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Age:   44  (2017)

Location:   Surry Hills  NSW

Offence:   Pleaded guilty to 23 offences including possessing child abuse material and causing a child under 16 to engage in sexual intercourse outside Australia in his presence.

Sentence:   Sentenced in the NSW District Court  to 10 years with a non-parole period of six years, but on appeal it was increased to 14 years with a non-parole period of 10 years.

Other:  Beattie was a member of a private Facebook group for paedophiles who would share child abuse material to the page, which went unchecked by authorities. He directed the live sexual abuse of overseas children via an online video stream,  paying people to rape children while he watched and directed online.



Allan Keith Huggins - Photo6

Allan Keith Huggins had a dodgy CV and child sex conviction, but how did he get away with it for so long?

  • KAITLYN OFFER Court Reporter
  • PerthNow
  • February 15, 2015 12:00AM

HE HAD a child sex conviction and false tertiary education records, but that didn’t stop Allan Keith Huggins from joining the state’s mental health academic elite.

The 68-year-old was this week found guilty of 16 of 35 charges stemming from his time running the State Government’s Warminda school-to-work transition program in East Victoria Park in 1990 and 1991.

The Sunday Times has confirmed at least one qualification on Huggins’ CV is false and that he came to WA after losing a New South Wales university job over an affair with a 19-year-old male student.

This blot on his record, the dodgy CV and a subsequent conviction for indecently dealing with a 15-year-old boy didn’t hold Huggins back

He went on to become, in his own words, “one of the leading academics and advocates in the field of men’s health studies and men’s issues in Australia”, even getting appointed to a Federal Government advisory body.


Huggins was born in England in 1947.

According to an online profile for his Men’s Gender Health practice in the mid-2000s, Huggins “holds an Advanced Diploma in Adolescent Development and Counselling from London University, a Masters Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology from Manchester University and a Certificate in Teaching from the University of New England.”

The University of London has told The Sunday Times it has no record of a student named Allan Keith Huggins, Allan Huggins or Keith Huggins ever attending and receiving such a diploma.

Requests for confirmation of whether Huggins attended Manchester University were declined by a spokesman: “Due to UK data protection laws we are unable to confirm or deny whether someone is currently, or has ever been, a student at the University.”

The University of New England in Armidale, NSW, did not respond to questions.


Huggins moved from the UK to Australia, settling in NSW.

During the 1970s he worked as a director of the Pallister Young People’s Program at Greenwich Hospital on Sydney’s leafy North Shore.

There, he came into contact with teenager Anthony Nolan.

Mr Nolan was 15 in 1978 when he joined the program. The Catholic high school student had been labelled “developmentally delayed”, but then surprised his teachers by a very high score in an IQ test.

It was a time in his life that Mr Nolan has since described as confusing. He had gone from being a kid with learning difficulties to suddenly being labelled highly intelligent.

He would later be diagnosed as having ADHD, dyslexia and Asperger’s.

During his first counselling session with Huggins, the teenager lay on the floor and did relaxation exercises.

“He did inspect my genitalia,” Mr Nolan told Huggins’ trial in Perth.

He was told the inspection was for “deformities”. These inspections happened on a couple of occasions, Mr Nolan told the jury.

Huggins also told the teenager to masturbate to “use up energy” and control his hyperactivity.

Mr Nolan has also recalled how “it was always a running joke among the students at Pallister that the sign ‘therapist’ on Mr Huggins’ office door could be broken down to ‘the rapist’.”

Mr Nolan left Pallister House in 1979. That same year Huggins moved to northern NSW where he became the college master for the University of New England’s Earle Page residential college.

He also ran his own private clinic as well as working as a counsellor for O’Connor Catholic School and The Armidale School.

Huggins lost his university post in August 1988 after becoming sexually involved with a residential student.

Huggins, then 41, took the 19-year-old to Huggins’ family’s farmhouse where they drank alcohol and became intimate.

It is believed there may also be at least one underage counselling client who could have been a victim of abuse by Huggins about this time and NSW police have issued an arrest warrant for Huggins for charges of alleged child sex abuse.


Huggins, his then wife and three daughters moved to WA. He initially worked for the Parkerville Children’s Home and went on to set up his own private practice, the Perth Adolescent Service. In 1990, he was appointed to run Warminda for the Department of Community Services.

