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New Zealand man jailed for raping Melbourne woman after failed bid to deport him

By Emma Younger

Updated 7 Jun 2017, 3:24pm

A New Zealand-born man has been jailed for raping a woman in her Melbourne home two years after the Immigration Department tried to have him deported over his violent criminal history.

Carl Stafford broke into the 53-year-old woman’s St Kilda apartment and subjected her to a 45-minute attack in which she was raped, taunted and mocked.

The 42-year-old was sentenced to 10 years’ jail over the August 2015 attack, which took place two years after the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) overturned the cancellation of his visa.

An Immigration Department official had tried to have Stafford deported in 2013, by which time he had accumulated a lengthy and violent criminal history that began when he was a teenager.

But the AAT overturned the decision, despite finding he “does pose a risk that the Australian community deserves to be protected from”.

Rapist’s mother used home as brothel

In his 2013 ruling, a senior member of the AAT, John Handley, said Stafford had arrived in Australia as a three-year-old and it was virtually the only country he had ever known.

“He has no friends or family in New Zealand to offer support and all those close to him reside in Australia,” he said.

“In addition to his substance abuse, the applicant suffers from mental illness for which he needs ongoing treatment and support.”

Stafford moved to Australia with his sex worker mother, who used his childhood home as a brothel.

Mr Handley found welfare agencies had failed to intervene, something which could have prevented his life of drug abuse and crime.

“Much of his offending was impulsive and connected with his poor mental health,” Mr Handley said.

“The Australian community should bear some responsibility for the absence of intervention and should not, in my view, dismiss the applicant by returning him to his place of birth.”

‘I’ve been watching you’, Stafford told victim

The Victorian County Court heard Stafford had smoked ice in the hours before he broke into the woman’s home and was intending to steal.

Stafford has had a methamphetamine addiction since he was a teenager.

The woman woke up to hear her attacker at about 2:00am, and yelled out to him.

The court was told Stafford raped the woman in an opportunistic and prolonged attack in which he told her: “I know you live by yourself, I’ve been watching you.”

It took the woman about 45 minutes to escape her home and flag down a taxi driver for help.

Police arrested Stafford as he tried to leave the woman’s home with her mobile phone.

He initially denied breaking in or attacking his victim, but eventually pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one charge of aggravated burglary.

The court was told Stafford’s victim had lost all sense of security.

Poor prospects of rehabilitation

Judge David Brookes said Stafford’s prospects of rehabilitation were dependant on him abstaining from drugs and remaining on medication for schizophrenia.

In allowing him to stay in Australia in 2013, Mr Handley said Stafford would face “considerable difficulty” fighting the cancellation of his visa if he committed further crimes.

During the review, Stafford had told him: “I know this is the last chance, I’m too old to keep offending.”

“If I can stay, I will not let you down,” Stafford told Mr Handley.

Stafford will be eligible for parole in seven years.

The AAT said it did not comment on individual cases.





New Zealand tourist Malcolm Vaka jailed for five years for Mandurah sex assault after DNA match from high heel shoe used in defence

  • PerthNow
  • August 23, 2014 7:06PM

A NEW Zealand man on a tourist visa finally admitted to a terrifying sexual assault in Mandurah when his DNA was found on the high heels of his victim’s sister, who had fought him off.

Malcolm Vaka, 27, was sentenced on Friday to five years jail for attacking a woman near the Mandurah foreshore on November 16 and for indecently assaulting a teenager in her home on February 13.

The District Court was told he attacked the first victim as she walked home from a nightclub with her sister.

He threw her to the ground, put his hand up her dress and removed her underwear. Her sister struck him on the head with her high- heel shoe before he fled, still holding his victim’s knickers.

In February Vaka, who arrived in Australia on a tourist visa last year, broke into a home in the Mandurah suburb of Dudley and indecently assaulted a 19-year-old woman in her bed.

Sex Assault Squad detectives waited for him at Perth Airport until midnight on February 21 because they learned he was booked on a flight out of the country. But he cancelled his flight at the last minute.

He handed himself in at Rockingham police station the next day and admitted to the February attack.

He initially denied any involvement in the incident involving the two sisters, but police were able to pin him for it after his DNA was extracted from the high heel shoe used to drive him off.

In court, Vaka pleaded guilty to one count of stealing and one of indecent assault in relation to last year’s attack.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary and one count of indecent assault in relation to the February incident. He will be eligible for parole in three years.

Judge Ronald Birmingham said Vaka, a father of two, was a “moderate to high risk” of reoffending in a sexual manner.

