the boy.

She said Prowse was arrested when the video and still images of the abuse were found during a visit to another female friend’s home and was then referred to police.

The court was told the abuse footage, much of its contents too graphic to be published, involved Prowse coaxing the boy into a specific sexual act and then performing acts on the toddler.

Ms Marco said Prowse initially told police he had “never sexually abuse the complainant” child and could not explain the videos of himself sexually assaulting the toddler.

She said police, during a search of the Prowse’s work, also found two images of himself abusing the boy on a computer.

Judge Greg Koppenol, in sentencing Prowse, described the abuse as “appalling and disgraceful acts on a little three-year-old boy.”

“It is an example of disgraceful, appalling conduct toward a little three-year-old boy, done for your own sexual gratification,” Judge Koppenol said.

“(The abuse) all came to light after you stayed at a (female) friend’s place.

“She looked at your mobile phone … and referred (the matter) to the boy’s mother and ultimately police.”

The court was told the toddler’s father, upon learning of the abuse, inflicted his own form of “summary justice” on Prowse by giving him a broken nose.

“I can only conclude you (Prowse) photographed … your actions for your own sexual gratification (after the initial sexual abuse),” Judge Koppenol said.

“Our community strongly denounces appalling behaviour of this nature.”

Lawyers for Prowse argued the their client was an “immature and psychologically disabled man.”

It was also revealed psychological testing of Prowse revealed he had limited mental development, impaired speech, other associated mental heath problems and inability to understand sarcasm.

Judge Koppenol, in jailing Prowse for four years, ordered he be eligible for parole on April 3, next year.

The court was told Prowse had already served 309 days in pre-sentence custody.

No jail for dialing-up child pornography on demo phones in Telstra shop

  • Court Reporter Andrew Dowdell
  • adelaidenow
  • February 28, 2013 2:18PM

A MAN who used demonstration phones in a South Australian Telstra store to download child pornography – twice – has avoided an immediate prison term.

District Court judge David Lovell said staff at the Noarlunga store had noticed Michael John Stam acting suspiciously while looking at sample phones in December 2011

“You were in the store for approximately 30 minutes and during this time you were observed by shop staff to be acting suspiciously while looking at demonstration phones,” Judge Lovell said.

“It was obvious to the staff that you did not want any attention because you would turn away from them when they approached you. You also were observed to be attempting to hide the phone with your hand.”

When Stam left the shop, staff checked the phones and discovered he had entered Google searches such as “nude naked boys”.

“They further discovered that you downloaded images of young children particularly an image of a young boy splashing in water and an image of a young female posing in a provocative manner,” Judge Lovell said.

Stam, 38, returned to the store in February 2011 and was recognised by staff, who called police.

Police observed Stam accessing a black and white image of two young boys and arrested him.

A search of Stam’s home revealed another 18 images on mobile phones of nude children under the age of 14.

The offences breached an earlier good behaviour bond for offences involving abusive and sexual phone messages to his former employer and wife.

Judge Lovell said Stam had been diagnosed with listening and learning disabilities in school, where he was often bullied and teased.

He said Stam was on a disability support pension and have never been involved in a relationship.

“Although you admit what you did was inappropriate, you fail to understand why and this is of concern to the court,” Judge Lovell said.

“I have been told and accept that you are a vulnerable individual in the community and would even be more vulnerable in the prison environment. You would not cope well with the prison environment due to your lack of understanding of social behaviour.”

Judge Lovell sentenced Stam to six months’ prison but suspended the sentence on conditions including he undergo counselling and be of good behaviour for 12 months.

Porn offender lacked awareness, court told

By court reporter Candice Marcus

Posted Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:24pm AEDT

A court has been told a man lacked awareness why it was wrong to download child pornography and do so in a retail store.

In the Adelaide District Court, Michael John Stam, 38, of Christies Beach pleaded guilty to offences, including aggravated counts of accessing and possessing child pornography.

Prosecutors said Stam used a mobile phone in a Telstra shop to download the pornography, two years ago.

Judge David Lovell expressed concern psychological assessments indicated Stam lacked insight into his offending.

He feared the man might pose a community risk.

“I don’t think it’s a case where a short custodial sentence will teach him a lesson, so to speak, that’s the difficulty,” the judge said.

“The comforting thing for me and perhaps for the DPP is that, whilst he has been under supervision [on bail], there have been no allegations of further problems.”

Prosecutor Dominic Petraccaro agreed.

“Yes, it’s been two years and there has been no suggestion of him even attempting to access this sort of material again,” he said.

“In terms of accessing child pornography in the Telstra shop using their phone, he was always going to get caught.”

Stam’s lawyer Oliver Koehn said his client could be at risk in prison.

“He is a quite intellectually-disabled person who can mutter the right responses but when it comes down to it, doesn’t understand,” he told the court.

“He is going to be a very vulnerable person in the prison environment and will be exposed to bullying and harassment to a degree that other prisoners wouldn’t.

“This man is not completely unaware that what he did was wrong. What he is unaware of is why it is wrong.”

The prosecution said any bond would require Stam was supervised to ensure he was rehabilitated.

He will be sentenced in a fortnight.


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