Warminda was a converted home in East Victoria Park that ran programs for troubled boys. These boys were often wards of the state, living in DCS hostels, and in and out of trouble with police. Some of them would land in the hands of other paedophiles. They were kids whom the system had all but given up on and Huggins was in charge of them.

In 1991, however, Huggins would be sacked from this job over child sex abuse.

On April 21, 1991, Huggins checked into a motel in Albany, 400km south of Perth, with a 15-year-old boy from Warminda on the pretext of finding him work on a fishing boat.

Huggins offered the boy a massage before starting to try to masturbate him. The teen ran out of the motel and flagged down a police car.

During the subsequent court case, Huggins told psychologists who assessed him that he had been attracted to adolescent boys for several years. He even told them that he had assaulted boys in his care “six to seven times” before.

In Albany District Court in August 1991, Huggins pleaded guilty to indecently dealing with the boy and was put on probation.

That same year, another Warminda victim, who was 13, and his aunt made a complaint to the WA Child Abuse Squad. The teen was interviewed by police, but nothing happened.


Two years later, he would start on his path to academic prominence in men’s mental health. Curtin University hired Huggins in 1993 to set up the Men’s Health and Teaching Research Unit in its School of Public Health.

He would later boast it was “the first men’s health teaching and research unit in an Australian university”.

Curtin would not comment to The Sunday Times on Huggins’ time at the university, other than to confirm he once worked there.

In 1995, Huggins was appointed to the Keating Government’s Men’s National Health Policy Development Committee by then Health Minister Carmen Lawrence.

The federal Department of Health said any reference to Huggins’ appointment would be in old departmental files.

“We could go back into the archives but I suspect they wouldn’t tell us anything because if the Department had known of the conviction he would not have been appointed,” a spokeswoman said. “Today, where the Department of Health was aware of anything in the background of an appointee to an advisory committee that was dubious, we would not make such an appointment.”

In 1996, Huggins set up the MensOwn Counselling Clinic out of a rented space at Hollywood Hospital, and over the next few years he set up a similar clinic in the Philippines.

By the end of the decade, Huggins was being named an Adjunct and Associate Professor visiting international universities and giving keynote speeches on mental health

There are at least three academic papers where he is an author or co-author, published in 1994, 1996 and 1998.

His profile continued to grow and he was hired by Edith Cowan University to set up the International Office for Men’s Health and Gender Studies.

An ECU spokesman said this week: “I’ve got no additional information on Mr Huggins other than to confirm he worked at ECU between 2000 and 2001.”

When he left ECU, he became director of another private practice, the Australia AsiaPacific Institute, and he continued to travel to Manila to run mental health workshops.

Then in 2009, Huggins was hired as a policy advocate for the WA Association for Mental Health (WAAMH).

He described himself then as “one of the leading academics and advocates in the field of men’s health studies and men’s issues in Australia”.

A WAAMH spokeswoman said Huggins was employed between September 14, 2009, and November 12, 2010. To get the job, he was required to show experience, but did not need a specific academic qualification.

She said Huggins gave them a police clearance, which did not show the 1991 child sex conviction from Albany.

By the time he joined the WAAMH, Huggins had already been deregistered from the Australian Counselling Association.


Anthony Nolan, the victim from the 1970s, had defied his abuse, rebuilt his life (working as a government intelligence analyst), and eventually became a public face of institutional child sex abuse.

In early 2008, with his wife, he was running a national campaign to encourage people to report sexual abuse, when he discovered that Huggins was still working as a counsellor in WA and in the Philippines.

Mr Nolan decided to lodge a complaint with the Australian Counselling Association.

He recounted the abuse from all those years ago in the Pallister program in Sydney. [Pallister House now acknowledges its abusive history and on the homepage of its website asks for those with such allegations to come forward.]

Subsequently, Huggins wrote an apology to Mr Nolan via the ACA in June 2008.

In the letter, Huggins said while he could not recollect Mr Nolan or the incident, “it is entirely possible that these allegations have substance”.

The ACA told The Sunday Times: “Allan Huggins was a registered ACA member up until February 2, 2009, as he was deregistered due to a series of complaints made against him.”

Also in 2009, the former student from Warminda, who with his aunt had complained to the WA Child Abuse Squad, put in a redress application for sexual abuse suffered at the hands of Huggins.

But it was then Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement, three years later, of a royal commission into “vile and evil” child sexual abuse that signalled the beginning of the end for Huggins.