“The nature of your offending … clearly demonstrates that there is some sexual deviancy in your makeup that does need to be addressed,” he said.

Sex Assault Squad detective sergeant Craig Martin said he was pleased Vaka had admitted his crimes.

“He was not a resident of Australia so we did not have a lot of information about him, so to catch up with him was very pleasing,”he said outside the court.


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‘Incest family sex’: bust at Valley internet cafe

Amelia Bentley

May 20, 2009 – 10:14AM

A Brisbane District Court Judge has labelled as “insane” the behaviour of a man caught looking at child pornography at a public internet cafe.

Jann Terence Haki Rakatua, 49 , of Caboolture, spent almost five hours viewing and downloading child porn videos and images at a Fortitude Valley internet cafe on June 4 last year.

He was busted when a woman spotted young naked girls on his computer screen and alerted police who arrived in time to catch Rakatua red-handed with several files open depicting young children involved in sexual acts.

When officers checked Rakatua’s search history on the computer they found he had typed in “incest family sex” and “pedo underage” to bring up the files which he had then transferred onto his mobile phone.

In court yesterday Rakatua pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of child exploitation material and one charge of using a carriage service (communication tool such as the internet) to access child exploitation material.

Commonwealth prosecutor Kylie Ward said Rakatua told police he had typed a series of letters into a search engine after being told in a chat room conversation that those letters would return images of teenagers or children.

He had also typed in “girl naked”, “pre-teen” and “incest”.

She said Rakatua told police he looked at the illegal images because “it was a buzz, something naughty and they made him aroused.”

Ms Ward said the material Rakatua viewed, including three videos of more than 56 minutes in length and hundreds of still images, involved the penetration of children aged between five and 14 years old.

Judge Julie Dick SC said it was “stupid” that Rakatua had committed his crime in an open, public place.

“He’s obviously going to be detected, that’s insane,” she said.

“Tell me why your client is so stupid to do this in a public place.”

Rakatua’s defence lawyer said his client was still recovering from a separation from his wife seven years ago and had moved to Australia from New Zealand three years ago.

“It’s bizarre, yes .. he is very apologetic and remorseful,” he said.

Judge Dick sentenced Rakatua to two years’ probation and placed him on an 18-month good behaviour bond.

“This is very serious … it encourages the corruption of children,” she said.

“If you are charged with a similar offence again you can bet you will go to jail.”

Convictions were recorded.

Richard Ivan Noel Kite

Posted: December 30, 2012 by Serendipity in NSW, Photo

richard kite a

Richard Ivan Noel Kite pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual
intercourse with person under the age of ten years in the Local Court.
He was sentenced in the District Court in Sydney in February, 2008 to
eight years and ten months. Kite appealed his sentence & it was
reduced to 4 years & 6 months. Originally from New Zealand.

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Child-porn computer genius’ eight years on run

  • Steve Butcher
  • May 20, 2009 – 7:16AM

A computer genius who went into self-exile in New Zealand to avoid prosecution in Victoria for child pornography has been jailed for six months – eight years after vanishing.

Kelly Greenway Kelly, then 24, fled Australia in May 2001, because he could not face the social stigma of the charge.

Commonwealth prosecutor Linda Shanks yesterday told a Melbourne court that Kelly was deported from New Zealand for immigration offences and returned to Melbourne on April 21 this year.

Ms Shanks said that in April 2001, Kelly was issued an Australian passport under a false name and landed in New Zealand the next month.

His barrister Charles Gidley explained that Kelly could not “face the shame” of the pornography charge and lived in New Zealand for the next eight years.

Mr Gidley said Kelly, who worked in the computer industry, lived at several different addresses and kept his identity secret without “any suggestion he was anything other then a completely respectable citizen of New Zealand”.

“But he obviously worried for what he had done in Victoria and he knew one day it would all catch up with him,” Mr Gidley said.

Melbourne Magistrates Court heard that Australian Federal Police found 996 graphic images on Kelly’s hard drive in June 2000.

He told police he intended to delete them and not distribute them.

Mr Gidley said Kelly, now 33, was a brilliant student and a highly intelligent person who became a computer “genius” but could not explain his conduct.

Kelly, formerly of Diamond Creek, pleaded guilty to charges of making a false statement to obtain a passport and to possessing child pornography.

Magistrate Peter Reardon accepted Kelly was remorseful, but said possessing such explicit and abhorrent images of exploited children in depraved acts warranted his immediate imprisonment.

Mr Reardon said the worldwide exploitation of children was to be condemned and that child pornography was not a victimless crime.