Anthony Nolan decided to contact the commission and provided all his documentation.

A few days before he was due to give evidence in early 2013, Mr Nolan was contacted by the WA Child Abuse Squad.

“Mr Huggins had been reported to the royal commission and WA Police by other persons. When they executed a search warrant they found my letter of complaint (to ACA),” Mr Nolan recalled.

So it was that Huggins was finally charged in 2013 over the assaults at Warminda more than 20 years ago. By that stage, investigators feared the extent of Huggins’ crimes could be so large that a national hotline was established to help find victims.


On January 27, Huggins went on trial in the Perth District Court on 49 charges of molesting seven teens, aged 13 to 16.

The jury heard from the troubled boys, who had now become troubled men. Many were on disability pensions, most had at least one mental illness.

They told the trial that Huggins would start by massaging them and then try to masturbate or penetrate them.

One boy said he was told by Huggins his trouble would “go away” if he gave the older man oral sex.

Huggins, who pleaded not guilty, said all of the allegations were made up – that they never happened.

He admitted to the abuse of Mr Nolan in Sydney and the other boy in 1991 in Albany, but said they were the only time he acted out his fantasies.

He blamed those assaults on him struggling to come to terms with the reality that he was a gay man and on his own abuse at the hands of teenage boys when he was aged between seven and 12.

But Huggins’ own diaries caught him out. He had kept all of his diaries for “a biographical memoir”, he told the jury.

In his diaries, he named students and his meetings with them. There was even a reference of “special time” written against two boys who were not a part of the trial.

Huggins even mentioned being confronted with “allegations” by a woman.

That woman, the aunt who went to the police, said she confronted Huggins when her nephew came to her distressed after an assault.

“He replied to me, ‘I always have boys accusing me of the same thing’,” she told the court.

Finally, on Friday afternoon, after three weeks of evidence and five-and-a-half hours of deliberation, a jury found Huggins guilty of abusing the boys.

He will be sentenced in June.


A WOMAN who tried to alert police about child sex predator Allan Keith Huggins 25 years ago says she has finally been vindicated after a jury found him guilty of abusing vulnerable teenagers while in charge of a government-run program.

The 68-year-old had been on trial in the District Court and, on Friday, was found guilty of 16 charges of molesting seven teenage boys while working for the Department of Community Services’ Warminda program in 1990 and 1991. Mr Huggins also faces dozens of new abuse allegations in NSW.

In 1991 the woman, a close family friend considered an aunty of one of the abused WA boys, went to police after the distressed 13-year-old victim came to her home screaming about being digitally penetrated by Huggins in his office.

She told police and confronted Huggins about it. Police records showed officers interviewed the boy, but nothing happened after that.

The retired registered nurse said the victims who testified had shown courage and described Huggins as an “evil, deceitful monster” who hid behind his academic status to dodge complaints of abuse.

But at least one of those qualifications was made up.

In profiles for his own clinics and university positions in WA, Huggins claimed to have an Advanced Diploma in Adolescent Development and Counselling from London University.

The institution told The Sunday Times it has no record of him.

Even a 1991 conviction for indecently assaulting a 15-year-old boy in Albany, which ended his employment with DoCS, did not stop him from being employed by Curtin University to set up the Men’s Health and Teaching Research Unit two years later.

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Brett Le Gassick: Melbourne man jailed for exploiting poverty-stricken children in Philippines

By court reporter Peta Carlyon

Thu 14 Aug 2014, 10:59am

A Melbourne man has been jailed for 11 years for sexually exploiting children living in poverty in the Philippines.

Brett Le Gassick, 43, pleaded guilty in the Victorian County Court to 23 Commonwealth child sex offences.

The court heard between 2009 and November 2013 he procured 54 young girls, most between 10 and 12, to engage in sexual activities while he watched online from his home the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick.

He also exposed himself to his victims, the youngest of whom was four years old.

Le Gassick also pleaded guilty to two Victorian charges of possessing and producing child pornography.

The court heard he made 56 international bank transfers to accounts in the Philippines.

He flew to Manila in 2012 but was denied entry and returned to Australia the following day.

The court heard he had planned to stay for 20 days, had packed condoms and had written “clean PC” on a to-do list.

He had asked some of the girls if they would meet him to have sex if he travelled to the Philippines.

In sentencing, Justice Elizabeth Gaynor told Le Gassick his offending involved “the wholesale exploitation of vulnerable poverty-stricken children, whose willingness to engage in the activities for which you paid only highlighted the desperateness of their situation.”

“The number of victims was extremely large… the amount of damage done to these girls as a result of your criminal activity is incalculable,” she said.

“It is horrendous that the lives of these children, who must already navigate enormous problems brought about by their socio-economic position in life, should be rendered so much more difficult by the sexual exploitation and degradation they experience and their suffering is immense.”

Justice Gaynor said the only appropriate sentence was a lengthy term of imprisonment.

Le Gassick will be eligible for parole in eight years.

His sentencing follows a similar case of Melbourne Patrick Goggins, 68, last month.

Goggins pleaded guilty to more than 20 child sex offences involving the exploitation of young children in the Philippines and was also jailed for 11 years.

Man paid for Filipino kids web sex shows

August 08, 2014 5:30PM

AN Australian man who paid Filipino children as young as nine for online sex shows would try to barter down the cost of the performances from his desperate victims.

MELBOURNE truck driver Brett Geoffrey Le Gassick, 43, used chatrooms to pursue 83 children in the Philippines for sex shows and explicit conversations.

He paid dozens of young girls between $20 and $35 to act out sexual instructions using webcams.

Crown prosecutor Morgan Brown said the children’s participation in the offending highlighted how desperate they were.

“Instead of viewing these victims as children, they’re essentially commodities,” Ms Brown told the Victorian County Court on Friday.

“When negotiating these sex shows the accused barters to get a better price.”

Le Gassick also attempted to pay for two under-age children to engage in a sex act with a 32-year-old, the court heard.

At times he paid for sex shows only to have the girls walk away once the money was transferred.

In 2012 he spent four months trying to recover $30 that he paid for a 22-year-old man to have sex with a 10-year-old girl, telling the man he was going to close his bank account because of the scam.

“So many poor families not getting my money anymore cos of scammers like you, I hope you feel good that you take food from all their mouths,” Le Gassick wrote.

He told a 12-year-old girl who took money but didn’t perform: “You bad to me. Keep do that you go to jail.”

He also used screen shots of the sex performances to produce child pornography.

When police raided his Brunswick home in January they found 567 child porn images and 20 videos, the court heard.

Defence barrister Steve Preece said Le Gassick knew what he was doing was wrong but told himself the fact he was “helping” the children by paying them was a “silver lining”.

He said Le Gassick had initially engaged with online chat groups to find a partner.

“He lives a very lonely life,” Mr Preece said.

Le Gassick on Friday pleaded guilty to 25 offences relating to causing and procuring a child for sexual activity.

Judge Elizabeth Gaynor said if Le Gassick had been sent to a sex offender program after being jailed in 2007 for possessing child porn it might have made a difference.

“Inaccessibility of appropriate programs is really a worry,” Judge Gaynor said.

“You’re so often dealing with people whose capacity to be deterred by a jail sentence simply isn’t there.”

Le Gassick will be sentenced next week.


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Bureau of Immigration bans Australian sex offender

Published: April 26, 2013.

An April 26, 2013, press release from the Bureau of Immigration

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has banned from entering the country a convicted Australian pedophile who recently attempted to enter the country but was turned back by immigration officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

BI Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. ordered the inclusion of Scot William Ilyes, 38, in the immigration blacklist upon learning that he was intercepted at the NAIA last April 4 after arriving aboard a Cebu Pacific flight from Singapore.

David said Ilyes, who carried a New Zealand passport, is a convicted sex offender and was banned from coming here to prevent him from victimizing Filipino children.

He also commended the immigration officers who excluded the Australian for their vigilance in thwarting the entry of an undesirable alien into the country.

According to Atty. Ma. Antonette Mangrobang, BI acting intelligence chief, NAIA immigration officials were tipped about Ilyes’s scheduled trip to the Philippines by Australian police authorities.

His itinerary showed that from Manila he would take a connecting flight to Iloilo and stay there for two weeks before returning to Australia .

Cting a report from the Australian federal police, Mangrobang said Ilyes is a child was convicted by a district court in Perth, Australia, on February 25, 2010.

He was charged and found guilty on multiple counts of indecent assault against children aged 13-16 years and sentenced to 12-month in prison.

His sentence was later conditionally suspended for 24 months during which he was under probation and supervision.