Australians in global child sex ring

Jeff Turnbull

March 17, 2011 – 7:39PM

Seventeen of the 31 Australians involved in a worldwide pedophile ring have already been sentenced to terms ranging from eight years’ jail to 150 hours of community service.

So far, 184 people have been arrested and 230 children – four of them Australians – rescued from members of the Netherlands-based website

A 25-year-old Sydney man from Eastwood was sentenced to eight years in 2010 on multiple charges including three counts of having sex with a child, while Victorian Bryan Cooper is serving seven years for procuring boys for sex.

A judge described Cooper’s crimes as “sheer filth” when sentencing him last month.

Cooper, 25, from Maryborough, assumed the online alias of a 14-year-old to groom children for sex.

Sydney man David Anthony Hudson, 40, from Russell Lea, was jailed for his role in an international child sex tourism ring and is spending a minimum five years and seven months in jail for offences against a Thai teenager.

George Iliakis, a former teacher from exclusive Brighton Grammar in Melbourne, sent videos and pictures of young boys to other members of the ring, which at its height had 70,000 members.

Iliakis, who is serving a minimum two-year sentence, handcuffed and gagged boys before photographing them for his sexual gratification.

Two Melbourne members of the ring were sentenced to 150 hours’ community service and a five-month suspended sentence for possessing child pornography.

Five more Australians in the ring are before the courts, while three have been charged but are yet to appear.

The suspects came from many walks of life, including Scout leaders, lifesavers and teachers, and ranged in age from 19 to 84.

The 84-year-old lives in Thailand and has been charged with “contact sex” offences.

Melbourne music teacher Philip Alan Reid was jailed in 2008 for two years and three months, with a minimum of 15 months, for possessing child porn.

Reid had written notes on grooming children for sex, including one headed: “You don’t need to sexually seduce children – if you give them enough time they will seduce you.”

A federal police spokeswoman told AAP that four of the Australians held high-level positions within the ring.

Perth accountant Ralph Ian Assheton, who is believed to be one of the high-ranking members, pleaded guilty last year to using the internet to access child pornography and was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Police say details of the investigation have been kept secret until now for operational reasons.

Operation Rescue began in 2007 and involved police from Australia, the US, New Zealand, Europol, the Netherlands and Canada along with investigators from Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

“With over 200 children removed from harm globally, we imagine an even larger number of children were safeguarded elsewhere in the world,” said Grant Edwards, the manager of investigations at the Canberra-based high-tech crime lab.

“We will never know the total figure due to it being such a limitless crime. Global law enforcement is working together internationally to protect children wherever they may be in the world.”

Commander Edwards said inquiries were continuing, with many suspects still being tracked online and leading police to other websites.

More arrests are expected, including in Australia, as investigations continue.

Sydney men face Thai sex tourism charges

March 20, 2009

Katelyn John and Adam Bennett

A Sydney man accused of being part of an international child sex tourism ring has faced court charged with sex offences against a Thai teenager.

David Anthony Hudson, 40, from Russell Lea, is one of three men charged with alleged child sex offences uncovered during a joint operation involving Thai, Australian and British authorities.

Hudson and a 23-year-old Eastwood man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were arrested by Australian Federal Police (AFP) after raids on their Sydney homes on Thursday.

The third man, a 68-year-old Australian living in Thailand, was arrested by Royal Thai Police the same day.

All three face charges of child sex, child sex tourism and child pornography.

The Eastwood man was already on bail for similar charges involving a family member when he was arrested on Thursday.

As a result, he faces an additional charge of breaching his bail by allegedly communicating with a person under the age of 16.

Thai authorities have also laid charges, while Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre assisted in the operation, the AFP said.

Hudson appeared in Sydney’s Central Local Court on two counts of committing an act of indecency last year on a 14-year-old in Pattaya, Thailand, and one count of possessing child pornography.

Dressed in a yellow T-shirt and wearing a cast on his wrist, Hudson waited hours for his lawyer to arrive before applying for the matter to put over until June 3.

The Eastwood man faced the same court charged with three counts of disseminating/producing child pornography, using a carriage service to transmit child porn and possessing child porn.

He is due to reappear in the same court on Tuesday.

The arrests highlighted the global response required to stamp out child abuse and child sex tourism, AFP Sydney office Commander David Stewart said.

“We will continue to relentlessly pursue those individuals who choose to abuse children, who are the most vulnerable in our communities,” Mr Stewart said in a statement.

“The AFP will not tolerate any form of child abuse in Australia or anywhere in the world and will continue to work with local and overseas counterparts to arrest those behind child exploitation.”


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