Mangrobang said the Australian police also warned the BI that because of Ilyes’ criminal conviction for contact offense, he posed a risk to Filipino children whom he might commit sexual offenses to if he was allowed to enter the country.

Smith – Raymond Colin - Photo

Mayfield pedophile stole girl’s future, jury hears

15/10/2009 9:41:00 AM

A CONVICTED pedophile who took photos of genitals of girls as young as 14 months old has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Raymond Colin Smith, of Braye Street, Mayfield, was sentenced in Newcastle District Court yesterday to eight years’ jail with a non-parole period of six years.

Smith, 48, who has been in police custody since August 2008, will be eligible for parole in August 2014.

Judge Ralph Coolahan handed down sentences totalling almost 22 years for 14 charges relating to indecently assaulting and photographing young girls, but Smith will serve them concurrently.

He also received 18 months after he pleaded guilty to taking the photos in and out of the country on his computer, and eight months for breaching a child protection order, also to be served concurrently.

The court heard Smith took photos of the genitals and torsos of four girls aged between 14 months and 11 years old between 2004 and 2008.

In victim impact statements read by Judge Coolahan one of the victims said she felt terrible about herself and did not feel happy.

Another said she felt miserable and Smith had “stolen her future”.

Handing down the sentence, Judge Coolahan said all of the evidence pointed to the fact that Smith was, and remained, a pedophile.

“The right of a child to grow up without sexual interference from an adult should be regarded as sacrosanct,” he said.

“The offences are obviously very serious and involved a gross breach of trust.”

Smith pleaded not guilty to the first 14 charges.

During the trial Smith told the jury the images were taken for medical reasons and in accordance with American Medical Association guidelines.

Smith was jailed for three years in 2002 for indecently assaulting two six-year-old girls in the Philippines.

Before that he was convicted in Queensland of taking an indecent photo of a child.


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Newcastle Herald - 16 July 2005

Newcastle Herald – 16 July 2005

Sentencing submissions heard for man found with sex images

Posted Fri Jul 1, 2005 8:00pm AEST

A Sydney court has been told a man who pleaded guilty to importing child pornography committed offences to produce the photos and should be given a longer sentence than most offenders.

When Nelson Bay man Ronald Morris King returned from the Philippines in July last year, he was arrested at Sydney Airport with a role of film containing pornographic images of himself and underage girls.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of importing child pornography.

Other child sex tourism offences were dropped when prosecutors could not prove the age of the girls involved.

Lawyers for King have told a sentencing submissions hearing that it was a relatively small number of photographs and there was no evidence of violence or mistreatment.

But prosecutors told the District Court that the photographs showed King committing offences in the Philippines, even if he was not prosecuted for them and that made his offence worse.

The judge will hand down his sentence in two weeks.

Man pleads guilty child porn charges

Posted Thu May 5, 2005 2:00pm AEST

A New South Wales man has pleaded guilty to importing child pornography, but he will not be prosecuted on other charges of child sex tourism.

Ronald Morris King was charged with six child sex offences and one charge of importing child pornography, on his return to Sydney from the Philippines in June last year.

The 55-year-old from Nelson Bay near Newcastle was found with a role of undeveloped film.

In the District Court today King has pleaded guilty to the importation charge and the prosecution has told the court it will not proceed with the child sex offences.

The prosecution was relying on photographic evidence and the testimony of a paediatrician to prove the girls were under 16, but the judge ruled that evidence was inadmissible.

King was remanded in custody and he will be sentenced later this year.

Man refused bail over Philippines child sex charges

Posted Wed Jul 14, 2004 12:00pm AEST

A Sydney magistrate has refused bail for a man from Nelson Bay near Newcastle in the Hunter Valley who is facing eight child sex charges relating to a recent visit to the Philippines.

Ronald Morris King was arrested after photographs of the claimed sex acts were allegedly found in his luggage at Sydney Airport.

Australian Federal Police allege the 54-year-old sexually abused two girls under the age of 16 during a recent holiday in the Philippines.

Photographs of the two victims in the alleged offences were shown to Central Local Court Magistrate Allan Moore by the prosecutor opposing bail.

King’s barrister Eric Kelly said the charges were denied and would be vigorously defended.

Magistrate Moore said records showed King had a habit of visiting the same location and a prior history of similar offences.

Describing the photographic evidence as most graphic and the prosecution case as strong, he refused bail and remanded King in custody to reappear next month.


Hainsworth – Terrence William - Photoa

From the Philippines to Perth: nowhere to hide


October 5, 2009 – 6:22AM

A WA man convicted of possessing child porn has also fallen foul of the law in the Philippines. Joseph Sapienza reports.

Angeles City is a seedy place even by the standards of the Philippines sex industry.

One of the most infamous fleshpots in Asia, thousands of foreigners visit the town – two hours drive north of the capital, Manila – to pick up children, some younger than 12, for sex.

Plenty of Australians call it home. But one who won’t – for a while yet, anyway – is Terrence William Hainsworth.

That is because the 52-year-old West Australian will be spending the next 13 months behind bars in his home state, after being convicted in the Perth District Court last week on charges of importing and possessing child pornography and bestiality images.

An investigation by has found it is almost two years since he was put behind bars in Angeles City, while awaiting his day before the Philippines judicial system to face charges that he raped the seven-year-old daughter of his Filipino partner.

It was claimed in medical records issued by a Filipino hospital that the girl suffered injuries consistent with sexual assault.

Hainsworth, who denied the charges, which were later dropped, spent several weeks in jail. He later used a web forum to offer his friends an extremely detailed look at life on the inside of a Filipino jail – even revealing he was asked to play Santa Claus during Christmas.

During his time in jail, Hainsworth had many supporters in his corner. This was highlighted in the Perth court in the form of character references, including the author of an online newsletter for expats living in Angeles City.

He claimed Hainsworth was planning to return to Australia when he got into an argument with his girlfriend.

She went off and came back with police in tow, claiming Hainsworth sexually abused her daughter.

“One thing led to another and old Terry found himself in the hoosegow and needed the services of a very competent local lawyer …” the newsletter says.

The newsletter then quoted Hainsworth’s lawyer saying that sometime in January, Hainsworth and the girl’s mother had “reconciled” and the woman agreed to withdraw the complaint against him.

Enemies of Hainsworth have surfaced in Angeles City as a result of his alleged behaviour. One adversary claims he paid his way out of jail, in a country where “money talks”.

Hainsworth was under the eye of Australian law enforcement agencies when he arrived at Perth International Airport on November 12 last year.

The Perth District Court was told that Customs officers discovered a dozen pornographic images involving an eight-year-old child on Hainsworth’s laptop computer.

The laptop was seized, and Hainsworth was now firmly on the radar of Customs.

He flew back to Angeles City again on November 25 before returning to Perth on Christmas Eve.

In the days and weeks that followed, Customs and police officers seized equipment and images, including pictures of girls as young as six engaged in sexual acts and bestiality images.

The court heard that Hainsworth worked as a railway operator in NSW from 1990 to 2006 and that he suffered a number of health-related problems, including high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, insomnia, depression and impotence.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2003 and was treated with radiation therapy, which led to his becoming impotent.

“To engage in sexual encounters, you went to the Philippines to address this,” Perth District Court Judge William Groves said.

Hainsworth has been married three times, including unions with two Filipino women. He had a son with his Australian-born first wife and two boys with his second wife.

He separated from his third Filipino wife nine years ago, at a time when he was in another relationship with his current partner.

The same woman – who accused Hainsworth of the rape in the Philippines – remains there with their young son.

The references tendered to the court, including one from his current partner, spoke highly of Hainsworth, although they indicated “surprise, shock and dismay” over his offending in this instance.

Hainsworth’s partner told the judge he was “supportive of her and the child” and that she was “shocked” to find about the charges.

“He is a good man, a good father, nice friend and (she) pleads you should be given another chance,” Judge Groves said of the reference.

“She and the child miss you.”

Psychological and pre-sentence reports submitted to the court showed Hainsworth engaged in “strict denial” over the offences and was “angered” he had been charged.

His attitude towards the offending was “very evasive, not particularly honest and more concerned with distancing himself from the material found in his possession”.

But despite this, the judge found Hainsworth to be remorseful, that he had suffered personally and was “ashamed” of these convictions.

Judge Groves told him these were serious examples of child pornography, and although his lawyer John Hawkins suggested it was not of the worst kind, the judge later remarked: “In my view, it is difficult to categorise any type of offending when it comes to sexual abuse of young children.”

As well as the jail term, Judge Groves also fined Hainsworth $2000.


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